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This blog is small and while it is growing a bit I like it that way. It’s kind of like a small corner bar or cafe. I get a lot of regular commentors that are brilliant and probably could do a blog about this subject but it’s not what they want to do all the time. I’m small enough that I don’t attract the trolls or they get bored quickly and move on. I try and have the comments as open as possible for disagreements or discussions without get nasty or letting the comments become a troll hunt.

I’m always caught off guard by comments on much bigger sites about how foolish it is to get prepared or be self-reliant. I doubt these people truly believe the crap they write but only want to justify to themselves on why they don’t prepare or become self-sufficient.  I do wish the trolls could be a bit more original in spouting off why they think I’m such a fool for preparing. It’s the same BS time after time, I’d like to do a a rating system of trolls based on originality, the use of language and or the creativity of any cursing and take off points for the use of racist, sexist or the terms of “some people say… or “they say”…. and how the troll uses links or any hard data. Heck we might as well have a little fun.

I should be used to it by now but I’m still surprised by the willful ignorance of people in general.  We see it happen again and again and some people will never learn.  Your average big box store, local mega mart or gas station has about 3 days supply of goods available for a normal shopping day.  In states where EBT hits on a certain day most stores will have a hard time keeping shelves stocked even though they plan ahead with bringing in more product and people.  When there is a run on items no store can keep up. The business is not being mean or lazy they want to sell you stuff but they have only two choices run out or raise prices in order to balance supply and demand.

You ever watch a news story about a storm with a week or two warning and less than 3 days before the storm hits everyone suddenly decides to try and buy a generator,, gas, batteries, water, bread, milk and eggs. The people then get mad at the stores for running out or raising  prices even though they had plenty of warning the storm was coming.  We know winter is coming and it can be a happy time of sharing the holidays, gifts, learning skills like knitting or sewing like I want to learn. It also means snow, ice, getting stuck, possible power outages depending on where you live.

I figured everyone on the east coast should have a basic storm kit by now!  A generator, some basic alternative heat, lighting, some water and extra food. Nope! The generator has probably been returned to the store if not used or sold via a yard sale or internet perhaps the same thing for cook stoves, lighting and all the food has been eaten and the water drank and they have nothing again because they panic bought via a credit card and the bill came due!

Why is it people think brewing my own beer is cool/fascinating yet baking bread or raising a garden is not? Of course given the average attention span of most Americans I will soon be out of touch and no longer hip, cool or whatever they call it next. Let’s see rain barrels and solar power is sort of cool, a wood stove is not, unless you cook on a wood stove which is kind of cool. Storing tap water is not cool but an artesian well or bottle water is still kind of cool.  I’m still trying to get a handle of wannabe hippy’s with a degree from the Ivy league, living in tents, using a store or cafe’s toilets and sinks to maintain a little hygiene while carrying around an I pad/ Laptop and wearing designer clothes and using a generator and evil fossil fuels to run the “community kitchen”. Yet they seem oblivious to the irony of what they say they are protesting against. It always seems the “liittle people”, evil middle class or whomever they have decided is the font of all evil must change never themselves as they are “special”

I think each person should be the change you want to see! Stop looking for a leader and look in the mirror and change. Charity should be personal and gift person to person. I never feel good about filling my tax forms out and the thought of charity is very far from my mind.  When I’m standing in line at the DMV I don’t think about how great it is that I get to spend money while Washington DC puts up $10,000 Orange signs saying Obama’s stimulus is working for America.

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  1. JF says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what a troll thinks. I am reminded of a quote by Coco Chanel. ” I don’t care what you think about me, i don’t think about you at all”. Keep doing the good that you do.
    A troll wants you to stop, so they do not have to think about how remiss they are.

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie I agree with JF, we should never let others dictate anything in any manner, some people try to manipulate others because of their own shortcomings. I often tell people that their opinion of me means nothing to anyone but them!

    It is strange how people continue in their day to day activities never giving a thought to the well running dry until the water is gone. As for being prepared for any event, My wife & I are not where we want to be but we are constantly working toward that end.

    As long as you feel good about what you are doing (and it’s legal of course) I say GO FOR IT!

    • Jamie says:

      Danny Did you ever see the movie “Roxanne” with Steve MArtin and Daryl Hannah? It’s a take off of the old Cyrano de Bergerac story. Anyway there is a scene in the bar when some goof calls Steve Martin’s character “big nose” and then Steve Martin’s character comes up with 20 better insults about his nose. It is hilarious! I’m thinking something like that..

  3. Dannyboy53 says:

    No I haven’t seen that one but it sounds like it’s worth watching! People make an amazing and very entertaining study don’t they?! The progressives or liberals or whatever one prefers to call them (I use the term “useful idiots”) can’t stand rational or logical actions or events, like prepping. We’ll see how they feel about it when their little “Hope and Change” world crashes down around their heads. I’m seeing evidence that many are already disillusioned by what has happened in the past year or so such as smaller pay checks because of an increase in payroll taxes. They will be mighty hungry after about a week of throwing stones, metaphorically of course, at those that are prepared.

    Aside from being scarey and frustrating in the extreme, our future will be interesting as it unfolds.

  4. Daryl paid us a visit last year. And got arrested! When she asked the cop if he knew who she is, he replied, “Who cares?”

    My point is, you are doing a lot better than she is these days! I can assure you that she’s not ready for what lies ahead. She’s spending her time chaining herself to trees.

    Let them cast their stones. About the only thing that gets my goat is when someone that claims to be one of us gets nutty just to impress people, score viewers, or make sales. I expect it from the left, as Danny describes, but it throws me off a bit when it comes from our camp. I suppose it will all come out in the wash. In God’s time and manner.

    Can you think of a more interesting time to be living???

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Are you talking about the actress Hannah? If she climbed in a tree of mine, as God is my witness, I would cut it down with her in it…bet that would be a heckuva ride!

    • Jamie says:

      rat, Interesting times indeed! I always wondered why the Germans fell for Hitler’s schtick. I lived in Germany over 7 years and they seem like good and descent people. Now I know how it happens, as I see much of the same cult of personality growing here in the USA.
      I know longer look for some leader or pundit or whatever that people seemed to be always looking for the next great leader that will lead us unto the “promised land”.

      I will be the change I wish to see! Because I can’t control anyone but myself.

      Many Americans can’t see the Irony of protesting Government debt when they have $14,000 in credit card debt, $20,000 in student debt, another $15 grand they owe on a car and are underwater with a 30 year mortgage on a house they never intended to buy/keep. These are average amounts of debt for Americans.

      The USA as a nation has played grasshopper to the ant and winter is coming.

  5. riverrider says:

    i find that ignoring them is best way to deal with them. any reaction at all keeps them coming back…my sis is a raging environmentalist, yet drives a v8 muscle car. i saw plenty of ows folks leaving in suv’s and beamers when it was over.wearing leather shoes, nylon shorts, fleece jackets etc etc. hypocrites. don’t prep? more for me/mine.

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      riverrider I agree, ignoring them IS the best thing one can do…it kills their soul to think they can not manipulate a person or be heard which is what they want and need more than anything.

      But I must admit I sometimes find it impossible to do and engage in some liberal-bashing! Especially with the profoundly stupid ones.

      Jamie keep doing what you are doing Lady…you are not alone!

  6. Jamie says:

    I know it’s not logic that drives the trolls. It’s like a kid who thinks if you plan ahead for something bad happening, you somehow want that bad thing to happen.

  7. Dannyboy53 says:

    I get a lot of ideas for day to day living and getting ready for any contingency from three different blogs, this being one of them. As I said previously, keep doing what you are doing, I enjoy coming here and thank you Jamie!

    • Jamie says:

      Danny, I think I’m good on getting the basics done on the cheap and starting out. Honestly my commenters are in a word brilliant, and they share what they have done in a disaster of what worked or didn’t work.

      We should all be buying up a few garden sprayers when they go on sale this fall and mark them out as a “bidet” or for passive cooling systems or as a backup water tap and pressure hose.

      You could paint one of those sprayers black to absorb the sun’s heat and us it as a modified shower. It would be about the same price as a solar camp shower and you would have some pressure and use less water.

  8. It’s your blog. If people are rude you don’t have to allow them space on it. Just delete them.

  9. kymber says:

    Jamie – bahahahahahhaha! go check out my dear friend Harry Flashman’s blog post – it’s about you and your awesomeness!!!! but he and my other friend Matt think yer a dude – bahahahahah! no worries tho – i let them know that you are an ass-kicking gurl!

    your friend,

    go here for the blog post: http://harryflashmansblog.blogspot.ca/2013/09/grain-mills.html?showComment=1378841003861#c2257537071709666592

    • Jamie says:

      kymber, thanks I never worry to much about it. I get it a lot, you should have seen the look on the Drill Sgt. face when I got to signal school and the had me rooming with the guys LOL

      • kymber says:

        jamie – i just thought it was funny – bahahahah! my friend, Harry Flashman is a really good read – this guy really knows his stuff! as do you…keep on keepin’ on gurl!

  10. I gotta admit. I didn’t know either! I think it was the coyote. 🙂

  11. Jamie says:

    rat, I love the old WB cartoons but while a grizzley and wolf are big tough critters who survives and thrives in any situation. It’s a coyote.

    • Yep! Tough too! He falls off a cliff, has a boulder fall on top, and walks away. LOL! Can you do that one? They are smart, also. I hung one on a fence post a couple of years ago, and haven’t been visited since! Think they got my message?

      • Jamie says:

        I finally got a handle on gravity and then inertia would kick my ass.
        The Nez Pierce tribe honor the coyote in many of their stories as a bit trickster and as clever as a fox but also one who takes care of the pups until they are raised up. I like a survivor that takes all mama nature and civilization can throw at them to try and kill them out. Coyotes not only live but thrive.

  12. I have pretty much given up on trying to be reasonable with certain types. It is like teaching a pig to sing and no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig, it is still a pig and annoyed that you tried to teach it to sing.
    As for people nay-saying preppers, let ’em. These are the people with that exorbitant debt you mention and don’t understand that prepping is just an insurance policy. I bet they have insurance on house car, person etc, why not an insurance policy you can hold (IE in material goods)? They don’t understand that “Insurers” are not set up to protect wide-scale, insurers are hedging bets that failures will be far apart in distance and time. When SHTF, those insurers are going to be in the same boat as us, and likely just as screwed as those that didn’t prep in goods.

    • Jamie says:

      dio, You are right I have tried ever argument from insurance to how I save money. Nothing works with even with family members who love and trust me! I don’t have much of a chance of waking up strangers!
      I know one way or another everyone will wake up. Sadly most won’t until it hits them in the face.

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