Installation estimate and costs are all done!

I was off by $7.00 on the total cost for the stove and installation.  I was looking at a sort of cheap hearth pad in a red brick pattern but the guys at the shop have a miss cut pad they will give me at the same price. This is a very nice  stone pad that would probably cost $400.00 or more if I bought it separately so I’m thrilled.  I think the guys at the shop like me as a customer because I value getting the job done right know that they are professionals and treat them that way.  I’m not demanding they drop everything  to do my stove first and I’m flexible with the installation date.  I’m getting the work done while we still have good weather and it looks like the stove will be installed last week of August or first week of September. If last winter is any indication, I bet they will get slammed with people demanding wood stoves and installations in the middle of winter.

There is nothing wrong with being a DIYer on things if you know what you are doing.  I think a wood stove is something you don’t want to screw around with if you don’t know what you are doing.  I know enough to know, I don’t know enough to do this job.  Plus I don’t have tools for the job and buying tools can get expensive very fast and installing a stove is not one of your ordinary DIY type jobs.  I have already learned that some stoves have a min. code clearance and it does not matter what insulating or heat protection materials you put in place you can’t reduce those min. clearances and meet the local city or county housing code. If your stove does not meet code you are screwed as far as getting or keeping insurance on your house and many lenders will not give you a mortgage or will cancel the mortgage if you don’t have insurance.

Update on stacking the woodpile: Dad has got it enough done that I can finish up the last bit of wood that is not under the carport.  While I’m not exactly pleased about how the wood was delivered I’m happy that I have a good size stack of wood for the winter already on hand. Update on the energy use for the window air conditioner:  Big savings on energy use compared to last year and this year has been a lot hotter! So I am very pleased with the results money wise and I think the Central air/heating cycle aggravated my CIDP. I seem to be a lot more sensitive to temperature changes rather than a consistent high or low temp via the season.

You may have heard about the mandatory evacuations here in Idaho because of fires and I just want let you know I’m safe and these fires are 70+ miles away from me.  It does show how quickly a natural disaster can happen and your life goes all Topsy-turvy.  I have a plan a safe route out if I have to leave my home if an evacuation order comes down.

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  1. Spud says:

    The fire got within a quarter mile from my cabin above Pine ! They put out a lot of effort to turn it back towards the Trinity burn of last year. Could be because the Governors place is the same area lol.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, thats great work. my costs always excede my estimates, especially my labor time….forest fire would be the only reason to bug out for me. it came w/in a few miles when i was building the house, but that was after a prolonged drought. still, it put the fear in me.

    • Jamie says:

      river: I was a little surprised myself on the estimate.
      Forest fires are scary, when I was kid living Northern Idaho we almost had to evacuate becase of a fire. I wish some people would give them more respect and realize just how fast they can move.

  3. dee says:

    was thinking you and my son in college in Idaho, when I heard about this fire. Hope they get control soon!

    • Jamie says:

      dee, It looks like Idaho is going back to more normal seasons and I would not be surprised that we see more fires after the last few cool and wet years. Lots of new growth in the forests.

  4. wonderdawg says:

    I live in the woods, but have a clear cut area around the house and fire lanes cut throughout property. I also went with a metal roof and fires resistant siding. Forest fires are scary for sure. Wish I could make the trip up and enjoy some of that good cooking that’ll be coming of that wood stove.

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, I am so excited about getting the stove done and how everything came together. I have plenty of stock pots, a heavy Wok with ring and cast iron that should work on the stove top. Having the oversized hearth will work out as a great place for drying clothes or a place to set a hot pot to cool a bit.

      One thing I have learned from doing my all grain beer is how to retain heat in stock pots by wrapping them up and insulating them to hold in heat. You can’t retain a boil but it works great for stuff that can slow cook at 155-180 degrees

  5. Kerodin says:

    Jamie: Sorry I couldn’t help – at most we’d have saved you about $50 on parts, and if the parts list was off even a little, some of it would have gone to waste and run over budget when your contractor had to get the extras. I have plenty of double wall in my shop, but your install requires triple wall, so I couldn’t help there, either. But from what I have seen, your contractor is being very fair.


    • Jamie says:

      Kerodin I appreciate you looking into it. I think I got a good deal and the big hearth pad really helped seal the deal.

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