A financial test of your preps if you get Social Security or veterans benefits

Now there is some talk that checks might be late for Vets and those of us getting Social Security payments if the Congress shuts down the Government.  I believe that SS is non-discretionary spending so I figure that the PTBs are using it as a scare tactic. Now Vet benefits I believe is part of the Discretionary budget so there is a real possibility of the vet checks being late or not in your account if the government shuts down. Since we reach the debt limit on Oct. 17th there is some talk of not sending  out any SS and Vet disability checks. I’m not trying to panic anyone, I think the PTBs are going to pass the Continuing Resolution next week and will raise the debt ceiling again in October. This little game the PTBs are playing can really screw up your life if you are like me and on disability or SS.  Hopefully you have taken some steps to help protect yourself financially. I have a few strategies I hope will see me through any minor disruption of my check.  I am using the idea that my check might be late as a test of my basic financial preps.

I don’t trust those rascals in D.C. so I will be shifting my budget priorities and doing some time shifting on when I pay bills and the solar panels. Instead of getting the solar panels I will pay a month ahead on the house payment and hope that the Government will send out checks in November and the PTBs are just trying to scare the crap out of people. By paying the mortgage ahead I will have nearly a 2 month buffer zone before the Dec.  payment is assessed any late penalties.  I can’t quite manage an extra power or Dish payment but I can get by without electricity for awhile and I have plenty of DVD’s to watch if I have to drop Dish network.  I can use my trike or the gas I have already stored to get a couple of months of minimal driving and I have plenty of all the other basics so I don’t need to go shopping if I don’t get a check.

Thank goodness I have started to pay a few of my smaller bills early. They are small bills I have paid ahead from 6 weeks to 3 months depending on the cost factor. Most of the bills are $50.00 or less per month and while it may not seem like much, knowing you have paid up your car insurance, and things like my Dish TV, internet or the water/trash bill is paid and won’t be cut off for 6 – 8 weeks can reduce your stress a lot.  This method also has a huge advantage if your bank closes, a general bank run or Holiday happens. You will have several weeks to plan your next move and I don’t expect a “Bank Holiday” to last longer than a week or two at most, there might be restrictions on the amount of cash you can withdraw for a month or more.

Have cash on hand or something that you can liquidate easily/quickly such as gold or silver. There are lots of place where you can sell gold or silver for cash.  You may not get the best price but someone will buy PMs for cash. I think you are better off paying your bills ahead, have at least month of your living expenses on hand and then a bit of gold or silver that has a value of one month’s living expense on hand. This can be your basic emergency fund. I’m in good shape on the basics for survival so I can afford to have a little silver. If you don’t have at least a month of food, a couple of weeks worth of gas for your car, fuel to heat your home, back up lights, some basic first aid/home health care for colds, and can handle all your sanitation and hygiene stuff. Get that stuff  first before you even consider PMs.

What scares me the most is so many people that are dependent on those checks and have no backup plan!  They live paycheck to paycheck and are in debt. Many people are one pay check away from living in the streets and it does not take much to push them over that edge.  I figure about 60 million Americans draw SS or Disability of some sort. That is nearly 20% of the total population and I wonder what will happen with EBT/Food stamps, will those be stopped by the government?  For me the worse that could happen is I pay a couple of late fees because I have been preparing and getting somewhat self reliant,  I am not an average representation of the person on “The Dole”.  If 20% of the population suddenly stopped spending money it would have major economic repercussions for every Bank, business, taxes collected and utility.  The government is not the only one who has maxed out their credit card/Line of Credit!


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  1. Rob In His Bunker says:

    I got my money yesterday no problem.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, I got my VA check no problem and I think I’m good for my SSD check this month but who knows what the morons in DC will do to get their way. I never thought they would close the WWII and other monuments and threaten to arrest veterans for just walking around and seeing the monuments!
      As I said in the post I think the idiots will raise the debt ceiling but sooner or later all of this nonsense will catch up to them and the cash flow will either be cut, cut off or made worthless through inflation. I think it is smart to make sure you can weather a financial storm just like any other kind of storm!

  2. Stephen says:

    Mine arrived fine, but we can’t depend on the future. I’ve always considered my SS check as extra funds and never even enter the balance in our checking account. We do not use for everyday living expenses…it’s our rainy day fund. Darn fine post…well, all your post are extremely well done.

    • Jamie says:

      Stephen, Good for you on not depending on SS. All to many folks will spend everything they get and say “It’s not a problem I can make the payments”. At least until the money stops coming in!

      I pay attention what the PTBs do and hopefully they can’t blindside me, but I am dependent on the VA and SSD to pay for my living expenses.
      I’m in good shape overall and can get by for a few months with no real hardship because of all the prepping I have done. This was the year I worked on getting my monthly bills between 55%-65% of my total income so I have a lot of flexibility in my budget.

      I need the PTB’s to to give me another 12 months and then I should be ready for any minor crap they can dish out. I really want another 10 years and then I could pay off my house and be debt free,

  3. Karen says:

    You are so right Jamie- many people are so vulnerable, living check to check…I see it continuously with the work I do at my local City Rescue Mission. What will become of them? It haunts me.

  4. Just speculating, but it seems to me that if they hold up SS payments that there will surely be some people mad enough to take that out on them (U.S. Government) in the form of vandalism. That money is not theirs, so I would be willing to bet that there will be some people who will take out a security camera or window per month, or take down a sign per month. Maybe cuts some personal tires? Things like that. Maybe city street or stop signs where representatives or bureaucrats live will disappear? We might even see some sign overlays. Driving home different messages to those same people. Some type of warnings? Some people will take it damn personal that the government is using their money (TWICE)! That would be called ‘theft’, and what’s the difference between theft and vandalism?

  5. riverrider says:

    j, ss and vet benefits don’t come from the discretionary side. only way they don’t go out is the gov shuts down for good. even in default my rep says the checks still go out. food stamps and welfare might not go out though, but i doubt they would let that happen….i was telling my wife,who said one man can’t make a dif, that arab spring started with a guy setting himself on fire. it was about the same time that a guy set himself on fire in dc. she was right,didn’t even make the evening news…we’re toast,unless the truckers get er done next weekend. theres word of a million vet march now….god help us.

    • I don’t see, at this point, where our elected officials are listening at all to us. Even if they were, it would leave us with the bureaucrats. Many who think themselves above the law. That group presents a different set of problems.

      Unless 5,000 semi’s break down on Constitution, does anyone think that either of those groups will even notice the truckers? Let me know how the marches work out for us.

      I think that you are right when you say we’re toast. But remember that they are toast too!

  6. Karen says:

    Amen riverrider! I wish I could understand people, but even when you share truth with them, and they believe and agree with you, they seem….completely unfazed and uncaring, as long as it hasn’t rocked their little boat.

  7. LeeAnn says:

    This was great post on a subject on everyone’s minds. We are also dependent on SS, but like you we are somewhat prepped and debt free. I know we are unique which is frightening when looking at the course the government is taking.

    It is absolutely stupid to close the veterans memorials — they do not require an attendant to go thru them. The government has spent more money on barricades, chains, yellow tape and personnel to install them than would have been required to leave them open. And how stupid to put out traffic cones to keep people from stopping to photograph the Grand Canyon or Mount Rushmore. I think Obama has lost his mind. Has he forgotten that “we the people” own these monuments not him. He closed the White House as punishment for the sequester — by what right?

    I don’t think food stamps will be cut because the food stamp recipients are by and large Obama supporters.

    • Jamie says:

      Lee Ann, I have seen some talk in the state of Idaho cutting WIC and ADFC along with subsidized school lunch in a couple of weeks if the shutdown continues that long. The debt ceiling is a different story the Executive office (President/Cabinet) can decide how money should be spent and other than the 14th Amendment that states “Paying Debt has the priority” the Executive branch has a lot of leeway on spending what money is appropriated by Congress!

      I’m no Constitutional scholar, but if I understand it correctly Obama can legally set spending priorities as he wishes if there is no budget and based on the tax revenues collected as long as the “Debt” has priority, he can cut anything and say he is saving money to pay the “Debt”. Obama is being petty and vindictive but Constitutionally he may set these kind of “priorities”. They don’t have to actually save money either, because this is one of those Checks and Balances the Founders put in the Constitution to offset the “Power of the Purse” given to the House.

      It comes down to what does Obama want to happen? Is Chaos his agenda? Will he be petulant that Congress as well as the American people defied him on Syria? Remember he is tight with Bill Ayers, Cloward and Pliven and Saul Alinsky of wanting a revolution. So, far it looks like that the Obama Administration is going for pain and chaos to me. Cutting off EBT and SS,SSDI and all welfare benefits going into winter might just do it! Perhaps they are hoping folks won’t riot much in cooler weather.

  8. Jamie says:

    I have been reading about them closing private businesses on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The PTBs are kicking about 60 people that own cabins leased on Federal out of those cabins and ordering people not to stop on senic drives or photographing the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore even outside of the park. How much longer until the “The Bamster” shuts down all interstate freeways?

    • If it gets so bad as to do that (shut down the Interstates), if things get that bad, don’t expect them to have the power to re-open them. Not safely. All they will be good for, at that point, will be what they were originally designed for.

    • riverrider says:

      there is resistence, not made public of course.i’m about to do a recon in just a few minutes for an “act of civil disobedience”of my own. my honor will not allow me to sit idly by on this anymore. looks like my honor is all i will have left after this.III

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