Feeling much gooder today!

I did a few more things to get ready and have a few more planned for the weekend. It has helped to get me moving and taking some positive actions rather than dwelling on the news, doom and gloom.  I’m rather pleased that England voted no on the rush to war and even France is backing off  and toning down the rhetoric.  Perhaps the politicians realize just how massively they missed public opinion and support for yet another war. I’m not holding my breath but it should take some time for the propaganda machine to get going properly and convince the sheep.

I stopped by Paul’s grocery store to pick up some Popsicle on sale and they had the buckets of lard in stock. I used my rain check and got two, 4 pound buckets at $3.19 each.  I have 3 gallons of  different liquid oils, a few pounds of Crisco, 12 pounds of lard and couple of cases worth of the canned butter.  That should take care of all the fats needed for a couple of years. I trying to add some Asian foods into my diet for some variety and picked up a package each of won ton and egg roll wrappers and C&C.  I had no idea they could be so cheap at less than $1.50 per package. I still need some of the sauces and stuff used for Asian dishes but slowly I’m getting the stuff I need added to the pantry.  There is a huge Asian grocery store being built not to far from me that I’m excited about.  A new place to shop and  for adding more ethnic foods to the menu.

Mom has busy as well, getting some oil for her new generator as well as lots of things like pens, paper, books and little trade items for her boxes.  A barrel for burning trash is standing by for her if she needs it along with a couple of small A/C units she can power with a gas generator. She has worked hard filling up all the fuel tanks and getting in wood for the winter the last couple of weeks. It’s been a struggle getting it all done in such a short time but we both think it will pay off/save money having all of the heating stuff done before winter gets here. I think last winter was a warning that we need to be ready for the winters to be a lot colder than we have had the last ten years.

Just going though all of the things Mom and I have managed to get done in a few years is amazing!  There is more we want to do and stock up on but we should be able to take care of ourselves and help family and a few friends and neighbors.  A few years ago I had a gamer buddy stop by and spend a couple a days here while he checked out some local colleges and I was appalled that he went through a big power outage and had to drive over 40 miles just to heat up some soup and have a warm shower.  While it wasn’t a SHTF moment I gave him a little stove, flashlight, some emergency candles and a lecture on having a few basics on hand when he got home. I hope it made and impression, but I know I will want to help folks out even if I can’t take in besides my own little tribe.  But my charity bucket may help someone move on to a safer place for them. Might not be smart or safe but if the whole world goes”higgly piggly nothing will be truly safe. I feel this is something I must do because God has blessed me so much!

Murphy’s  Law of war states ” Anything can get you killed, including doing nothing”.


4 Responses to Feeling much gooder today!

  1. riverrider says:

    dear leader says he has proof positive assad did it,un says maybe rebels did it. yet tdl wants to forge ahead, and wants us to believe him. ummm, benghazi ring a bell? dif subject, my resident old timer says we’ll have a metric shit ton of snow this winter. based on number and severity of fogs in august. it has been a foggy month here. i need a new snow shovel…..

    • Jamie says:

      river: Today TDL will at least discuss Syria with congress.
      Don’t forget sand for weight and traction on winter driving. We don’t usually get a lot of snow but below zero temps are not unusual in winter.

  2. Good to know that you’re feeling more better.

    • Jamie says:

      rat, Thanks! I try to minimize stress but this summer has been an emotional roller coaster. While mostly good things have been happening for me overall. Nothing has been quick, easy or straight forward. Physically it takes a toll on me
      While I can only control myself I must try to protect myself from the PTBs and the outright stupidity of the sheep. This cause me stress on occasion!

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