Things are about to get interesting and Stupid

I can’t top Arte Johnson and Peter Sellers as they describe what is happening !

It seems that warning letters are starting to go out to the states that the federal government will be shutting down most of the entitlements from Section 8 housing to EBT, ADFC, WIC, TANF and veterans disability payments. I haven’t seen anything regarding Medicare or SS not being paid but heck there is still 15 days left for the PTBs to go completely stupid!  If the PTBs keep playing games it will be very unpleasant  when people don’t get checks or any benefits and it will ripple through out the economy.  Don’t get me wrong I think we need to get the spending under control and I think if the US government did a 5% across the board cut in all benefits from the biggest corporate subsidies to the individual the American people would accept it. But it won’t happen because the PTBs like the money and power to much and since it costs them nothing personally the system won’t change until it crashes. I’d actually pity the PTBs as money and power is all they have that seems to give them any self worth or life any meaning. But they are just to dangerous with that power.

Some good thing are happening. I got quite a few hits on my $125.00 shopping list that I am hoping its a sign that a few people are trying to get ready for November 1st. Two weeks isn’t a lot of time to prepare but it’s a step in the right direction.  Hopefully the PTBs will get this nonsense under control and people end up being prepared for winter storms and power outages.

I got my electric bill and it was over $30.00 below the projected cost last month.  It looks like it will be a cheap  winter electrically by going to the wood stove and that will pay for the cost of  wood in energy savings. The solar energy setup will be a top priority once I’m sure I’m getting a check from the Feds along with a larger cash “emergency fund”. Thank goodness I was already working on the cash fund when this government budget fight hit and I had paid ahead on some of the smaller bills. Paying those little bills ahead of time is helping out a lot more than I originally thought.

My focus is to be as cash rich as possible so I won’t be doing much shopping at all. There is good sale on pork loin at Cash and Carry I wouldn’t mind getting, but other than the commitments I made before the budget fight most shopping  will be in stand by mode. I think being “cash rich” is the best position you can be in until this budget thing is a done deal. I think the only things that should take priority over cash for the next couple of weeks are your basic needs of Shelter, Security, Food, Water, Sanitation and First aid.  If you don’t have enough of those items shop now and beat the panic because you don’t want to be out and about when the hordes don’t get any benefits!

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  1. I suppose I may be giving the “elite” in Washington too much credit, but I can’t believe they would actually be ignorant enough of history to cut the benefits you mentioned. The underlying causes of the French and Russian revolutions may have been complex but it was localized food shortages among the poor in “hot spots” that actually touched off the revolts. The Romans, even in their direst moments, never cut the dole handed out to the poor in Rome. If Washington does, you’ll be able to read a newspaper at night in many of our major cities by the glow from the fires. I’m old enough to remember the 1960’s and the race riots. Things like that spread and get out of hand very quickly.

    You’re wise to take a positive cash position in times like these. If you are all stocked up with everything you need, you can sit back and await events since there’s little you can do to influence them.

    • Matt says:

      Hey, glad to see the wood heat making a dent in your electric bill. That has to feel really good.

      From what I read on your blog, you’re pretty well set for a short term emergency and probably for a longer term situation as well.

      You can take pride in that.

      • Jamie says:

        Matt, I’m thrilled about the electricity bill, but still peved about having to wait and buy the Solar panels because of the PTBs.

        It looks like the Debt deal is only for a couple of months, so folks might have a couple of months to get ready and we go though this “Kabuki Theater” again.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry as you stated the “elites” always repeat history mostly because of hubris or “It’s different this time”. It’s always a fight for power between the collective and the individual going back to Plato’s Republic or going to the Old Testement.
      I would think that there would be massive outrrage from everyone like government workers, people on EBT or veterans on how they have been used and manipulated by the PTBs. Sadly most will go right back to sleep.

      • riverrider says:

        j, they had no intent on cutting off the spigot.that was a ploy to pressure the reps to make a deal. i almost wish it was for real, show the savages for what they are. it was an underling that put out the notice. meanwhile, the deal is done until feb7th this time. use the time wisely, i know you will.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, I suspect you are correct that it was probably an empty threat this time. It maybe an empty threat next time but sooner or later the PTBs will lose control and I believe they will do anything to save themselves. I really hate this can kicking for a couple of months at a time. I’m glad that we have more time and perhaps people will do something to prepare but a couple of months isn’t all that much time to prepare for losing a paycheck or EBT. Especially the folks starting from scratch.

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