What did you do during the great EBT Blackout?

The stories vary but on Sat. the 12th it seems about 17 states would no longer accept EBT. The outage has been reported as a glitch from Routine Maint. to a power outage. It seems Xerox has no clue that people shop on Saturdays if they were doing routine maint. they choose a terrible time. If it was a power outage I would think that no electricity would be a big clue for trouble shooting the problem and obviously the backup power system does not work!  After 24-36 hours it seems that the EBT system is now back up and working again.  The event was huge on twitter.com and on some news programs about how people on EBT were complaining they were going to starve and many “tweets” said they were going to riot!  Remember the ones reporting on twitter have at least a smart phone and data plan or a PC with Internet access.

While doubtful that anyone would starve in less than 24 hours it does shed light on people’s mindset.  I’m not picking on folks that get EBT, many people have a routine when they shop and only get enough to last till the next shopping day.  Even a couple of days with the power is out can create a huge problem if it happens during “shopping day”. One thing I will say if you are dependent on the government you should be taking action to get your needs covered as best you can before you get cut off.  Benfits such as ADFC, TANF and WIC are starting to run out in many states and at best might last till the end of the month if the Government does not reach agreement on the Shutdown and Debt Ceiling. Remember the PTBs want it to hurt so you will appriciate all the government does for you!

As for myself I didn’t notice the outage till I saw it on Drudge. I don’t often shop on the weekends and I haven’t been in Wally world for years. I don’t get EBT or anything besides my Disability payment so I couldn’t be cut off from any food benefits. It is possible I could be cut off from my disability payments so I have saved up and shifting my shopping  till after the PTBs figure out this debacle they have created.

It took both Sat. and Sunday but over the weekend I cut up a few days worth of wood, made three loaves of regular bread and bunch of mini loaves for Mom.  The 5 minute Artisan bread works great if you want to make a calzone. Just roll it out thin, fill, fold, tuck and bake at normal temp. for about 20 minutes.  I bottled up a batch of Wheat beer and dug up some nasty goat head weeds by the shop. I found a bag I got a couple of weeks ago that I hadn’t stored properly and It had a couple of oversized T-shirts I got on sale and some more of the bic lighters I like so well!  Huzzah I have over 30 of the lighters on hand. That’s more than enough for me but Selco from SHTF School often talks about what a great barter item the lighter were during the war.

No matter what your situation is or how much make, please never let yourself get so low on anything that you panic if life throws you a curve. You will need food in the future so you aren’t wasting money to get what you normally buy ahead of time.

9 Responses to What did you do during the great EBT Blackout?

  1. Rob In His Bunker says:

    No issues with us

  2. riverrider says:

    j, reports are that it sparked a frenzy in a couple of louisiana wallyworlds. the staff was told to let the ebt go thru even tho the balance would not show up due to the “glitch”.when peeps found out all hell broke loose as they flooded in to buy cartloads of stuff thinking it was going to be free. you know i seem to remember a warning about a bunch of “tests” and drills in mid october. hmmmmm.

    • Jamie says:

      river, Yep just another drill. You got admit the gal that fill her Grocery carts with over $700.00 worth of food but didn’t make it and only had .49 left on her EBT was impressive.

      I don’t think buying buying perishables at the Wally World that were hit by the EBT blackout would be a good idea for a couple of weeks. Who knows how long those carts sat around until the workers could restock all that food.

  3. Seems like a lot of things are actually happening now that previously only took place in post apocalyptic fiction.

  4. maggi says:

    I didnt have to worry about not using my ebt. the government cut me off as of sep 30th. I was getting a whole $16 and they sent a letter saying I make too much to get help anymore. hahahahaha. I am 65 and get social security only. I used up my ira when i got sick in my 50s and lost everything…. which wasn’t really a bad thing. I learned self-reliance in a hurry and am happy and content with my life now. im well and am soon moving to a small homestead with my best friend when she retires in December. a garden, chickens for eggs….its all good. to hell with ebt.

    • Jamie says:

      maggi, my story is similar to yours when I became disabled. Sometimes when bad things happen a lot of good can come out of it. I make about $10.00 to much to quaify for EBT here in Idaho.
      That little homestead sounds great! I have not met a prepper yet that didn’t need more time or have more stuff to get. I wish I had another 10 years to so I could pay off the house but overall I’m in good shape.

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