Solar panels arrived early, the church bazaar and my aunt

The panels got here today which is over 3 days earlier than what Amazon suggested. I already have a bunch of thing to get done so the panels will have to wait a bit.  We have a big cold front moving down on Sunday afternoon and I want to get a few more buckets of wood cut up. Doesn’t look like we will get any snow here in the valley but it will be windy, rainy and cold.  Perfect weather for the wood stove, solar panels not so much!

Mom and I try to go to the holiday bazaar and see what’s available and the money goes to a good cause. I think we got some nice deals. I found a nice multiple disk DVD player and the best part other than the price of $1.00 is I had an old Sony remote control that worked with it with no programing.  My sister’s DVD player died so I will give her one of mine so she can watch her movies. There was a nice fireplace tool set made of iron with brass accents that I got for $4.00. That saves me at least $20.00 if I purchased the tools new, add in a couple of books and a small cast iron skillet and I think I did pretty good. Mom got a Homedics spa for the bath tub, I got one of these at the local thrift store and love it. Not quite a jacuzzi but it is the next best thing and a heck of a lot cheaper. Mom got a nice little windup clock. Those clocks are getting impossible to find anymore. Every clock I find has either a battery or must be plugged in. Oh that’s great if you have power but not if you are a prepper.  Having a couple of wind up clocks and some manual cooking timers are a couple of things anyone that goes through a power outage should have on hand.

Went out to visit my aunt and get some of her home made goat’s milk soap for the neighbor. The soap smells so nice and it works great. My aunt and I talked about getting some beeswax that she uses along with some essential oils and other natural ingredients. It turns out that the Farmer’s market several folks sell clean beeswax for about $1.00-$2.00 and oz. But many beekeepers don’t want to go to the trouble of cleaning beeswax so sell the stuff in bulk. One of the ideas I have for a cottage industry is selling clean beeswax. The process takes some time but I think I have figured out a couple of ways to keep the energy cost low.  Beeswax has a lot more uses than I had first thought, plus it’s a  local product.

I think one of the best niches I can look for money making opportunities is on jobs that take time but not a lot of physical strength or dexterity.  Who knows the Solar generator and my electric tools such as the chainsaw and rototiller might be in high demand. I think recharging batteries or tech device might be a market if the SHTF. It certainly was a big thing when Sandy hit the east coast urban areas.

8 Responses to Solar panels arrived early, the church bazaar and my aunt

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie, I recall listening intently to my grandparents (born in the late 1800’s) telling stories of the “old days”. If we back up a moment and look at ourselves, we are making the transition back to those times! They came through it much healthier for the most part, and happier, we can too!

    • Jamie says:

      Danny, I have been a history nut for as long as I can remeber and I’m always amazed by what people could do without modern technology working with just muscle power and brains. Of course the USA is somewhat lacking in both departments these days.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        “Lacking in both departments” is very is true Jamie. We’ll see who can “cowboy up” and who can’t, many will learn the hard way and some won’t make it. But then… it’s always been that way hasn’t it!!

  2. denimflyz says:

    The US is lacking on many fronts, Jamie. When God was passing out brains, the bunch that was waiting, thought He said “trains”, Jamie, would your aunt be interested in selling me some goats milk soap? I have been looking for over two years for goat milk soap. My lady that I bought it from retired and then passed away, and I used up my soap I bought from her. Since I have very sensitive skin, and the loss of a thyroid, my skin is a wreck. And I can only use goat milk soap to keep it in good shape. I bought some goat milk soap from someone last summer, but it wasn’t goat milk soap, but something else that was nothing but crap. Let me know please. I will buy enough to make it worth her time.
    I am trying to come up with cottage industry work also. We both have physical limitations, but still have brains, and some effort. I am planning on my herbs and greens business like I had a few years ago. Since we bought a house with more room, I can expand and not deal with morons, both renters and landlords.
    Jamie, not to change the subject, but does your heart tell you that we may have a problem with the administration anywhere from now till after the first of the year? My heart tells me something is going to go on, not sure what, but I have a very uneasy feeling and am planning accordingly.
    Take care and enjoy the woodburner.

    • Jamie says:

      denim, I’ll see my aunt on Monday and see what we can do about the soap. She uses all organic ingredients and I have met her goats 🙂
      Do you have a preference? Most of the soaps contain Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and glycerin.
      Some soap choices are Lemon grass & lavender, plain lavender, oatmeal & Honey, Ylang Ylang & geanium/Begonia and she has a soap that uses tee tree oil that is supposed to work on both people and pets that keeps the bugs away.

      All bars of soap are at least 4 oz. and cost is $5.00 each and I’m certain she would only charge the actual cost of shipping.

      I have felt and what I can see logically that things will get a lot worse in the Fall 2014. That being said I feel compelled to get busy doing more stuff rather than sit back and relax. To focus on skills, generating a little cash flow and making sure I have enough to pay the bills for 3 months. I’m not sure why 3 months keeps coming up but I am planning for a time I might not be able to shop, pay bills for a solid three months. Basically staying home and not going out until the “worst of it is over”. I have no idea what will happen but I think after that 3 month period we will have a “New Normal” and that is when your long term plans and storage will help you to survive.

      • denimflyz says:

        OOOhhhh, lemongrass, lavender, oatmeal, honey are my fav’s. Ingredients are just fine with me. I’m easy to please. Email me at for address details. I will send you a money order for $50 worth of soap, plus whatever for shipping. Does your aunt do other things like something for lips for chapping. When you do get your beeswax idea up and running, I would purchase beeswax from you. I use it in some of my candles I do and just to keep handy.
        Thank you so much for your response. Let me know.
        You got some pretty good deals at the bazaar. I’ve been on the hunt for quilting material from men’s large cotton shirts and flannels. I also have been on the hunt for wool material for a quilt. That’s how I do it. Its a thrift craft and clothing is thrifty!


  3. The Soffitrat says:

    Have you seen this yet? It’s on TV right now. Very realistic!

    • Jamie says:

      rat, I don’t get Nat Geo on my Dish so I will have to wait. Just looking at the website I’m in good shape.
      The wood stove takes care of my heating needs for the house and hot water. I have a propane camp stove/oven with over 100 pounds of propane for any cooking or baking needs. Along with several camp stoves that run on several types of fuel. 10 days No worries, I have many kerosene lamps and fuel for several months. Rechargeable batteries, extra regular batteries and a lot of LED flashlights. 2 Generators and enough fuel for a month of running them and the mini-van if I’m frugal. I have my adult trike and garden wagon so backup transportation is covered. I just got my solar panels and the portable generator isn’t setup yet but I have all the parts on hand “I think” I’m sure it will need some tweaking.
      Water on hand 600+ gallons about half & half stored drinking water and rain barrels. Extra filters and bleach on hand for treating water. Enough guns and ammo on hand to provide local security in the neighborhood.
      Some folks measure food storage in weeks or months. I measure in years. On short term items that last about 3-6 months I’m good!
      I’m not worried about not shopping for 3-6 months that wouldn’t be a problem. A bank run or paying my mortgage/bills and cash flow is my biggest worry. I have a little bit of silver on hand, some “junk” 1 oz., 5 oz. and a 10 oz. bar but it’s not much at today’s prices. That’s why I’m so excited about doing the Beeswax and my aunt will show me how to make the goat’s milk soap and a couple of other little ideas I’m working on for a home based business. I would love to tell the PTBs to “bite me” threatening to cut off my SSD and I want to work and pay my own way if at all possible. I hate being on the “Dole” and dependent on others.

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