Focusing on the soap and I need to catchup on the preps!

I finally tried out the new ceramic baking stone for my artisan bread. I have been a bit lazy on the bread making getting other stuff done so this was the first try out of the stone. I like the results and the stone is so large I could do a couple of loaves at a time. For the 5 minute artisan bread I usually do about 1 pound loaves so they are a bit smaller than most bread recipe loaves.  I made a four of the mini-loaves for Mom. She like the bread and has a bread maker but she can’t use up a whole loaf of homemade bread before it goes bad. A forum buddy at GTA recommends slicing up your homemade bread and storing it in freezer safe bags for things like French toast and such to get the maximum use from your bread. Single slices can be used in the toaster or used in cooking as it will thaw fast in single slice portions.

As of the last update for Rob:  Pioneer Preppy from “A small hold blog” says they are up to $400.00 in donations. That is fantastic and a great testament to the community of bloggers that we have! The goal is $1000. 00 by the 15th on November and Matt has added a $50.00 Wal-mart gift card as a gift to the biggest donor.  It’s easy to forget that there are many great folks out there ready to chip in with a little something. It might not be a lot individually but it adds up quick and we know we are just giving a hand up and not just a hand out.

I stopped by my aunt’s place and got her basic soap recipe along with some goat’s milk for about 40-50 bars of soap. I want my homemade beer soap to be my focus but it’s nice to know I can make a bit of goat’s milk soap over the winter. My aunt gave me a heck of a deal for the milk because I gave her some of the spent beer grains and some oats I had in storage but changed my mind about after using the steel cut/pin oats I prefer storing now.  The basic soap recipe is looking a lot like your basic beer and bread recipes as in once you get the basic ratios and techniques down you have a lot of room for doing your own thing and put your own little twist on the product that makes it unique.

I know it is very easy do get all doom and gloom and heading into winter makes it all that much easier because of the weather. Speaking only for myself,  I’m actually a bit stoked at how much I have accomplished this year and what I might make happen next year. Will it happen I don’t know but if I tend to be a very optimistic person. Give me a big pile of crap and I will start looking for a pony and if I can’t find a pony I see that big pile of crap as free fertilizer for my roses and garden.  Hell, if it was easy everyone would play!


2 Responses to Focusing on the soap and I need to catchup on the preps!

  1. I seriously need to look into making soap myself. I wonder if you can use sheep milk?

    • Jamie says:

      P.P. My aunt said you could use any milk. We think the reason goat milk is so popular is how the cream/milk fats don’t sepearate like a cows milk

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