Updates on a few of my tests and long runing projects

I tried out the chefdini manual food processor and so far I’m pretty happy with it. It feels solid and when I mixed up a small amount of eggs the paddle of the mixer reached the bottom and mixed all the eggs.  The mouth where you feed the foods you are slicing or grating  is some what small but I think that is good as this is muscle powered and for smaller jobs.  I think that for $10.00 you will get your money’s worth using this as a backup food processor or in your camp gear.  I don’t know about your camp/RV/BOV setup but I don’t buy expensive knives for camping. So the chefdini may add some extra ability for cooking without taking up a lot of space with a low cost.

On the “fiora” brand tissue from Albertson’s, both the two ply and three ply is very strong. I was surprised how strong it is based on the cost. The Everyday Essentials at Albertson’s is softer and tends to cost about a dollar more per 12 pack and is comparable to the Fred Meyer’s and Big Lot’s store brand.  So now you can buy tissue paper based on what you value most be it strength or softness.  The dollar off coupon for the fiora at Albertson’s runs until the 1st of October.

I’ve added another 150 pounds of whole wheat to the 55 gallon drum this week.  Bad thing is I can’t remember for sure just how much wheat I already loaded up. I think I’m up to 250 pounds total in the drum so far and it looks like another 100 pound will fit easily in the drum.  I will be shifting to the steel cut oats instead of rolled oats for my misc. grain drum mostly because of space and I know how to cook them for breakfast now!  The last drum is the rice drum that I need to start filling. I can afford about 50-100 pounds a month at $20.00 a bag for long grain white rice.  By using the 55 gallon drums you can store over half a ton of food in an area that is 6 feet long by 3 feet high and about 3 feet wide. Cost for the four barrels was about $100.00, cost for the food will be approx. $500.00-$600.00 total. While it’s not a gourmet freeze dried food set up not a bad price for about three years of basic food for one person that can last 10-25 years.  I think this would feed a family of four for a year if the children are not teenagers.  One of the biggest advantages of doing long term food storage this way is you can start out with of a $25.00 budget and build it up a little at time.

I did a little shopping for some more non electric backups.  This is a great time to get tools for the yard and garden though the selections might be a little hit and miss on how much they have in stock.  Fred Meyer’s has a Black & Decker 21 inch bow saw for $5.99. I think I got the last 2 at my local store, one for me and one for Mom.  I’m not sure why but a bow saw seems easier for me to use compared to a regular carpentry saw.  At the local farm store they had blades so Mom and I got one backup blade  each though I know I want to get a few more to have on hand.  I found a two gallon garden sprayer with the bent wand to use as a modified bidet to help with sanitation.  That garden sprayer has potential for a lot of different tasks if the tap water stops and you need some water under pressure for jobs around the house.

I lit the fire tonight and my smoke detector isn’t going off and I don’t smell any off odors so it looks like my initial burn took care of any fumes that could come from a new wood stove and the installation.  It looks like the wood is burning hot,  fast and fairly clean that might be a bit of a problem on long cold nights and I may have to look for some longer burning wood but so far I’m pleased with the wood stove.  The house might do great holding the heat over night in the winter and I have to say I do like how quickly the wood lights and starts putting out the heat.

So far so good this year! Barring any silliness from the PTBs it looks like I will hit most of my goals for the year. I hope that I’m completely wrong and we won’t see any economic collapse at least for another 12 months or never would be even better!  Give me another 5-10 years I can pay off the house have my wood for heat and set up a solar power system that could make all the energy I need.  I don’t think we have that long so I’ll do a bit here and there and slowly build up the things I need daily and hope for the best while I prepare for the worse that can happen.

8 Responses to Updates on a few of my tests and long runing projects

  1. S.Lynn says:

    Our road crew bunk house burns Tamarack that they harvest in the Sierra mountains. I don’t know if you have that around there. Burns long and hot and splits easily. (I think it’s also called Larch-a conifer)

  2. Do you have yourself a good C02 detector? You probably don’t really need one with just a wood stove but I worry about that stuff. If it fits in the budget might be a good purchase. You don’t want to wake up dead some cold morning.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry not yet on the CO2/monoxide detector yet. I’m having a heck of time finding one with a battery backup that is also a descent price. No matter what I will have one before the month of October is over.

  3. Rob says:

    Oak or any hard wood will last longer then any soft wood (pine). Saw a place the other day that sells food grade barrels. I didn’t write down the address, but I can find it again. Our lease is up next year, not sure how much supplies to stock up and want to move. I do have a garage, but its not heated.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, If they have the 15 gallon blue barrels for water they will weigh about 120 pounds full and they fit in a closet or you can make a shelf or work table on top of them.

      You might check your local mega mart for those 5 gallon “water cooler” jugs. The cost about $10.00-$12.00 full and they could be used then refilled with water. I know you are on a budget and not everyone in the family is on board with you prepping so these water jugs might be an easy/acceptable way to start your water storage.

      My 55 gallon drum are for my very long term food storage (year 4-7) in addition to my food safe buckets. I would start out using food safe buckets or bins and not worry about the 55 gallon drums until you had at least a years worth of food for your family.

      • Rob says:

        I will look next week at wally’s world for the water jugs. I may use empty soda pops. We have several a week. Maybe easy to store without too many questions.

      • Jamie says:

        Rob I started out doing the soda bottles. Ask the store if you can have any boxes the soda bottles come in, that way you can stack them and take up less floor space.

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