Heating and cooling. Yard work, compost, the wood pile, solar lights and a big thank you!

Friday I dropped off the last bit of paperwork for the wood stove loan.  The loan should be finished up next week and then I can schedule the installation for next month.  Mom and I went looking for another small Air conditioner at the local home improvement stores. Locally the Big box stores had sold out of the 5000 BTU units but the 6000 BTU was available. So we have a backup that can run via the generators. We have a couple of family members that have suffered heat injuries so even if the power goes out we got them covered for a little while. I would like to add one more of the 5000 BTU Frigidaire A/C for my house next year as a backup or to cool another bedroom.

While we were out we looked at some sink/bathroom vanities that were very reasonable and looked great! I can’t afford them right now but it did give me some ideas about the look I want and the costs.  I want to go with a late 1930’s early 40’s look and also get everything setup in case my CIDP progresses.  I think it will look great as most of the fixtures from that era are handle types that I can just push rather than twist/pull.

I got the front yard mowed and it went very fast for me. I put the clippings in my new compost pile along with  straw, kitchen waste and some leftover rabbit poo from the original compost set up.  I love using my little pressure wand for adding water to the pile. It pushes deep into the pile and gets the water down deep so the entire pile gets moisture without a lot of turning.

Dad stopped by and added a some more  stacks of wood. I guesstimate we are about 2/3’s of the  way done on moving all the wood under the carport.  I have been using my little garden wagon to move the wood and it has worked out pretty well. I kind of wished the cart had a wider wheel base as it can tip over easily when full but I’m learning to anticipate that and load it more evenly.

I got all my solar motion detector lights installed.  I’ll test them tonight and see if they pick up  motion and shine where I want them to light up.  I like using the solar lights in the yard as a decorative touch and for security.  I save electricity, cut down on light pollution and it looks nice. I have read that cops say motion detector lights work better than always on security lights.  Using the smaller solar lights is a win all the way around.

I just heard from SMB and the doc says the skin grafts are looking good and while painful she is doing much better than she expected. The prayers, thoughts and good wishes are working and I really appreciate all who have added my friends to your list of prayers and such.


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  1. Great job, Jamie. I wish my “to do” list was whirring a long as well as yours !

    • Jamie says:

      Jane Saying the I got the new compost pile started is a nice way of saying I failed at the first two I tried. I need to screw up when trying out something new and get all that failure out of the way. That is why I’m having professionals install my wood stove the price of failure is just a little to high to learn that skill by trial and error.
      One of the hardest things for me to do is turn the compost pile and make sure I keep it wet enough, but with the little pressure wand, water is no longer a problem. I’m thinking of getting one of those mixing rods you can attach to a hand drill for mixing concrete or mortar and using it to turn the pile.

      The wood stove has caused another mental shift for me. I now feel as if I’m moving beyond just prepping to self-reliance. I splurged getting a bit more stove than I needed instead of just getting by with a small stove that could just heat some of the house. I got myself prepared, now I can work on getting my home prepared and make it a place not just to live but a my home.

  2. You really are accomplishing a lot. It seems to me you work at your goals every day, which isn’t easy to do.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I try to do a little each day because often the hardest part of the job is just getting started. I have got a good size collection of yard tools this year that make many of the jobs easier which means I can do a little bit more than I did last year with about the same amount of physical energy.
      Until I got my electric mower I never realised just how much physical energy I used up with the gas mower. Filling it with gas priming it, pulling the cord to start it and so forth.
      I won’t say it easy, but having better tools has let me get a lot done.

  3. kymber says:

    jamie – a big congrats to your friend – we are very happy to hear that she is healing up so well. pass on to her that we are still praying for her.

    and gurl – my goodness you sure get a lot done everyday! i am glad that the electric mower is working out so well. and glad that you will soon have your woodstove! that’s next on our list too!

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber the prayers are appriciated.
      My first load of wood was mill ends and “Box wood” Pallets and storage crates. Cheap and it will probably burn hot and fast. I need to get some slower burning wood for those long cold nights.
      I think I did the right thing buying wood first and then the stove. Knowing I have wood already on hand has been a blessing. Buying wood and waiting for it to season a year or two would have really screwed up using the stove this year.

  4. Karen says:

    Jamie, I’ll continue to pray for SMB and JH-they are in my prayer journal. My 2 cents on your stove splurge? It was a smart decision to get what you want on a one time, big purchase-you’ll be enjoying it for a long time! I’ve been in non-stop canning, freezing, and dehydrating mode, not quite sure what’s going on in the world~maybe that’s a good thing. 🙂

  5. Jamie says:

    Karen : I need to start a prayer journal that is a great idea!

    Splurging a bit on the stove feels like the right decision. It isn’t all that expensive compared to many other stoves and I don’t want to spend money in a few years replacing a cheap little stove, if I could find one during the “Zombie Apocalypse” I have the feeling I’m going to be a central point of contact if we have a disaster. Now that I have the basics it’s time to start planning for the long term.

    This year energy and comfort have been the focus thought I did get a lot done on the seven year food drums.

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