I’m learning how to make Chinese food. Cash and Carry has a sale on Asian foods

How cool is that? I get a great price and  fill up the pantry on all the stuff  I need for Chinese dishes. It will be a big shopping list for me but when you are filling up the pantry from scratch it will cost a little bit extra. It will be worth it as most of the sauces and spices a little will go a long way.  I was surprised by how long the shelf life is on the sauces though it makes sense when you find out many of the sauces are fermented.

I will be adding some pastas, Black beans and C&C has a great deal on candy bars for Halloween.  I hope nothing will change drastically in this country and we can muddle on through the rest of the year. That means celebrating the holidays so we might as well stock up ahead of time when we get good prices!  I figure chocolate will be a huge barter item as well as a morale booster for anyone. I’m not a big chocolate or sweets fan and can be satisfied with a little chocolate every couple of months. But that doesn’t mean other folks feel the same way and chocolate could become highly valued.

The corn futures market is jumping higher because the US harvest is looking awful. So if corn grain products like Masa, Cornmeal, grits and so on are a part of your preps you may want to add a bit more before prices go up!  If Whole wheat is available I will add another 100 pounds to my drum. If not I’ll go for dent corn or add some barley.  It can save you a lot of money if you stay flexible in what you are buying for long term grains.

My check doesn’t come until next week but my general plan is to stock up on some pantry items that I have been neglecting or I want to bump up the numbers a bit. I have not bought all that much hard liquor and I need to get the “bar” restocked for the holidays and some for trade. I’m not a hard liquor drinker most of the time though I have been known to have a glass or two  on occasion.  So having liquor on hand has never been a priority for me.

I have been thinking about the big “Grid Down” test the DHS wants to run on 13-14th of November. I never had a warm and fuzzy feeling for the DHS and since Boston my feelings are much more negative. I can add another AGM battery this month and I’m looking at a  setup of two 100 watt solar panels, charger controller and wiring to buy in Oct.  that will bring my total solar panel wattage up to 260 watts.  From what I have researched that is about the minimum you need for wattage to run a few items around the house. I’ll need to add a couple more batteries for storage but I think that that will be enough wattage  to recharge the batteries daily. One thing nice about a power outage in winter it’s easy to keep food cold or frozen. With the wood stove and a bit of solar power I think most of my energy needs will be covered.

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  1. Matt says:

    Yesterday I was convinced that it was a Nationwide event, which makes no sense at all that they would try it. I went back and read, more closely, that it’s confined to a much smaller set of parameters.


    but it’s still a good idea to get ready for the real thing . I’m oart way there now. Just need to get a few more items.

    BTW go and check out Harry’s post today… Kymber and I are having a good laugh at his expense…. he’s a good sport, though.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt, I agree nothing should go wrong and it’s supposedly just a simulation but I don’t think the DHS could organize a kegger in a brewery.
      I’ll go check Harry’s site out!

  2. Asian food is a great way to stretch dollars, and a lot of it is quite healthy. It’s taken me a couple of years but there is a large Asian grocers about 100 miles away and when I am there I stock up on a number of things they sell quite reasonably. Still don’t like Miso soup though. LOL

    • Jamie says:

      Jane, I got interested in cooking ethnic cuisine to fight food fatigue, plus I like trying new foods and new ways of cooking. Already my rice dishes and stir fry type meals have improved a lot just by learning to cook it properly.
      I really like Jim Lee’s cookbook as it is so conversational on the how and why’s Chinese cooking is done. I’ll see how the budget works out as I’m looking to add some duck and do a Chinese BBQ duck on my little Rotisserie. Just sounds like a great fall meal.

  3. denimflyz says:

    This is off subject to your post today, but I trust your judgement. I would like to purchase a solar charger to charge small electronics like cell phones, laptop, radio etc. What do you suggest? Where would I start? I do not have any big box stores around me here, it would have to be Amazon. Are these solar gadgets fairly reasonable in price on my little budget?

  4. Jamie says:

    denim: It depends on your budget but if You want a good multi- tasker type charger that can go solar or AC power I would recommend something like my Mobile Powermate 6 in 1 charger for around $100.00. It has a work light, jumper cables, air compressor 400 watt inverter and both AC/DC outlets. I like this model because it will accept solar panels, 12 volt DC power charge or plug into a wall outlet. It is safe to use indoors and silent unlike a gas generator. I think Amazon carries this model but I got mine at Sportsmansguide.com

    This item is great for the car on long trips as you have power to jump any dead battery or air up a flat tire without needing help!
    The 400 watt inverter should be more than enough to charge things like small electronics, cell phone or laptop to running a radio, flat screen LCD TV for a couple of hours. So it is great for camping, tailgating or the Apocalypse. LOL

    To charge some thing like this a 1.5- 3 volt trickle charge solar panel should work to keep it charge but it won’t recover quickly. I am guestimating but you would probably need about a 5-20 watt solar panel to recharge it daily, depending on your sunlight. Or you could plug it into a cigarette lighter when you drive around to recharge it. A car is not an efficient generator but if you are driving around, you might as well take advantage of the power.

    I got my first little Power pak for $20.00 from my favorite Pawn shop! A lot of folks will pawn an item like this or sell when they leave the business like construction because it is a nice to have not a need to have for a job.

    • denimflyz says:

      Thanks Jamie for your input. I have looked at the little power packs but just was not sure about them. I am just looking for something to do little things for now, and hopefully before the SHTF, I will have some time to get bigger things. Thanks a bunch, your a peach!
      Have a wonderful weekend.

      • Jamie says:

        denim, If you have a car you can plug in most 400 watt and smaller inverters at the cigarette lighter and you can find those for around $30.00. Amazon sells a solar Battery(AAA up to D cell batteries) charger for under $30.00. You might check places like an Auto parts store or Truckstops. They often have some great gadgets that use 12 volts DC power.
        Many electronic gadgets can be used or charged via a USB connection/12 volt DC and my local dollar store carries those for a dollar so I added a couple to my car and RV.

        This won’t be a perfect solution but you could hook up a 10-20 watt solar panel to your car battery with a small inverter and use your vehicle as a charging station/modified generator. While not perfect a lot of people did that sort of thing during Sandy and it worked out pretty well, using either the sun or the gas engine to keep the car battery charged up.

        You might check out some of the crank/solar Emergency Radios on Amazon. A lot of them now come with both the crank and a small solar panel as well as USB ports for charging things like a cell phone. A good multi-tasker radio that you can buy for $30.00-$60.00.

  5. I heard about that test from a friend. You are not alone in feeling some unease over it.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I may need to calibrate my tinfoil hat but if the PTBs are concerned enough to test and get prepared I better do the same.
      IF the grid goes down from an EMP to a Solar flare/Carrington type event the solar panel/generator maybe useless but the battaries may still work as they are a chemical and not electrical.
      Now that the wood stove is in and has been check by the city as good to go. I’m feeling more confident I can go 1800’s retro at least for awhile. Mom is picking up flint/steel sparkers and I’m covering the Bic lighters and we both have many boxes of wooden matches.

      The biggest argument against an EMP is most of the PTBs are as much or more dependent on the grid/internet than us serfs.

      If I don’t make my house payment for a few months I may get forclosed on. If everyone that has a mortgage with the PTBs can’t make payments for a few months the PTBs have a problem!

  6. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, check out Home Depot as a source for solar equipment…it’s all on-line ordered and free shipping…I’m using the 250watt panels from them and also the 115 volt led lights from them

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, Amazon has a kit with two, 100 watt panels, a 30 amp charger/controler for $359.00 and the wiring for the solar panel. I think I will have a good start on my portable system and I can add a little here and there to build it up. I’m most excited about getting the 100 amp hour AGM batteries for $135.00 each. Those Batteries will save me a lot of money compared to the ones I was looking at originally.

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