A little of this a little of that and working on some new plans/ideas

It’s been a bit cooler since the big storm rolled through an couple of days ago. We had a cloud burst and even a little flash flooding in Boise. No casualties but the normal stuff of power outages, down tree limbs and that sort of thing.  I managed to get all the collapsible rain barrels daisy chained together and the rain barrels up front open for rain.  We got just under a half inch in less than an hour and it filled three of my rain barrels about 2/3 full.  Since we have had such a dry summer the irrigation water is getting shut off about a month early so having the rain barrels is going to be my main method of watering.  I’m so glad I got those rain barrel early this year. They should really help out keeping my water costs lower and the garden watered through September.

Cooler days almost always means baking some bread and getting some beer brewed.  Now that I have my own grain crusher I can do my beer brewing whenever we have a cooler day because I don’t have to plan ahead to get the grain done at the beer lady’s shop.  I picked up a big bag of 2 Row pale malt barley that is the main barley for the beers I make. I’ll get another big bag of the wheat next check for my German wheat beer.  I have most of the equipment on hand to make an all-grain beer from start to finish.  I do have a couple of ideas to make the beer brewing work a bit easier and cooler in the summer months. I  have a spare bedroom that gets good light for working and even growing plants. So I’m thinking of making that a storage/work room for all my beer making and canning supplies. I can move some furniture around to bring the nice bookshelves out in the living room so I can make a nice reading spot next to the wood stove.  The tall shelves I got, will line the walls of the beer room so I can move  beer stuff  out of the kitchen into the room and store it out of the way till I need it.

The outdoor kitchen/canning/beer brewing area makes a lot of sense as well as being very practical. With one of those double propane burners we could get a couple of pressure or hot bath canners going and do all of the work outside and keep the house cool. I have a couple of tables and my water spigot and a couple of electrical outlets are nearby and would work great for cleanup/prep area. I have plenty of buckets we can use to transport the water or waste to the compost bin or trash.  I think in a SHTF environment that a community kitchen might be needed for the neighborhood.  While I may not be able to do much physical labor I can certainly supervise a stew pot or canner while some one else does the physical stuff.  Having a good meal ready to go at the end of a hard day of work can be a real morale booster!

I know a few people will be horrified that I’m thinking in terms of doing group feedings, sanitation and water supplies. They will scream OPSEC and see me trying to do battle with the horde.  Because I’m handicap I have to stay close to the city for life support of all of the conveniences of power, water, food and sanitation, I can’t physically do the work to survive on my own. I must think of ways to be so valuable that other people will want to keep me alive!  That is my reality for SHTF or whatever disaster may happen.  Will it work? I have no idea, I just keep working, learning and doing stuff that I think will stack the odds more in favor of me staying alive. I’m not niave and think people will all work together to make the world a better place. I have no problem with shooting someone who is trying to harm me and have many ways of ruining that person’s day  some of them quite permanently. But I’m not going to fool myself that the predators and scavengers of society won’t see me as an easy target.

3 Responses to A little of this a little of that and working on some new plans/ideas

  1. riverrider says:

    sayings like “safety in numbers” and “no man is an island” came about from experience. in your area where lmi’s exist in numbers, it is a smart plan to bring them together. nothing brings men(mankind)together like food, followed only by beer.

  2. There’s no law in survivalism that says you can’t be part of a group. One of the most “together” survivalists I know (and I know lots, of all stripes and persuasions) organized his own group down to the proverbial gnats ass. All of Rawle’s books and novels emphasize his belief that a viable survival plan includes other people. I say you are on the right track. OPSEC does not preclude cooperation.

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