Theater of the absurd

I think the the PTBs are getting ready to negotiate an end to the “Shutdown/Debt ceiling” fiasco.  It’s just Kabuki theater to them but they have to try and convince the masses that they really care about the country.  Not their power and position.  It has been enlightening to many people just how the PTBs will use and punish people in order to get whatever they want.  You can see how they will attack the most vulnerable in order to put pressure on the citizens to demand the PTBs spend money.  I don’t think it was coincidence that 60 Minutes decided to do a story of the fraud that goes on with SSDI. It’s a lot like the stories back in 2008/2009 about “funemployment” and the people who refused to pay their mortgage and lived in homes for free for years or the Obamaphone and EBT fraud.  I believe a good 20% of  people on these programs are committing  fraud but no one gets prosecuted and the people who control the programs are encouraging the fraud. Nothing new just another divide and conquer game!

My hope is that people will do something to protect and prepare themselves against the PTBs.  A few might, but the vast majority will probably go right back to being sheep if nothing bad happens to them personally.  I will be called paranoid and a fear monger again even though math will eventually catch up with everyone.  I believe being debt free is best, but there is sound economic advice to never have your monthly debt to income ratio to exceed 35% including your house payment!  If you can’t get debt free right away make it a goal to get your debt down to 35% as your first goal then building a cash emergency fund instead of a credit card limit as an emergency fund.

There is to much debt in the the American system both public and private. Sooner or later that debt will have to be cleared away either through deflation or inflation as there is no real economic growth happening in the USA.  Most of profits/growth is in paper not in real tangible goods and paper will fall to it’s intrinsic value of zero. But if you are debt free and invest in real tangible goods you know you need and use in the future. You can at least maintain your life and you can keep pace with whatever the economic collapse wil throw at you.  Don’t play the game of debt the PTBs want you to play that make you a debt slave!

You got to go against the grain and be a contrarian if you want to be independent of the PTBs.  That’s why the PTBs hate preppers, survivalists and militia because those folks are not dependent on the PTBs. Why have the PTBs encouraged people to go on SSDI, food stamps/EBT and welfare?  Because then those folks become dependent and will do anything to keep the money flowing to themselves.  Why did the PTBs add so much crap to the ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) to make the disabled Kryptonite (lawsuits) to any employer?  So the disabled become dependent on the PTBs and the PTBs score a PR coup about how “generous” they are (with taxpayers money not their own).

One thing I am sure of things will be changing in the future because the path we are on is unsustainable.  I hope that we will return to a more free capitalistic system where someone like me can work for myself at what I’m good at and I can manage enough to pay my bills.  Until that time I will keep working on getting prepared and more self-reliant and maybe someday in the future it will happen.


6 Responses to Theater of the absurd

  1. harry flashman says:

    That’s a pretty analysis of the situation. I think this system has gone about as far as it can. Even with good leadership, which we don’t have, I think we are too far down the rat’s nest now. Well reasoned post, Jamie.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, It takes more and more to paper over the cracks. I think one reason that SSDI has been allowed to explode in Blue states as most of those people are unemployable today and the Adminstration will rather them be on the “Dole” rather than the unemployment line.
      I’m on SSD here in Idaho, but you don’t automatically qualify for all the other government handhouts like EBT, section 8 housing or energy assistance by getting on one government assistance program. Many states automatically enroll people or strongly encourage people to apply for all Federal assistance if they qualify for one program.

      It’s hard to blame the people for taking advantage of all the assistance they can get. I have a friend that got a job with the city and is being encouraged to go on food stamps because they qualify by income. They don’t want to get EBT though it would make life easier finacially. They grow a garden and raise chickens and do a lot to help themselves save money and also volunteer for charities.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, “theater” for sure. like osama’s guy telling everybody that ss and vet benefits “might not go out” without the debt limit raise and the u.s. would default. pure BS! ss has 2 TRILLION dollars in the hole. they stole the vet’s fund, but BY LAW they have to fund that and the interest on the debt first, before any ebt or other crap. to do otherwise would be a “high crimes and misdemeanors”. i can’t believe the lies, and the press not calling them on it.

  3. The Soffitrat says:

    Then the Kenyan decided to not let them surrender! This is past nuts.

    They won’t hold up SS payments. What else could they withhold that would create a pushback, short of open warfare? They presume that a pushback would target the Republicans, while open warfare would target the Dems. They tried the military, and that wasn’t what they were looking for. What’s next? Hum… One thing is for sure. They will keep trying. They don’t give a damn about the people any longer.

  4. dee says:

    President Obama, has nothing to surrender. This is about the congress holding up budget negotiations back in April. The republican senators (McConnell, etc) blocked conference with the house over the budgets both houses passed, where they get together to reconcile them. For what purpose? this nonsense of a shutdown and debt ceiling to use as a negotiation tool. They (democrats) are using the $968 bil numbers that Ryan wanted. Not the higher budgets numbers the democrats wanted to use, and sequestration levels for a CR , we are currently under. Enough of this holding this country hostage with the congress holding their breath, egged on by Sen Cruz. Put the blame on who is trying to force the nation to capitulate to these tactics. I know I am in the minority, or even alone here, but I tire of silliness like everyone else. BTW, the minute a visitor trips and falls at a visitor center, look out for the law suits to fly. I have a friend whose job is as an attorney in DC (now furloughed) and that is what he is employed to do deal with liability issues.

  5. Jamie says:

    I have had it with all the morons in DC they are all to blame because we haven’t had a budget since TARP and they just passing CR’s to keep that level of funding going on for years. Not one of the so called leaders will be out on the streets if they don’t get re-elected except Paul and Cruz as they haven’t been there long enough for the solid gold pension that Congress voted itself years ago.
    The House has the power of the purse, but without money allocated via a budget from Congress the President may spend the incoming revenues as he sees fit as long as the debt is paid first! The house has no power to tell the President what to spend money on and the President can’t tell the House to allocate more money if it doesn’t want to add anything.

    I think SS counts as debt via the treasury but things like EBT, Vet Benefits and other so called entitlements are not covered nor is the government required to pay them. I think how Obama is trying to make people suffer in the USA is wrong but it is within the President’s Constitutional powers. Elections have consequences!

    The US economy is going to crash it’s just a matter of when and how it happens. The EU knows and just signed Bi-Lateral trade agreements with China so all that is left to prop the USA is the Petroldollar trade with OPEC and the US Military. The all volunteer military are really Contract workers and if the USA does not pay them the Recruiting Contract is null and void. Obama seems to hate the military but he also needs them to backup what’s left of the petrodollar. So troops will get at least their basic pay.

    I still think the idiots will kick the can again but eventually the economy will go over a cliff then the pain will come and it won’t be pretty. With Yellen is as the new Fed chair I’m guessing Hyper-inflation.

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