Odds and ends this weekend

The buying of soapmaking equipment went very well overall. I got a couple of good deals and the work area is starting to shape up. You all might know denimflyz from her blog and her comments here. Well she got my aunt’s goats milk soap and loves it! One of the best things about learning the soap making from my aunt is that she doesn’t cut corners or quality. I think we will have a competitively priced product with our soap making and while we hope people will want to buy it, the backup plan is it will be something I will store and use in the future.  I saw an interesting crock pot go on sale at Fred Meyers/Krogers this week,  it has a built in mixer. A little pricey at $55.00 but it might be worth the cost if we have several batches going at once.  I got several small (1.5 quart) crock pots on sale at the end of summer. I figured they might make nice gifts or could be used for barter, but it looks like at least one of those little crock pots will be used for melting the “super fats” needed for soap making. Mom is getting into the soap making too though she and my aunt are letting me lead the way so to speak for this business. In a way I think it is a good idea, if not super efficient we will have a lot of redundancy and one failure point can’t stop production.  Mom has Fibro and I have CIDP so with our disabilities we need to make sure we have extra redundancy for our bad days.

On to the wood stove and how it is working out.  It’s actually working out even better than I imagined from energy costs to how much better I feel not dealing with the electric central heat kicking on and off all the time.  As of November my wood is paid for just from the energy savings on my electric bill. If I wasn’t trying to start a new home business and stay somewhat cash rich for the next budget battle in DC after the first of the year I could have plowed those savings into paying off the stove loan. While the  wood I bought will not burn overnight, once the house is warmed up it’s still quite comfortable to wake up to the mid to upper 60’s.  One good thing about the wood I bought is that it does burn hot and is easy to start a fire. If I can start adding some longer burning hard wood I will be set for the rest of the year no matter how cold it gets!

A little bad news is I think I have a cracked tooth, hidden cavity or a molar is  impacted in a way I can’t see.  There was a some swelling and possible infection I cleared up with brushing with baking soda and rinsing with Hydrogen peroxide. While most of the heat/cold sensitivity has gone away the pain is still happening and facial nerves can be quite uncomfortable when stimulated.  I’ll have to find a good dentist as the VA does not consider any dental work health care for Vets. I’m not suggesting anyone avoid dental care, in fact you should get any issues treated as soon as money allows but you can use some home made products to treat an minor infection and I think adding clove oil, aspirin and even something like Oragel or the generic equivalent has a place in you home healthcare/first aid kit. Since I have been studying up on uses for beeswax, I found out that beeswax has been used as temporary fillings in the past.  Believe or not straight baking soda is actually less abrasive than most commercial toothpastes, and babies with teething pains can get on any ones nerves if you have to bug in, never mind any whiny family members with a a toothache.  I believe any infection should be treated aggressively as soon as possible before it needs anti-biotics that may or may not work.


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  1. LeeAnn says:

    You make a very valid and important point about not putting off needed dental or other medical appointments. We need to keep our bodies as healthy as possible. It appears ACA is going to (or has already) trigger a major SHTF situation with medical care in this country. I’m on Medicare and with the huge cuts in reimbursement I’m very worried our providers might start refusing us. Can’t blame them as they have to make a living but it makes for a huge SHTF situation for us.

    Glad to hear the wood stove is working out so well.

    • Jamie says:

      LeeAnn I think you are right. I have even read about some politicians think about forcing doctors into taking on more patients/medicare. I believe that would constitute indenture servitude at best and slavery at worse. The PTBs never seem to consider that people can just quit, grab the ball and go home if they can’t win playing the game.

  2. dee says:

    On the other hand, there are some physicians who are fed up up over the cut in reimbursements by private health care, and are opening their slots, or services to medicare recipients, because as internal medicine, family practice MD’s, they are increasing and/or have stable reimbursements. My own MD told me that a couple weeks ago. I believe we are seeing a paradigm shift in healthcare, from a chronic illness management to a preventative care model. It is cheaper to catch breast cancer early (like my own case) than be diagnosed at a later date. This is secondary to free mammograms, or routine free pap smears. I take medicare reimbursements in our pharmacy, there is a cut in diabetic strips, but increase in DM shoe reimbursement, for example. We don’t like some of the changes. We are the LAST civilized country without some type of prepaid healthcare. These MD’s either change the business model or do private cadillac care. There is no where else to go.

  3. dee says:

    People are screaming and complaining or being bombarded about the failure of the ACA website, increasing rates, cancellations, etc. It has only been 5 weeks or so.When medicare part D was being enacted, we were on the frontline of the changes effected our livelihood. We had to introduce or interpret plans to our customers, I led the teaching classes for ours on which plan would work for them. These were seniors with little exposure to computer usage, etc. The first few months was a nightmare. Reimbursement was screwed up, Patients complained. Our business suffered. Some of the same republican congressmen like Joe Barton from TX, who are screaming about the screw-ups now, was one who counseled all to be patient, the program will be fixed, in 2007. Fast forward to today, he wants the complete opposite. Hypocrite. In 2006, the dems did not disparage the law, they voted it in, held town halls to get their constituents informed. The republicans have done nothing but obstruct from day one, this is not a way to govern, it only adds fuel to the fire. I wish we would see things from both sides and make rational decisions, we all have a stake in this country. Okay, done with my rant.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, I thought the medicare part D was a terrible idea but I was in Germany so I missed the repercussions of the rollout. I doubt you and I will agree on how things should be fixed, even though we agree there is a huge problem with Medical care in the USA.

      I don’t care that other nations have prepaid health to me that is irrelevant as most nations don’t have our Constitution either!

      I am a big believer in the free market and medical insurance should be more like auto insurance as far as all insurance companies compete for customers and the insurance should be more for a medical catastrophe instead of “Basic Maintenance” of health. I think all should medical should have to post prices before you get care instead of after the fact.

      I think it was started under Reagan that hospitals could add to the bills of paying customers to make up for the Government order that hospitals must treat everyone regardless of ability to pay.

      Lastly this ACA smacks to much of the Government of playing DADDY and because they pay the bills they can tell me how to live and I prefer dangerous freedom over safe tyranny.

      Under full disclosure my VA medical is considered an approved insurance carrier at this time so I don’t have a “dog in this hunt”. Except for how it treats my family friends and the rest of the nation.

      • dee says:

        I also agree that “upfront pricing” would be nice, but when you go to hospital, it varies from one site, city, state and region. If you buy a policy, thinking you are getting “decent” coverage, you sometimes get surprised when you find out what you are really getting. For example, we have customers who come into our pharmacy with a discount or pharmacy card that turns out to be “junk”, much like some of these people who are having their “insurance” policies cancelled, that we hear about now.
        There needs to be standards whereby, whatever you buy, since no one is being forced into buying any particular insurance policy. That allows for private insurers to profit, us to have freedom to buy what we choose, but with basics, at a price you know up front.
        Whether you buy a catastrophic care policy ( I have had with Blue Cross since 2000), on the individual market or a plan that 95% of the insured plan have through group insurance, who were “allowed to keep it” like you , who have no “dog in this hunt”, and there should be standards you can depend on , and not face financial bankruptcy, through policy limits. That is one aspect of Obamacare.
        I was informed in fall of 2010 , we would be “grandfathered in”, as long as no changes were made. I want a better policy so I am shopping the exchanges. The rollout has stunk, I don’t agree with everything, I don’t see this as an infringement on my freedom, or tyranny, but an evolving way to keep us financially free in slowing healthcare costs rise and stressing over the calamity over one big illness that collapses our financial and personal lives.

  4. Can you not get medicaid? They have dental care because I have a friend who is receiving medicaid and it pays for some of her dental work.

    • LeeAnn says:

      Medicaid covers dental but very few dentists will accept Medicaid patients. My dd was on Medicaid for her son but had to wait ages to get into the one dentist that accepted Medicaid.

      I think the Rep are against socialized medicine plus are aware the ACA will drive up the deficit. Could they have handled the issue better — definitely.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I think I can afford some basic dental work and they do have a couple of dentist that do do low cost or free dental work as volunteers.

      I have been a bit of a “breeze brain” and forgot to take some of my vitamins for awhile. So I restartd and up the dose on my vitamin C as it is good for boosting the immune system against infections and added D3 for lack of sunlight.

      Early to see any results yet but I think it is helping. I’ll run this for about a week and see if lack of vitamins and minerals was the cause or if I need to have a dentist check out the teeth.

  5. Starlett says:

    Jamie, I’m not saying you’re wrong about VA dental..but I think I’d check several sources. I’m a retired, totally disabled vet, and I have dental through the VA. Just sayin’….it might be worth asking several sources at the VA. I NEVER accept one answer, and it amazes me at the different answers I get!

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