Been a little busy at Casa de Chaos lately

Well I shipped off the first order of soap and also made a local delivery of my aunt’s goat milk soap.  I can’t tell you how exciting this home based business idea is  for me.  I have tried a couple of other ideas for a home based business but they never really worked out for several reasons.  Mainly I wasn’t passionate about the products or even earning a bit of cash. I lacked motivation for those other business ideas and now I have a passion for the product that I make myself and some great motivation of the PTBs cancelling my disability check.  A big advantage of the soap making and cleaning beeswax is even if people don’t buy, I end up with stuff I need for prepping and self reliance.

So Mom and I have been shopping the thrift stores for basic equipment, checking out product prices locally and the internet. As well as doing classes via youtube and doing some book research to put out the best product we can make at home.  I’m doing my best to not get crazy and buy a bunch of gadgets and geegaws that don’t serve the higher purpose of becoming self-reliant. I don’t think having a couple of extra pans or crock pots, spatulas and measuring cups bought on sale or at the thrift store will break my budget.

I think in way that God has been sort of directing me into doing this business.  Oh nothing big like” burning bushes” but just little nudges of “hey, this is a good thing to buy” or “you may need this item a latter on”. Oh I suppose you can call it luck or coincidence, but I think it’s God pushing me along.  I’m not getting cocky, I have read the Bible and he uses anything and anyone for his purpose from con men to tyrants. I want to stay as humble and as inoffensive as possible when thanking God cause it’s not me, It’s his purpose.  I hope it doesn’t sound arrogant but I believe all of my life knowledge and challenges have led me to this point. What I’m doing now is my calling in life, what I was meant to do.

Anyway enough of the metaphysical claptrap as some non-believers put it. I got another 50 pounds each of wheat and corn(saved $3.00 a bag) and I even managed to get it in the house on the same day if not in the 55 gallon drums.  We got a few flakes of snow today here in the valley and a bit of snow on the mountains. While the weather isn’t working out so great for building the solar generator. I am getting a better idea about how much wood is needed for the stove.  My aunt froze a bunch of goat’s milk for us while she goes to AZ. and plays sunbird. We are getting a great deal on the goat’s milk from my aunt so I can’t complain much.

Big Lots is having a one day sale on Hamilton Beach crock pots for $15.00 on Wed. the 6th so I want to pick up a couple of them for soap making. I’m working on the soap making/melting beeswax work area and a few other odds and ends for the basics. I think by the end of next week I should be ready to go for the business.



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  1. Seems like your projects are coming along nicely. It’s good you are working on something you enjoy, that makes it so much easier.

    Snow already? Maybe we are in for a hard winter across the board.

  2. Jamie says:

    Harry, I think we are in for a hard winter. More like the late 70’s early 80’s in the USA. Thank goodness I have a home that has survived it all since the 1940’s and the wood stove just makes it all the better.
    Last year we had a cold snap and a lot of those new, pretty energy efficient homes had pipes freezing or rupturing. I really like my house for the buried lines and not freezing pipes.

    Shame on you Harry! Becuase of you I want to get ferrets again! I had 2 Ferrets in Germany and they were a hoot.

  3. When are you going to put up a PayPal on ths site? So that people can place orders here? I think you’re onto something! Homemade soap is a great idea. As you get experience, you can play with your mixtures for different skins. Disorders, dry, oily, etc. Do you have a name yet?

    • Jamie says:

      rat I’m hoping to have soap and the beeswax ready to sell by the end of Nov. first week in Dec. to take advantage of holiday sales.
      So far the soap I have sold has been my aunt’s goat’s milk soap and she is headed for AZ. on the 10th of Nov. and is still working on getting a physical address for the place down there so I’m doing just a little selling for her until I start production.

      Mom and I are getting equipment and ingredints but neither one of us wants to have any debt related with the business so it’s taking a couple of weeks to get all that we need on hand to start.

      Once I have enough product to start selling, I have a wordpress site that I will finish setting up as a storefront. I’m still thinking of a company name and will need to do some write ups for the soap and beeswax benefits.
      It’s a lot of work to get done in three weeks but I think we can make it.

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