A few observations, jobs done and perhaps a new project

Now I know why a lot of furniture in the old days was rounded or had wings. They do a great job concentrating the heat from a fireplace or wood stove. My cat will generally sleep on the backs of my furniture, but with the wood stove going she moves down to the seat and spreads out to soak up the heat.  I don’t know if there is a better critter in the world for finding the best comfy spot than a cat.

I got Mom’s laptop hooked up so she can use her full size monitor and keyboard to do any computer stuff. The laptop is more than enough for her as she is not a power user like I am. She just needed things to be physically easier to use daily.  I had a small four port hub just sitting around that could handle mouse, keyboard, printer and her backup hard drive and she had the monitor cable so I think it will work out okay for her.  If she wants to use the laptop she can just unplug the hub and monitor and she can go mobile.  I uploaded about 20 books via CD from Baen.com on her kindle.  That gives her some more Sci-Fi and Fantasy books and Authors she can check out.  Mom and I both are very big readers and love books, but I’ll tell you I’m really loving my kindle.

I updated the last post about Dad giving me a block of instruction on the table saw.  I have a lot of respect for power tools and other than my fear of my little chainsaw I don’t usually fear power tools, but I know when stuff is not working right it’s time to stop and learn more about your equipment. The table saw Dad gave me belong to his Dad and I think he is happy to pass it along to the next generation who will get immediate use and benefit from it.  Dad is talking about getting a larger chop saw so he can give me his older and smaller chop saw.  Mom will probably kill me for giving him any excuse to buy a new saw!  I’m still happy I got the Black and Decker circular saw at the pawn shop. I have some projects around the house and in the RV I want to get done.

In the house I got some laminate flooring I want to put down at the back door entrance.  The saws will make that a fairly simple job to get done.  Now the RV needs a bit of work removing some of the previous owner’s furniture preferences.  The old owners went with a futon for the lower bed/couch.  While a bit over sized it was not to bad till the klick/klack mechanism broke and it is in permanent bed down mode. Now have plenty of wood, foam and tools on hand, I can make a bed/couch that fit’s the small RV and does not take up so much space.  The chairs I want to install will probably be the chairs from my KIA that I don’t use in the minivan. I can move them somewhat easily between the to vehicles depending on need.  I will set up a 20 watt solar panel and install new AGM battery in the RV to have a bit of free energy to run some of the electrical without using the generator or at least keep the batteries charged.  If it can keep the fridge going on DC power I will be very happy, if it’s just a few lights it’s a start on solar energy for the BOV.  I can’t afford to do the Cabana room add on this year, it should be doable next year if the PTBs don’t get crazy!  I have a few trips I’d like to make in the RV and since it well stocked with stuff with about 3 months of food and ways to harvest and purify water, I have two gas tanks for fuel so I can start stocking that up for a little road/camping trip. Heck even my little RV will be more prepared than 90% of the population!

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  1. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Jamie thanks for another well written post.

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