Oh, darn Rob needs a little help! Updated

You all might know Rob from his Rob in his Bunker blog http://robsrangers.blogspot.com/

Well he has had a heck of a year with a move and now he is officially homeless getting by in a motel which is not cheap and they have a daughter with a baby waiting to be born on the 17th of this month. While they are working on getting a place they could use a bit of help getting the cash together for the security deposits and credit checks and I guess now landlords have added a criminal background check in his state.

Pioneer preppy at http://smallhold-pioneerpreppy.blogspot.com/ is offering some of his honey for the biggest donation. I’m a little cash poor myself but I will add two gifts for donations. A .999 pure 1 oz. of silver round based on the old Buffalo/Indian head coins and a 50 round box of .22 long rifle to those that make a couple of biggest donation.  I’ll let the guys sort out how to award the gifts.

Sad to say we will probably see more of this sort of thing in the future. I also think we have a great community of people and we can give directly to a person in need and bypass all the PTBs nonsense and take care of our own.  If you can afford to donate a couple of dollars please do what you can. If you can offer your prayers please do so and let Rob know that you are doing what you can. I’m a big believer in the power of prayer and there are times we all need little help.

Update: I forgot the postal consider ammo a hazmat item. But the Silver round will be my donation!


2 Responses to Oh, darn Rob needs a little help! Updated

  1. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Thank you for your support. You are a true friend.

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