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While I appreciate the Government giving me an opportunity for a “real-time” test of my financial preps.  I can’t say I’m all that thrilled with their methods, but with about 2 weeks notice in September,  getting paid my little disability check on the first of October. I was able to change my financial priorities and pay all my bills until November if the PTBs had cutoff both VA disability and SS.  The PTBs have been kind enough to give us a follow up test beginning in January 2014. So if you are not feeling confident in your financial preparation you have three months to fix what you can and get ready for the next time.

I tested my wood stove for heating up water in my large stockpots. The fire I started this morning was dying down and I set one of the full pots on the stove to see how well it would heat up the water. I measured 120 degrees F. after about awhile (sorry, didn’t check the time) and I didn’t add any wood to the stove. That temp. is just about perfect for washing up and cleaning things like dishes and  I’m very pleased with the results.  Using the wood stove and my five gallon Igloo insulated jugs, it should simple to have plenty hot water if the power goes out for an extended period of time.  Last year during an extended power outage a couple of cities sent out boil tap water directives. Most people had no way to boil water without power and this was just a little wind storm with 60 MPH winds.

I did an accidental test of my first aid skills cutting into my thumb with a bread knife. Nothing to bad but I cut deep into the top of my thunb and of course it bled a lot. My bandages in the kitchen were low so I got some more out of the “pantry”.  I taped up a bit of gauze using the 3 M microfoam tape. I like this tape as it sticks to itself and skin with no extra steps. It’s great for applying pressure to stop the bleeding quickly.  I still needed to cut wood and my little work gloves did a good job protect the thumb somewhat from bangs  now that it is overly sensitive. I waited a day to do my dishes but I could have put on one of my vinyl gloves if I had to finish up cooking and stuff.

Mom found a gal giving away free strawberry plants all we had to do was go dig them up. Thank goodness we got the regular shovel as the ground was mostly clay and tough to dig into to get the strawberries out.  A little bit of work but we got 3 plastic shopping bags worth of berry plants. The gal had some raspberry plants and asked if we wanted any ? So I got another raspberry plant to go with one Mom brought over.  I put the strawberry plants in a couple of the 18 gallon “party buckets” and the raspberries in five gallon buckets out on the sun porch for now and hope they will do okay. I have paid a lot of money for the privilege of killing berry plants at least these were free!

Last but not least, using the two liter soda pop bottles for beer is working out great. If gets to the point of bartering beer I feel a lot better about giving someone a 2 liter soda bottle rather than my expensive flip-top beer bottles. I still have a lot of those soda pop bottles on hand from when I started storing water.  I’m glad I didn’t get rid of all those bottles when I started using the water barrels.

Update: I tried out the “Liquid Skin” I got at the dollar store. You get two tubes for a dollar and they are a one time use product. A few observations:

  • It’s very difficult to open the tube with all the shrink wrap plastic on the lid.  I got it open but I also re-opened the wound at the same time. While I understand companies have to protect themselves, having to use a knife to open “band aid” might be contra-indicated.
  • One time use and very difficult to get a small amount of the liquid out of the tube. If you are trying to treat a cut on your hand, which this product is marketed towards, I hope you have someone around to help you or the cut is not on your dominant hand.
  • Drainage issues. Many deep cuts will seep or drain a bit as they heal. Using a normal band aid that is not a problem but I think it could be a problem with the liquid band aid. The manufacturer claims a light “solvent/oil” can remove the band aid but using oil or solvent of any type on a wound just does not sound like something for my TODO list.
  • Okay there are some good things about the liquid bandage. It is a lot less cumbersome than a regular band aid and it does seal the wound. I noticed that my thumb is less sensitive to any little bumps. It feels a bit like having dried Elmer’s glue on you hand, you feel pressure or pain but it’s muted.

My overall impression of “Liquid Skin” is mostly negative for using on a fresh cut/wound. But I could see using it after a couple of days to protect the injury or if you can’t use a regular bandage. As a prepper, I can buy over 50 different size bandages or a bunch of gauze pads and tape for a dollar each. So I can’t recommend adding Liquid Skin bandages to your pantry.

7 Responses to Testing Testing 1 2 3 Testing Updated

  1. Don’t feel bad. I cut myself opening a feed sack a while back. Just goes with the territory.

    So you are going to be alright for the winter, Got everything you need, Jamie? You’ve done a bang up job , so you deserve to be comfortable when the wind blows and the snow banks up.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I don’t want to be over-confident but I feel I’m in great shape for the coming winter. The wood stove was a big boost for me this year because I was so dependent on Electric for all my energy needs. I still have my Camp Chef oven, my propane shower and over 100 pounds of propane so even if I can’t bake/cook on the wood stove I’m good to go.

      I’m ordering the solar panels this next week and that should give me at least a little bit of electricity for stuff without using the gas generator all the time.

      I’m good for years on food for just myself but I will be helping out the family so that knocks down how long the food will last. I think I should have plenty of water for a year by using my water barrels and filters to augment or replenish my stored water.

      My biggest problem is cash flow but I’m working on that and if the PTBs don’t blow up the economy for another six-12 months. I should have a basic emergency fund of 3-6 months. I have a little bit of silver for backup but I’d rather spend cash rather than something that has real value!

  2. LeeAnn says:

    You are very grounded and sensible and I appreciate your posts. All any of us can do is the best we can and then leave it to the Lord and stop worrying.

    If the currancy collapses, which it looks like could happen, we are all in for a rough ride and who knows where it will end.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn, thanks for the compliment and God has helped me out many times and while I trust him it’s hard not to worry. Not so much for myself but for others.

      I know most of us preppers are plan for the worse and hope for the best types, but I think we might be a bit surprised in a good way about how many people will act and come together. The evil that people can do probaly will sicken us but it won’t actually surprise us.

  3. riverrider says:

    j, i look at the “test” as a wake up call. i had been lulled into a stupor and almost got caught short. i’ll be ready when january rolls in.take care.

    • Jamie says:

      river, life is busy enough as it is without trying to keep up with what the PTBs are doing and it is very hard to anticipate which way the PTBs will jump on any issue. For me, setting goals and using news stories as a basis for my tests seem to keep me motivated and thinking ahead.

      This has become a way of life for me and I really enjoy prepping and becoming more self-reliant. I doubt many people will embrace preparing like I have but that is okay. One of the reasons I do the blog is so people can use what I do and the tests and product evaluations for themselves and they don’t waste money, time or energy doing something that won’t or can’t work for them.

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