Winter is coming…..

If you are like most in the USA it’s still plenty warm but you need to keep working on your preps and getting ahead of the power curve.  As you all know I’ve been working on getting the wood stove installed from taking out a small loan for the stove and installations to paying for and stacking wood for the winter. Since my garden was a bit of a bust this year I will need to buy stuff for the fall harvest. No worries I’m still learning, the Grapes, apple and nut trees look to be pretty good.  Very few plans work out the way we want so you just have to stay fluid and move to the next thing that is working out.

Walgreen’s has a great deal on Ivory Bar soap in this week’s ad. Basically it is 6 bars for $2.00 but there is an in store payback coupon that makes it equal to 6 bars for a dollar if you  go to Walgreens using your card a couple of times next week.  I live in town where I drive by a Walgreens regularly so taking advantage of the sale/coupon is easy.  If you want to add a good multi-tasker soap and get stocked up take advantage of this sale!  I think soap wil be a great barter item if you have extra and we all need soap to maintain some level of hygeine.

Are you prepared financially? I believe that if there is a collapse cash will be “king” at least for awhile. Can you pay for your basic utilities for 30 days? Have you paid ahead or have the cash on hand to pay those bills? I can’t see paying more that 30 days ahead on most things unless you have a Mortgage and you are getting debt-free. Even with that caveat in mind you may want to keep a bit more cash on hand to stay liquid and flexible. I know FRNs are a joke and often wonder why people accept them? But they do and you might as well hand out paper as opposed to something of real value!

How are you looking on food, heat and security. Guns and ammo are still a bit pricey though coming down.  Both food and energy are looking to get a bit more expensive this year. Have you got your fuel oil/wood or propane for cooking and heat? I’d get it now if you can or as soon as possible if you can’t afford it right now.  I don’t see anything that suggest that fuel will get cheaper in the next couple of months.  Looks like another mediocre to bad harvest on most grains in the USA though sugar has come down a bit. It looks like food cost will be going up so buy up now when you get a sale!

Toys, gifts and learning new stuff!  I generally love homemade gifts, even as a kid I would pick out colors for sweaters a great aunt would knit for me. I was never going to be trendy so I might as well be warm. I loved those gifts!  I tell my Mom the same thing I love her  dish rags, and knit slippers. I got a beautiful quilt in the colors I love. At times I think they think I’m just being polite and encouraging them. Heck no!  I know the work that they do and how time consuming it is as well as the quality they put in every stitch.  I see the time and energy they put in, the craftsmanship.  I admire the skill and if others want some store bought gift well that’s on them. I’ll sit tight as snug as a bug in a rug.


10 Responses to Winter is coming…..

  1. Every year I can tell when the season changes from Summer to Fall.

    That happened here last night.

    Even though it was 88 friggin’ degrees this afternoon, Fall is here and that means Winter is right behind it.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, roger that. one of my lp tanks is empty. will be calling on that tues a.m…other than that i’m pretty well set for winter. building a mil room onto the house tho, in time for winter i hope. its one of those jobs that keeps getting bigger and bigger.wish me luck…..dw’s job looking iffy. the hospital laid off 150 workers this week, nurses included. shutting down whole floors. obamacare in action…

    • Jamie says:

      river, Sounds like you are ready! I’m sorry about the layoffs but it might help having an extra pair of hands to finish up the mil’s room.

  3. Winters coming alright. It may be a longer, colder winter than we have had in a long time. Leaves are starting to fall off the trees here and it’s way too early for that.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I think it’s going to be a cold winter in SW Idaho! I still need to get a couple of fans when they go on sale and a couple of small electric space heaters just in case of a cold spots or as a backup for family.

  4. Stephen says:

    Thanks for the reminder…I need to order wood. Nice work, Jamie.

    • Jamie says:

      Stephen you are welcome. It’s funny how these things sneak up on a person. I have been so focused on the wood stove I slacked off on getting propane. I’d like to get a couple more small tanks before November because I have a propane camp oven as a backup to the electric oven. I will be learning to use the wood stove for cooking but there will be a learning curve and the propane oven will be when I have to make something without worrying about ruining it!

  5. Karen says:

    Still in the thick of canning, freezing, and dehydrating-but the garden is winding down. Soon will be working on the apples and grapes-bumper crops both! I’ve killed one possum-they can clear out the grapes in no time flat, and check every night, but so far I’ve only seen the one. I’m ready for fall-canning season wears me out. Although after I’m done with summer canning, I start canning meat, dried beans and butter. Has anyone tried those “back sving shovels? I’m thinking of getting one.

    • Jamie says:

      Karen I find it funny that I am looking forward to winter as a time to learn stuff and taking a break from all that gardening, preserving and getting ready for winter.
      We don’t get a lot of snow here in SW Idaho and I am a lot better about getting salt down before the snow storm hits. Putting salt down before the snow hits makes shoveling the snow/ice a lot easier.

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