Clean up on Aisle…Oh who am I kidding, clean up needed everywhere!

I got most of the walls and the carpets cleaned before the wood stove was installed, I’m still finding a few spots I missed but overall I got the living room done before the wood stove was installed. The worse thing is I now see how dirty everything is and I’m working on cleaning up.

The stove is all done and inspected. The code guy from the city was great,  he told me he never worries about the guys that did my stove installation as they always do great work!  It took awhile to get the stove pipe installed because my ceiling joists and the roof rafters are kind of funky. I had three different areas they could instal the stove.  It may work out even better because the stove is close to the forced air intake and I may be able to use the central heater fan to circulate the hot air through the house.  Great guys,those installers even offered to help move my furniture around after they finished.

Since the wood stove got moved I have been moving things around in the Living room trying to make everything work and look good using my furniture.  The room is odd with strange placement on doors so placing the furniture is a challenge. My furniture is rather large and has round shapes rather than the traditional straight lines.  I made a smaller group of my furniture around the stove and moved the TV and while I’m not using all of the floor space I think it looks much better, cozy rather than crowded. This house has a lot of storage space, it just that it is in kind of odd places. I often set something in the storage area and they soon become a catch all.  I did some work organizing and tossing out some stuff that I stored, some stuff has been in there so long I forgot I had it. I filled up a couple of good size garbage bags and freed up a lot of shelf space.

I managed to to get the the laundry area/cabinets all organized.  I can use the cabinets for laundry stuff and not just junk. I moved most of my cleaning supplies into laundry cabinets and shelf. This freed up some cabinet space in the kitchen for my cooking pots, pans and small appliances.  Having things organized and in it’s proper place has become a critical part of my prepping and self reliance.  I don’t have the mental or physical energy  to waste trying to do chaos mode especially when I have such a simple fix for my environment.  I get more than enough chaos from the things I can’t control!

I had to work hard (for me) to get the stuff done in the living room for the stove.  I got all of the carpets cleaned because I was borrowing my parents rug cleaner and I wanted to return it as soon as possible. Now I’m just puttering and getting things clean a little at a time. A lot of what I’m doing is getting one section of about 3 feet wide and floor to ceiling clean. Perhaps a couple of cabinets cleaned and organised, after a few days of that the house will have got a good cleaning and should be ready for winter.

9 Responses to Clean up on Aisle…Oh who am I kidding, clean up needed everywhere!

  1. Don’t feel bad. Our house is relatively new and it’s already dirty! Since you’re in Idyho, have you read Rawles book, the Patriots yet? It’s an easy read for someone who is tuckered out from cleaning. I think it’s like $6 buck on a Kindle. Instant delivery too! (FYI. Danny’s wife (who just recovered from a broken neck from a horse fall) just broke her pelvic bone in several places on another one. Yikes! Poor guy. Poor gal!)

    • Jamie says:

      rat, One thing I don’t lack is books to read. I read Rawles book many moons ago.
      That is too bad about Danny’s wife! Sounds like me I got a handle on gravity, then inertia would come and kick my butt.

  2. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Its like Christmas when you find missing/forgotten items. Glad your stove is in, Have a great week.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, It really is like Xmas. I found a couple of gifts I had pickup last year but didn’t get to give them to the people because I didn’t get their name for gift giving.

  3. riverrider says:

    congrats! be careful with the air intake. mine got too hot from sucking in the heat of wood stove.but it might be okay, my friend uses his w/ no problem.

    • Jamie says:

      river, I will be careful. There will be a lot to watch and tweak as I learn more about the stove. I need to add a couple more fire extingushers and a carbon monoxide alarm before I fire it up. That should take care of all the safety issues.

  4. MizDeb says:

    Doesn’t it feel grand to get things in order! A weight lifted off one’s shoulders. The stove installers sound like great guys. Lucky you!

    • Jamie says:

      MizDeb, It’s great but I’m one hurting unit today! I will be taking it easy today and just do little things like laundry and wash up some beer bottles.

  5. Don’t work yourself to death. You can wear out and get sick. Just do what feels comfortable and then work on it some more the next day.

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