Fall has fell and another storm rolling in

The changing of the seasons have been very pronounced this year and fall has rolled in with a bunch of storms.  Nothing too unusual but very blustery days coming every week.  I’m not complaining to much, it is keeping my rain barrels full and I haven’t needed to water the lawn or garden.  I did my pre-storm cleaning and recharged all of the gadgets and batteries in case of a power outage but so far it looks like most of the storm will miss us.

I’m puttering and doing simple things around the house. Getting things moved around in the front bedroom so I can start setting that up to use for something besides a catch all room.  I think the room could make a good work room for the all the things I want to learn this winter.  This room has the best light of any in the house so it is perfect as a hobby room. If the wood stove works as well as advertised then I can keep it open instead of closing it off to save heat.

I stopped by my favorite pawn shop and all of the cases were full of guns. The ammo was stocked up and the only ammo being rationed is .22 LR. I picked up a couple more boxes of 9mm and 7.62×39. I found a Grundig SW receiver to bring my total to three SW radios. I was a little surprised about how full the shop was of nearly everything. From tools to reloading equipment, heck the owner is setting up extra tables everywhere for all the stuff he is getting in. It looks like folks are not doing so great if they are hocking/selling things of value and it is only Sept.  Your local pawn shops are a place to check out for some good buys on hardware/tools that you want or need.  If you put off getting guns or ammo you need to start checking the prices and see if you can afford to start buying what you need!

I stopped by the beer lady and got another 15 gallon Blue water barrel along with a 2 liter Growler. I want to see how the growler works on staying carbonated after opening. If the beer stays carbonated I will get a few more as it makes bottling very simple. The growler is nice for taking to parties or when you BYOB. I’m getting a great buy on those 15 gallon barrels and I don’t think a person can have to much safe drinking water on hand.  With my idiot family I maybe helping them out a bit on water supplies.

While things look good for me personally.  I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling for the shape of the world going into fall and winter.  Not a lot a person can do but try and take care of themselves and help out friends and family when possible.  Remember you must take care of yourself first or you can’t help out anyone else.

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  1. “…take care of yourself first or you can’t help out anyone else.”

    True, and pure. If more people were not so scared to die that they can only talk (and type) of killing the entire human race, perhaps they could see the wisdom of this. This fear (in the end) will betray them. Stay the course.

    BTW, Beer Lady? Where was she when I needed her!

    • Jamie says:

      rat, All to often I think people forget that that you start with yourself first, then family, then the bigger picture of neighborhoods, towns… etc. People may call me selfish but I’m not asking for anyone to get taxed at a higher rate so I can give them “goodies”. I figure if me and Mom can take care of family and perhaps a few freinds out of our own pocket we are doing a hell of a lot better job than FEMA. If everyone in the country did this we wouldn’t have to pay for FEMA!
      Heck give me a thousand dollars per person to prepare your family and I can give them enough to survive for a year but they won’t have the skills to use what they have on hand.

      My Beer Lady is Deb at Nampa Brewers and she is in my Shopping section. She is small and local but if you want what she has on her website she will ship it to you for the cost of her shipping with no extra mark up. But as I say she is a small shop so shipping is kind of expensive for her. She sells her vinegar kits on Ebay for a great price so I will ask her for her Ebay site.

  2. The Soffitrat says:

    Some want to build a so-called Citidel. We already have one. It is not based on walls, but OP’s will be present. Not on breaking necks and killing everyone who approaches, although many among us possess those skills. Not on fear, but on faith. We don’t talk. We do. Among our primary goals is to be able to direct FEMA to just keep on moving. On down the road.

    You are right. $1,000 per family, and many could survive. What a waste. But then, this whole thing could have been avoided. And that is what is most disturbing. We don’t have to lose our humanity in the process. Though some, evidently, already have. Even before anything has actually happened! LOL! Beyond motivation, fear can be a terrible thing. Don’t be too fearful. What’s the worst that can happen? There are worse things than dying. Like losing our freedom? Like losing our humanity?

    I’ll try to check Deb out. Thanks!

    • Jamie says:

      rat, Most things in life are simple if not always easy. For me it comes down to what is at your “core” What makes a person a true adult human and not just some animal or parasite.

      An absence of bad does not make you a good person! Patting yourself on the back for not kicking puppies nor measuring yourself against the “average” makes you a good person.

      I was so lucky to have the mother I have and while things got tough back in the lates 70’s she would work 2-3 part time jobs. I often would run a bath, plug in the curling iron and heat up some soup and make a grill cheese sandwich so she could get to her next job. I got that example my sister didn’t. My sister could never understand why Mom worked when welfare was so easy.

      When I felt my worst is when I got “above my raising” Sure I had plenty of toys and lots of payments to go along with it. Add in all the stress of trying to keep the facade going will make you sick.

      I screwed up “playing the game” and I promised myself I would never do that again.

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