Just a nice easy day

Mom and I hit a couple of fruit stands and took a nice little drive out in the country.  Not looking to buy so much as to check prices of what was available plus an excuse to get out of town.  One fruit stand had closed down but is still running it’s winery and we tried out a couple of different wines. I want to get a bottle or two because it was very good, though I’m not a big wine drinker. Mom thought the wine would make good gifts for the holiday season and the winery was running a special if you bought 6 bottles or more I think they took off 10% or more.

The first little market we hit had great prices on apples and squash. We each picked up some red onions and I got some sweet peppers, but it was only a few of each. I think both Mom and I are kind of tired of doing any more food preservation at this time.  We have plenty of projects to keep us busy without adding anything more to our to-do lists. Did a little research on the soap and possible candle making Mom wants to do with the beeswax.  So far it looks like we will have a great product at a very competitive price. We are going to be small and  home based for awhile,  but we are hoping to have product ready to go for a few holiday markets.

Drove out to the orchards and stop by one more fruit stand and they had fruit woods in container that held about a quarter of a cord for $50.00.  I could borrow Dad’s truck and start adding some hardwoods to my wood pile a little at a time.  A big plus is it looks like the wood will fit in my stove with no additional cutting.  I am not sure how much wood it will take to last a cold winter and the wood I have now burns hot and fast.  If I could add some hardwoods, that would have a perfect wood pile for heating. I would like to have next year’s wood pile all ready to go before I need it next year.  The fruit woods are very good for smoking meats and just plain ole BBQ cooking and I want to try making my own bacon and curing hams.

I can’t get to crazy planning ahead because the debt ceiling will hit again in Feb. of 2014 and who knows what kind of idocy the PTBs have planned for us.  Getting the soap making/Beeswax business going has priority but I could afford to get a bit of the wood at $50.00 each month that would keep cash out go to a min. per month.  At this point I am saving enough on the electric bill each month that  $50.00 can be counted as part of my forecasted electricity budget numbers.  In order to plan and budget properly I need the PTBs to come up with a long term solution rather than a 2-3 month stop gap plan. I doubt I’ll  get that wish, so the next best thing is to stay as flexible and adaptable as possible.  You may not be able to buy as much in bulk to get the best price, but you will have the cash on hand short term that can protect you from some of the PTBs stupidity.


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  1. I would think that the fruit wood was cut for the people running smokers and you could come up with better prices on burnable hardwood. A quarter of a cord is not even a rick if I remember right and generally around here you can get almost a full cord of various hardwoods (Oak, Walnut, elm etc.) for about $65.00

    I had a guy offer me $100.00 for about a quarter cord of an apple I cut up last Summer. The smoker people love that stuff.

    • Jamie says:

      P.P. I can get wood a bit cheaper by the cord. But around here it’s mostly pine and fir that is considered firewood. I think I will be okay on wood with what I already bought but it’s still very mild so far and I prefer to have everything on hand I can afford to get. It’s a lot easier to come up with $50.00 for a small load of wood today rather than $200.00 for a larger load that is a better value. If I could trust the PTBs that my disability payment will keep coming it would be different.

      Until I can get independent of the PTBs I’ll have to be cheap and stay as cash rich as possible to make my future house payments and basic bills. I will pay a bit more for getting wood and have it on hand today, rather than hope everything works out perfect in the future. Sometimes being cheap can be awfully expensive. But I’m not a person to wait around and hope for perfect. I always tend to get busy and make the best of whatever is going on today. If it gets better I buy more, if it gets worse I buy less. But I try to stay pro-active at all times.

    • Jamie says:

      P.P. Not to cast aspersions at my fellow Idahoans but most grill and don’t do what I think of real BBQ. I make my own sauces and spice rubs use lump charcoal and I’m kind of unique among the people I know doing that sort of thing.
      Real BBQ is starting to catch on here but it’s still in it’s infancy.

      If I was healthy enough to do some cutting, hauling and had a truck I could get a fruit wood cord for about $100.00.

      I need to look at adding a trailer hitch and getting a good trailer for the mini-van. That would add some flexibility to my vehicles.

  2. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Jamie a very good stop and think posting. You and the rest of us know that the PTB will raise the debt limit and keep the presses running making money. When the dust settles we should looking a home business. Govt payments bite.

  3. I’m glad you got out for awhile and just did some kaboodling around. Everybody needs a break now and then. I wish you lived near the Blue Ridge, I have a lot of poplar and oak in blow downs.

    You’ve done a lot since I started reading your blog, and you’ve done it by dint of good planning and hard work. I think you will make it through the winter just fine.

  4. S.Lynn says:

    I know of Paul’s in Homedale. Is there another?

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