A bit of work done inside and out.

I finally got the front yard mowed and a rather large branch came off the big tree got moved to the backyard. Our irrigation water is still running, looks like those storms that rolled through topped off the canals and dams so I’m watering the lawn with the big sprinklers instead of the rain barrels.  It’s overcast and we might get some rain this weekend but since I still have irrigation water I’m hoping the rain will hold off and I can get some yard cleanup done!

The front porch got a little bit of attention today.  I have a 3000 watt generator I want to put on the porch for backup power.  The porch is enclosed but has windows so any fumes can vent away from the house. I hope that the walls of the porch will help dampen the sound of the generator running but I can always use the old army trick of sandbags  as sound insulation if it is too loud. I have wanted to run a good test on that generator before winter hits but the test run always seems to get pushed back with all the other things I’m trying to get done this month.

The front bedroom got set up with my grain crusher and I am getting all the beer making stuff in the room.  The room is becoming a secondary pantry for things I don’t want to store in the basement or too big to store in my kitchen.

I clear out a path in the shop to use the table saw Dad gave me a while back. I cut up some of the wood and used one of my “party buckets” to hold the wood until I get something better and more appropriate for the wood stove.  I have several “buckets and I want to get few more filled with wood before it gets cold and I need to use the wood stove.  With the front porch clean I will have a place to store the extra wood without having to run out to the shop or carport to have wood ready to burn.  Having the wood cut up and easy to use is my biggest concerns on using the wood stove. My physical energy levels can be iffy and while the wood is light weight it takes some effort to cut and stack.  I should have another few weeks to build up a good supply of cut wood and hopefully it won’t be to hard to maintain.  It will take some time and practice to see how much wood is needed for a day’s worth of heat in cold weather.

So far so good!  I got a lot done this month and I’m feeling confident in my preps. I got a plan for getting the solar next month and adding a few long term foods to my 55 gallon drums.  The budget looks good for the rest of the year barring any disasters. In November I want to get one month paid ahead on my house payment. In December add some of the smaller bills like Internet, TV and the water bill as being paid one month ahead of the due date.



4 Responses to A bit of work done inside and out.

  1. riverrider says:

    idk what windows/doors you have but running the genny in that position has a real danger of killing you, even with the porch windows open. a house has a sort of vacume effect, sucking stuff in thru the tiniest cracks. better to build a small lean-to or “doghouse” out back for it if you can. of course i know you have c.o. detector/alarm.

    • Jamie says:

      river, The porch is non-insulated and I have a super tight door and wall that keeps the cold out. But I had not thought gas could come in the house via a power cord.
      Well better safe than sorry, I have a covered patio and a shop. I’ll get a few longer power cords.

      • Don’t hook power cords end to end for the generator. I had a friend make mine. Car exhaust from the carport came into my bedroom via the vents under the house and then through the floors. It was scary when I realized how dangerous the three-sides open could be.

      • Jamie says:

        Practical, I have one very long cord for doing my lawn and a shorter 50 footer for the shop. Both are heavy duty and rated for outside. I figure 2 more just like that should cover both the gas and solar generator.

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