This Holiday was not as productive as I had hoped

I was down for a couple of days, seems the stress of trying to get stuff done and watching the PTBs being idiots finally got me. I did get some reading done especially the new/old Chinese cookbook I picked up at the used book store. The book is “Jim Lee’s Chinese Cookbook” and it is very heavy on the techniques of Chinese cooking and all kinds of items you can use for substitutions of authentic ingredients.  I learned how to use a wok on an electric cook top, (Don’t use the ring) Get the wok hot before adding your oil and let the eggs set up a little bit like an omelet before adding the rice so the egg coats the rice a bit while cooking.  He also recommends rinsing your rice 4-6 times or until the water is clear before you cook it.

I tried out the little backpacker stove I got from Amazon. It seemed to work well and it will crank up the heat quickly to almost blowtorch level.  Using the squat Coleman mixed Butane/propane fuel cans the little stove is actually quite stable. It won’t replace a full size camp stove but should work out for basic cooking and heating water in the BOB considering it is about the size of a pack of cigarettes.  I still am partial to the little Butane stove I got from AS&S even though it is a bit larger, I can get a better buy on the plug in Butane fuel and that fuel seems to be more available at stores.  This week I hope to test out the dual fuel camp stove using unleaded gas as a fuel.

I manage to get started on cleaning the house at least some dusting, vacuuming and scrubbing the bathrooms. I like using the new magic eraser type sponges for cleaning in the bathroom. Saves both cleaning supplies and effort on my part.  I seem to be getting more done during the week than the “holiday”. We had a good size storm move through and my daisy chaind rain barrels did pretty good collecting water.

Added a few items from Albertson’s. They have a new Toilet paper on sale so I’m trying it out. I have been able to stock up a lot on the TP because of all of the recent sales. I have a backup plan if the TP runs out but I hope that does not happen!  Albertson’s is rotating from summer to fall promotions and they had the small crock pot I like so well on sale for $6.00 so I picked a few extras. I figure they could be used as gifts, barter or pot luck dishes. I got a little Hibachi for $5.00 to have something a little smaller than the big BBQ if I want to cook a small meal and use less charcoal.

I think I have plenty of gifts for cooks and gals now I need to work on the guy stuff.  My brother got a new grill he just loves so I think I’ll look at BBQ tools and cooking utensils.  There a lot of gifts you can get for your non-prepper that also work for prepping. While you may not convince them to prepare you can get them some of the hardware that can be used if the SHTF.


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  1. Spud says:

    Back up plan for the TP ? Get a garden weed sprayer, modify the nozzle into a slight u bend and open it up a bit for something with more volume and sufficient pressure. Voila instant biday redneck style ! Don’t need no stnking TP ever again ! Much, Much need I say again MUCH, cleaner and better for you than TP. Just add more water when empty… this metod has been used for many thousands of years…albeit sans weed sprayer and motive force usually by a hand or cup of water. You get the drift tho, weed sprayer substitutes for current regular shower head on an extension hose.
    The old saying from the Army didn’t originate for nuthin with “Shit, Shower and then Shave”
    Simple solution to the TP conumbrum.

  2. Don’t work yourself into the grave. Enjoy life and just do what you can each day.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, For most of the year I did pretty good but I feel I’m starting to make real progress and enjoy all the things I have done. Then the PTBs throw a monkey wrench into the situation.

      I know “situation normal, all fouled up” I needed those days of rest and this week I had a couple of things break my way, so I feel much better mentally. Also had to take some time and count my blessings and assess what I have done and not obsess over the things that haven’t been finished yet!

  3. riverrider says:

    j, seems like an aweful lot of “preparedness sales” going on now. many of my usual outdoor stores/outlets are advertizing prep sales now, and some not-so- outdoor stores. most unusual….

    • Jamie says:

      river I think some of it is the seasonal rotation from summer to fall, some of it is we preppers tend to notice prepping stuff. Last but not least people are broke and have maxed out the credit cards. Retail sales have been very weak this summer. If you have some “mad money” stashed you can get some great buys!

      • riverrider says:

        agreed but this is the first time i’ve ever seen cabela’s have a preparedness sale by name.

      • Jamie says:

        river I don’t shop at Cabela’s but I have been seening preparedness pop up a bit more as marketing. Then again this is SW Idaho between the Mormons, other religious people, farmers and migrants that normal stock up going into fall/winter it’s more of a way of life than a special event!
        One local store always has a case lot sale in Sept/Oct. for a couple of weeks so it might be just something native to the area to stock up before winter.

  4. Karen says:

    😀 I’ve always wanted a bidet-so european don’t cha know-now I can have one! All kidding aside, sounds like a good thing to have on hand, one can have only so much of a bulky product like tp-it won’t last forever! I spent the holiday making elderberry tincture, vanilla extract, and wool dryer balls. Jamie, such a good reminder to be grateful for what we have (and accomplished in self-reliance ways) over worry about those fears of what we need yet to do! I struggle with this-thanks friend!!

    • Jamie says:

      Karen I saw a neat little fire starter that used cupcake papers, Lint/sawdust and some parafin wax to hold it all together and a bit of ribbon in the top to light. I think they would be useful plus make a nice little gift to people with a fireplace/woodstove.

  5. Don’t load/overload your magazines either. Leave something of the springs in place. You won’t be able to find these when you need them. Not without pre-65 silver. Don’t let them waste away by sitting, fully filled, in your caches. I like the sprayer ideas. Have enough TP for about two years, but can easily stretch that out to ten with this idea.

    • Jamie says:

      rat, thanks for the reminder I need to do a switch on my unloaded and loaded mags.
      I am so lucky on this blog. Some blogs deal with trolls I have great commenters that great ideas and are very helpful sharing what works and what doesn’t work.

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