Big shopping day

I got most of the shopping done.  I got most of the speciality stuff for Chinese cooking at Cash & Carry as well as some discounts on a few other items that were not in the ads. I added a bunch of whole spices on sale and I got a great buy on Butane cans, a four pack of cans for $4.47 so I picked up two packs. Kellene at has a little video about using butane stoves for cooking and how you could store enough fuel to cook for a year that is interesting for any prepper.  I think anyone with limited ability to store fuel and needs a cheap cooking method this is perfect!

I went to Les Schwab to pay my bill and they had a great 100 amp hour AGM battery for $135.00 including tax. I got one and will be adding another ASAP!  This battery looks to be perfect for the solar generator set up I want to build and the price is much better than the first AGM I bought along with more amp hours.  I figured out how to afford 200 watts of solar panels in October so it looks like I will be able to meet my solar energy goal for this year.  I think going mostly solar for my electric is now doable even though I’m just getting the equipment a little at a time every few months.  I won’t be able to run everything electric and I will have to replace some old appliances with more energy efficient models.  With a little time and using the wood stove for the energy/electrical intensive appliances like the oven or dryer I can reduce what I pay the electric company by a good amount.  If not I can have at least some electric to run the basics if the grid goes down.

Albertson’s has pork chops for $1.29 a pound  and I have to get the 3 ply toilet paper from Albertson’s to test out . It seems the “fiora” brand normal price will be $3.99 for 12 double rolls at Albertson’s so a good buy on TP.  I got some more “real” gas and the price had dropped a dime a gallon from my last fill up and I used a bit less gas this last month.  I have an overdrive feature I can turn on or off on my Kia and since I do a lot of city driving  I get better gas milage with the overdrive turned off.

Wheat grain was back in stock and I got another 100 pounds for the 55 gallon drum. It looks like a drum will hold about 300 pounds of wheat.  I’m guessing it would be about the same for rice and maybe about 275 pounds of beans or corn based on the size of the individual product. I stopped by the Farm store and they have foodgrade DE in a big 50 pound bag for $37.00. I will talk to Mom about splitting a bag between us and we will have enough DE for the rest of our lives.

Big Lot’s had a couple of items I wanted and I’m trying out a Chefdini cost $10.00.  It’s basically a non-electric a food prossesor/mixer.  If you have tried to find a hand operated mixer you know how expensive they can get. I have put it together and it feels solid enough but the proof will be in how well it does the job.  As I test it out I will give you all an update. If this Chefdini work well as I hope,  I will add one to the RV.  I picked up a few cleaning supplies as well.

It was a bit cool today so I fired up the wood stove to get rid of any fumes that may come from the paint and sort of break it in.  I’m not sure how clean my wood will burn but I did not see a lot of smoke from my chimney outside.  My smoke alarm did not like whatever fumes were coming off the stove, but I’m not seeing or smelling smoke in the house.

5 Responses to Big shopping day

  1. dee says:

    I shared that video on butane heaters with my friends on facebook, and bought one for a daughter, but she already had one! Love it! Just got an order of oatmeal from the local LDS Bishop’s storehouse. It is already canned , so quality control is increased. The prices are the same, as if we had done it ourselves at the storehouse.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, This just about the perfect stove for anyone getting prepared. When I found out how long a can of fuel could last it, I was thrilled and got another 4 pack of butane. I have a couple of fold up butane stoves for backpacking, one is in my GHB but I will look around for some of these stoves to add to my backups for family. Of course I’ll have to look for pressure cookers on sale now!

      I think I could make a hot box out of some decorative crates I get at Joann’s and line them with one of those thick emergency blankets or car sun protectors for insulation. Joann’s has insulating material for making pot holders so that might work for the “Hot Box”.

      Totally scored on the TP and paper towels at Albertson’s. There was a $1.00 off in store coupon on the “fiora” so 12 double rolls of the TP and an 8 pack of paper towels were only $2.99 each

  2. The Soffitrat says:

    The temps dropped here today, too! Got down to about 93. I almost had to get a jacket!

    • Jamie says:

      rat: Show off 😉
      We did get into the upper 40’s here, not to cool for me but I want to have the new wood stove ready when it starts bouncing around zero. You got to be tough to live in the west!

      I know most of us have been mocked by people that are in denial and still are buying the propaganda. But when it comes to the little ones and making sure they have food to eat, safe water to drink and a warm place to sleep. Stuff gets real very fast.

      • We actually had a decent rain tonight! Not that it made much difference. It was the first one in about three months! Forget the naysayers. They won’t be around long, once their government does its magic.

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