Just a little cloudy and cool but I got stuff done.

Not quite as nice of a day as Sunday but no rain so I could get my front yard cleaned up a bit. The electric mower did a super job getting up the leaves and the last mowing of the grass for the year. I was a little surprised that I filled 2 of those big garbage bins worth of cuttings so the lawn really needed a good mowing.   I even got all the leaves up from the sidewalk and by my curb picked up using the mower. Hey if it’s stupid and it works,  it’s not stupid!  I have to say if you are looking for a good electric mower I would recommend the Greenworks 20 inch with the cord. It’s about the same cost as a new gas mower but without all of the headaches of using gas.  It is so nice to just push a button and get mowing, plus I don’t have to winterize this lawnmower.

I still have more to do on the yard but Tuesday is going supposed to be a little rainy and cold so I can do a few inside jobs and if I can get a few more buckets of wood cut up. I didn’t really plan it out this way but with saw in the shop and the wood under the carport I don’t get to damp while I’m cutting wood. The shop isn’t insulated, but just being out of the wind and rain makes cutting wood an easier task. While cutting the wood can be annoying at times,  just comparing last winter’s electric bill to this year’s bill provides all the motivation I need to get to work!  The tires on the little garden cart held air overnight and I didn’t detect any leaks so it looks like the Slime did the trick.  I bought the 8 oz. bottle for about $8.00 and did two of the small garden cart tires with couple of ounces leftover.  Slime does work for quick tire repair, I’ll keep watching to see how long it lasts and give you all updates as needed.

I have plenty of things to get done in the house on Tuesday.  A big thing will be vacuuming the carpets since I got most the leaves up in the yard there is a good chance my pekes won’t keep dragging leaves inside via the fur on the legs and bellies. Not the peke’s fault they were designed for palaces not romping in a backyard full of leaves that are almost belly high and my pups love a good romp. I have been looking at getting a dog that is a little more substantial than my little pekes. The pekes have fierce hearts but they are about as intimidating as a marshmallow.  The local animal shelter is having a special on dogs that are over a year old and black in color, the adoption is free.  I find it hard to believe that many people don’t like black dogs and that they are much harder to adopt out. This seems to be a national problem in the USA and not just my area. Well good for us we get the opportunity for a great “rescued” dog at a great price because other people are morons!

They have a couple of Dobie/Sheppard mixes that might be a good fit for me. I need to make sure of the size and energy level as I can’t walk or run a dog for any distance, but I do have a good size yard and my little pekes that will help them feel part of a pack and keep them happy. I wouldn’t mind a bull terrier or even a pit bull, but many of those are in the shelter because they are unable to socialize with other dogs.  Both of my pekes are over ten years old though they don’t look or act like older dogs they are slowing down a little bit. Getting a younger dog will probably make them happy and I will have a dog if and when the pekes die.  Sounds a little cold that way, but I need an emergency backup dog now as I would have a hard time replacing my little pups after they died.

Off to make some of the Artisan bread dough to bake on Tuesday and I think I’ll soak some black beans and use up the rest of that pork roast for some comfort food while it is all cold, damp tomorrow.

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  1. harry flashman says:

    Both of my dogs are black. I don’t see why people would care about that, but I know I saw in our paper that black cats have a hard time finding homes, so I guess some people are just that way.

    We had a massive storm come through here last night, doubtless the one you are cleaning up after.

    Pekenese make good house dogs, I’ve heard.

    • Ya know out of the last litter of strays we had in the barn only the two males a Black tuxedo kitten and a dark gray tiger were adopted out. The yellow females remain. Not sure if it was a color thing but that Black Tux kitten was gone within two hours of placing his picture on craigslist.

  2. Jamie says:

    Harry, Pekes are just chock full of personality and mine are not yappers like so many small dogs. If they bark there is usually a good reason for the bark. They are a great alarm system and have a heart that would die to please or protect you, they just don’t have a lot of mass to get the job done.

    I got a cat at the shelter and she is a great little hunter, she’s not a lap cat though she is happy for a leg to rub against or good scratch while sitting next to you. She was returned twice to the shelter before I got her. She doesn’t claw up the furniture and goes outside rather than use a litter box if she has that option. I have had for a year plus and used only one bag of kitty litter in that time.

    I think a lot of people just don’t understand each animal has it’s own personality and must be accepted for what they are and not what we wish them to be. But I have owned a lot of different critters from a hamster on up horses(I didn’t own but worked on the ranch) and I try very hard to find a critter that matches up with my personality. I don’t pick a pet for a “fashion statement” or because that pet is popular. Everybody here at “Casa de Chaos” has a job and must earn thier keep.

  3. The Soffitrat says:

    Try a heeler. Male. You won’t regret it.

  4. Jamie says:

    rat: would that be a blue heeler? I kind of worry that those critters are working dogs with high energy levels that need a job to do that is energy intensive. I’m not saying they are bad dogs but could I keep up with a healthy energy level to make them happy?

    My biggest problem is matching a dog with what I’m capable of doing with my disability. Though I might look at training the dog to use up a bit of that energy being a companion/ working dog that does add bit of training work for me, but might make my life easier in the long run.

    I want the dog to be happy and healthy with plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation that keeps them engaged and not go psychotic because they are bored.

  5. kymber says:

    oh jamie – just caught up on your last several posts and have to say – “gurl – how do you do all that you do?!?!?”. you tire me out with every one of your posts! geez louise will you stop putting all of the rest of us to shame!!!

    thanks so much about the info on the welding blanket – will show your comment to jambaloney in the morning – thank you my friend!

    as for rescuing a dog – if you bring a young one home and introduce it to the pekes, and they like him/her – there will be nothing better for your older dogs – it will really take a load off of them and they will sleep/breathe easier knowing that they have a young’un in the house to help protect the family. that’s what happened to our 2 older cats when we brought a young stray in the mix. anyway, good luck with the new dog and keep us updated eh?

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber, I’m glad you guys can use the welding blanket idea. I saw a youtube video of a guy using a couple of small pieces for a camp fireplace and it just clicked using the blanket for a woodstove.

  6. I have a new outlook on dogs. If we have room I wait and see what comes into my life and makes a place for him or herself. It seems to be a much more natural fit that way rather than looking for something and throwing the dice.

    • Jamie says:

      I do seem to be a stop for a few dogs that get away from the owners. I do try and watch out for the neighborhood without getting nosy so I often see a loose dog before anyone else.
      If I can I put them in the front yard until I locate the owner. I have had good luck working with Animal control calling in what I find and offering to hold the animal for a day or two in case someone calls in a lost pet.
      I have to say the people at Animal control are a lot more interested in reuniting pets and owners rather than handing out fines. Plus this saves everyone a big hassle for the cost of a bowl of dogfood and maybe a bowl of water as I haven’t had to hold a dog longer than a couple of days.

  7. Border Collies are good dogs and the smartest dog ever. They need to work, but you can set up an obstacle course they can run while you supervise. You won’t have to walk as far or run while you train them.

  8. S.Lynn says:

    I have 2 dobies, females, unrelated, one 3 and the other 1. They are smart but they need to be socialized (unless you want them to be wary of other humans, which could be a plus). They don’t shed a lot, but with short hair they are cold sensitive. Mine stay indoors during cold weather. But then going in and out you’ll have a tendency to want to wipe their feet upon entering the homestead. They have quick bursts of energy a few times a day but then love to sleep. My older one found the heater vent under the kitchen sink cabinet and she sleeps there, under foot when I use the sink. They’re good watch dogs and their large size has a tendency to put off people coming up to the property. Didn’t get their ears docked-makes them look friendlier. I’d get another in a heartbeat-they are very affectionate yet protective.

    • Jamie says:

      S.Lynn, The have a dobie mix at the shelter that looks nice. About a year old so she should have most of her growing done. I might go down and take a look at her and maybe a couple of the other dogs.

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