For the trolls

I have great commentator overall and I learn from them but since I can’t reply to all the trolls I encounter at other sites I thought I would respond to most trolls and their arguments/posts.

  1. I am wasting my money preparing.  Well I don’t know about you troll, but I prefer eating on a semi regular basis as well as practicing basic hygiene.  I don’t foresee a time in my future that I will not need food, water, shelter, first aid and sanitation.  If you have found a way to avoid all those little things for daily living I would love to read about them!
  2. While I am on a fixed income I don’t get food stamps, I’m paying off my home and my food bill is about $75.00 -$125.00 per month and I have some long term food storage as well as the basics of living.  I can make my own bread and beer and I am working on using alternate energies. I’m actually saving quite a bit of money by shopping only loss leaders at the store.
  3. I should just sit and wait for FEMA, in a disaster and hope the president declares a disaster area.  What if I lose my job, declare bankruptcy, get sick or disable? I didn’t notice FEMA rushing to the scene when I got disabled.
  4. Let’s wait on the low skilled and militarized cops that will probably taze you and shoot your dog. When seconds count your local cop will be minutes away.
  5. People will be nice in a disaster and politely wait in lines for food and water. No looting will occur because FEMA is on the scene.  Folks won’t go dumpster diving for food in a place like NYC. That’s impossible!
  6. We will never have to wait in lines to fill up gas cans, or get food and water.
  7. It can’t happen to us in the USA!  We are a first world nation and those disasters only happen to other people.
  8. Do you think folks that have got debt free or mostly debt free will suddenly decide you are correct and will get into debt up to the eyeballs simply to support a debt and death paradigm on your say so?
  9. How many credit cards do you have MR and MS Troll and are you paying them off every 25 days so you don’t pay interest?
  10. I worked very hard and went without for several years and now I can afford to pay cash for good stuff. But I am stupid for doing that?
  11. Please tell me your life strategy and show how it is superior to mine,  I think you are full of stuff and nonsense but I’m willing to learn from anyone.

Mister and Miss troll I wonder if you realize that some people may actually die from the advice you give?  If some one follows my advice the may not have to go shopping for a month or more. They will have water on hand and a bit of energy,. Some basic medical supplies and can handle some small health care things on hand. If you don’t want to get prepared no one is going to force you have a couple of weeks of food, water and every day things on hand that may save your life and the life of your family members.

I maybe wrong and the trolls are correct. I should not waste my money on things I know I will need in the future. I will be taken care of by FEMA and DHS and have no worries. Both agencies have done a stellar job when given a couple of weeks to prepare for disasters. /sarc


Please feel free to copy and past any of the bullet points that can be applied to a troll. I also await your responses to any said troll.  It may not do much good, but I will feel better doing a bit of offense instead of all defense!

15 Responses to For the trolls

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    I never argue with trolls, I simply tell them…Don’t waste your breath, you will need it to blow up your date.

    On the other hand, sometimes they are entertaining!

  2. Jamie says:

    Danny well it’s my blog so I can do stupid stuff if it makes me happy!
    How’s the wife? rat said she got a bit smashed up? We can do some prayer requests and there are a lot of good prayers that stop by this site.

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Jamie she is much better thank you, got her home today and she is looking at 6-8 weeks in a wheelchair. A horse she was riding fell crushing her pelvis but there is no nerve damage, the prognosis is good.

      Prayers are appreciated, thanks again!

  3. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Its good to see another fellow blogger who speaks the truth and from the heart. Way too many bloggers are running around like chicken little screaming the sky is falling. To those who are ready for what tomorrow brings, let it happen.

  4. riverrider says:

    too funny,and true.unrelated, tdl and his pet rino’s mcduff and grahamcracker want to wage all out war on iran now,since syria did’t fly. looks like they are desperately trying to save the economy by going to war with somebody,anybody will do it seems. hmmmmm, how about east bumfrackistan?

  5. The trolls don’t want you to be prepared. They think if all of us are in the same boat with them the Gov will help them out even more. Besides, haven’t you heard the old expression “misery loves company”? If they suffer, so should you! Keep prepping!

  6. You just have to ignore idiots. The world is full of them. It’s a peculiar fact that people who won’t lift a finger to help themselves, absolutely detest anyone who does. I think they want everybody to acknowledge that their way is the only way. The kind of people you are talking about is one reason why I don’t worry much about whether or not to help the unprepared when something happens, be it a hurricane or an EMP event. My thought is that I’m driving an old truck and storing supplies and equipment. They are driving new vehicles and taking vacations and cruises. I made a decision, they made a decision. In the future, we will both have to live with the results of those decisions. If they made the wrong one, that’s sad but it’s not my problem.

  7. LeeAnn says:

    It is so true that the choices we make today will affect our lives tomorrow. Choosing to smoke will likely ruin our health someday. Debt makes us slaves and its a lot easier to become enslaved than to get free. Using your food stamps for junk or steak today means your kids will be hungry before the month is over.

    On the other hand those of us who choose to prep are willing to do without today in order to secure tomorrow. I refuse to apologize or explain my reasoning other than to refer them to Joseph’s example in the Bible.

  8. Jamie says:

    Well guys I ignore the trolls mostly but it felt good to get out all the comments I have wanted to reply to the trolls.

  9. wonderdawg says:

    Sorry for so long for being out of touch, been at my new AO and still no comms, (deep woods) but figure, heat, solar and refrig was higher priority than scanning the blogs….But, good to see you still dishing out GOOD advice inspite of the whiners…got my wood stove in the house and all the piping and roof kit to install…picking up some metal studs and cement board and will be ready to install got lights and refrig running on solar now…..YEA!!!!!

    Keep up the good fight Jamie, more on your side than you can imagine….

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