Stay fluid and frosty my freinds

If you have done all the things I and others have recommended on having the things you need already on hand. If you have got out of the TBTF banks and gone local. If you have started paying your bills ahead of time. Great!

A bank holiday/run or capital controls could throw a big monkey wrench on my stove installation.  I hope the PTBs can hold the economy together. But I can’t say I have a warm and fuzzy feeling about the PTBs.  I’m getting a bit ahead on a few bills and perhaps I’m over reacting because of the wood stove installation debt.  I mean what does a business do when the have a contract yet a bank or a government freezes all bank funds?  Many Independent truckers can’t afford to deliver if  diesel goes over $5.00 a gallon and right now it is over $4.00 a gallon. I’m guessing a war in th Middle east might spike oil pricing.

Of course the new Sec. of state now says there is no time or room for debate about Syria.  They have WMDs they have “supposedly” used these WMD against innocent women and children and we must stop this evil dictator!  Any one else  getting a feeling of deja vu? I am truly sorry for the people of Syria and the middle east in general but I think these are problems they must resolve themselves. The USA and Europe don’t have a really good track record of spreading democracy or creating stable nation states.  I can’t see how the USA has any national interest of defense, terrorism or anything else that would justify spending either our blood or treasure in the ME. Sorry Isreal your on your own because you picked a crappy neighborhood to move into in 1947.  Of yeah Great Britain and France think war is a great idea and they both have such a wonderful reputation in the Arab world after WWI and the Balfour declaration.  THe USA’s hands are not clean either with the CIA finally admitting they created the coup in Iran that toppled the monarchy in 1953.

Folks you can’t change any of this war talk. Congress won’t stop this out of control president, all they are worried about is PR, re-elction and their own jobs/pensions.  Obama makes Nixon look like a “piker” as a tyranical presidency. As the Sec. of State says there is no room for debate well that seems pretty bad in a supposed democratic republic.

So what do you do as an individual?  Control your immediate area!

  1. Have the basics you and your family needs to survive daily. Hopefully you have been stocking up and have enough of everything for at least 2-3 weeks so you can plan without panic!
  2. Cash!  We have seen Google, Amazon, major media outlets, some of the TBTF banks along with the NASDAQ all suffer major computer/internet “glitches” in the last two weeks.  If you use EBT/debit or credit cards have enough cash on hand to cover you purchase of what you need and then get home if the terminals get shut down.  If you don’t have the cash in hand leave the store empty handed if you must! You don’t want to hang around there if stuff gets ugly.  If it is just a simple glitch go shopping the next day.
  3. This goes along with item #2 pay your bills a month ahead and have cash on hand to pay your absolute need to have bills for 3-6 months. If there is a bank run, capital controls or a bank holiday you must be able have some cash on hand to keep your basic utilities going and if you are getting out of debt you know what compounding interest and late fees can do to your budget.  Your utilities and bankers are going to desperate for any liquidity. They will probably get more strident and perhaps change the terms of any contract in order to keep themselves afloat.
  4. Don’t be surprised if you see a strange mix of anarchy and checkpoints.  This tends to happen when your local PTBs lose control over a broad area so the concentrate where they can maintain control. Watts might be burning but they will have 42 check points in the safer neighborhoods so statistically speaking they can say they had….
  5. Stay away from crowds and looting as tempting as it may seem. We humans are good at rationalizing our bad behavior. If you are bored do a check of your preps, try out some card/dice or board games.  If you still have power, clean the house, get dishes and  laundry done, Get a construction grade garbage bags and put all your freezer and fridge food in it and stuff it back in the fridge or freezer. Showers or baths for all, get books, art projects  all set up. Look if you have to GOOD and your house is not destroyed or looted you can pull that garbage bag full of rotted food and dump in the trash and your fridge and freezer will not smell and work just fine when power is applied.
  6. I know I plan on bugging in. I live in a good spot have friends and family close by and have set up to make that possible in most disasters. But I may have to bug out for whatever reason from chemical spill at the Railroad tracks or whatever. While I have set up my RV as my bug out vehicle it might be just be a target simply because it looks like a good BOV.  A mini van looks less like a rolling pantry/home. So low profile BOV mark II is the minivan.

I know I’m feeling a bit nervous about the world economy and how this talk of war has me a bit shook.  What I’m doing is working on everything from baking a few extra loves of bread for the freezer, to stocking up on things that seem to be going up in price and trying to have at least some basic plans if the SHTF for real.  I thought the PTBs would lows control back in 2011 so I might be over reacting again!

Even if I am wrong, are the things you need to  live cheaper or more expensive than a year ago?  The business you work for planning to expand or is looking at reduced hours, pay and benefits?  Winter is coming and are you ready?


7 Responses to Stay fluid and frosty my freinds

  1. riverrider says:

    i could swear mccain and gragham have been replaced by aliens or drugged or something. they ccan’t be so blind as to not see this setup. the opfor faked a chem attack twice already, they know this. the opfor also slaughtered every man woman and child in a village they didn’t think resisted the .mil hard enough.this they know. what is the end game? i can’t see it. i’m filling up all my gas cans though.

    • riverrider says:

      btw, i get sluggish when i get frosty, so i’ll stay fluid instead.i’m cold blooded after all, or so i’m told 😉

  2. Karen says:

    The way I see it river rider, they are neither aliens, drugged or blind. Our president starts WWIII, the world-wide economy collapses, a new world order is set up, and McCain and Graham want a seat at the table? Mebbie.

  3. Jamie says:

    I think it is hubris! They PTBs can’t even imagine they are wrong, or that the enemy gets a vote in any war.

    • riverrider says:

      yeah, they seem to forget that they haven’t fought a real miltary since korea. syria is a real military, with strong allies. they’ve never fought w/o air superiority either and even that will be in play in syria. and don’t forget gas gas gas!

  4. Jamie says:

    river, The PTBs seem to think that they can controll the chaos of war. I can’t remember who said it “No battle plan survives beyond contact with the enemy”.

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