Back to work on a beautiful day

Just about perfect day here in SW Idaho. Sunny and about 50 degrees can’t ask for a much nicer day in the middle of November. Supposed to be another nice day on Monday so I have two good days to work on the yard and get stuff done.  Had to do a little work on the garden cart as two of the tires won’t hold air very long. I tried out a small bottle of Slime to seal the tubes to see how it works out. My neighbor says he has a much better product that lasts a lot longer than Slime that he will get me this week. I’ll try it out on my wheelbarrow and give you an update on how the products work. I think having stuff on hand to repair tires could be important if the SHTF even if the repair is short term in nature. He also recommended staying away from getting  solid tires on my “trike” as the solid tires are very hard on the rims and can warp them.  Since he is a bicycle mechanic/restorer I think I can trust his judgement.

I got three buckets filled up with wood and started on a fourth one.  I still have three more I want to fill and store on my front porch so I have a few days worth of wood just in case I have a couple of ” bad days” when I can’t cut up wood.  The wood stove is working out great.  I have not had any problems with the spark arrestor clogging up and stopping the draft for the stove pipe.  I’m trying to burn my wood the smart way and so far it seems to be working.  The wood I got is dry and seems to burn clean so that helps out a lot.

I got out the little chain saw and it need the chain tighten and some oil added but since it is electric that was about it for maintenance. This spring I will get another chain and get the current chain serviced. I don’t use the chain saw a lot but little preventive maint. now will save a big repair later.  I cut up a little cherry wood and the saw did fine but I need a better set up for holding the wood while I cut.  I think making a saw “buck” to hold the wood should be fairly easy and I have the wood on hand though I need to get a bit of hardware to put it together.

I got the lawnmower out and mowed/mulched leaves of 3/4 of the back yard. That part of the yard is the worst for leaves so I think the rest should go pretty quick. Got the leaf blower out just to blow the leftovers over to the compost pile. I’ll use the vacuum/mulching  attachment that will cut everything very fine and add that to the planting beds. Monday is supposed to be another nice day and I can finish picking up most of the leaves in the front yard.  I have a lot of trimming/cutting I want to do to clean up the front yard and make larger planting beds for berries and herbs.  The trimming should make the front yard a little easier to take care of in the long run.

I want to finish up all the little odds and ends of yard work this week so that when the supplies come in for making soap next week I can focus on learning the soap-making process.  Mom found a great deal on some shea butter locally so we have local suppliers for most  ingredients, though a few items we will have to order over the internet.  Overall it was a very good week!


2 Responses to Back to work on a beautiful day

  1. gill says:

    I have restored 4 steel wheeled wheel barrows to use when one of the chinese rubber tired ones goes flat. They are a bit rough running on pavement but go great on paths and dirt. I have also been experimenting with one and two man buck saws for when there is a chain saw failure or no fuel. This is how it was done at my location 100 years ago.

    • Jamie says:

      gill, I saw a nice crosscut saw for $65.00 at an antique sale and I really wanted to get it. It was one of those that was primarily a one man saw but had the handles for two people.
      As far as the tires go, I’ll use what I have to test the tube sealer and then buy solid rubber tires for the wheelbarrow and garden cart next year. I have a small place in the city and if the tires can handle goatheads/puncture vine I should be okay.

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