Feeling a lot better today

I t was nice not having anything major on the to do list today.  Just a little shopping and getting the mini-van topped off. Fred Meyers had the stick blender but the coupon expired yesterday. My fault,  as I didn’t check the date as most coupons usually last a week.  I like the store and I’m regular shopper there so at the checkout the cashier tried very hard to find another coupon but no coupons were available. Even at $20.00 the little blender was a good price and the had a small  heavy duty plastic “French press” coffee maker that is also a travel cup.  I have a french press coffee maker in the house but it is made of glass so it could break easily. These cups give me a backup and will be perfect for the bugout bag and GHB.  Adding a zip lock bag full of coffee is very easy and will make a nice addition to both of my bags.  Freddy’s has the store brand of coffee on sale for $5.99 a can and I grabbed the last two cans of the french roast for the pantry.  Usually the french roast is about $7.50 per can so I got a good deal to build up the pantry stockpile.

We had a a short little power outage just I was getting ready to leave. Not a big deal but I thought I knew how to disengage the garage door opener and I was wrong on how to do it.  I couldn’t reach the power cord so just plugging it into the generator would have taken quite a bit of time and time might be of the essence in a disaster. This weekend I’ll see if I can get the power cord routed so I have easier access and test my little jumper pack to see if it can open the door.  If the jumper pack 400 watt inverter is enough to open the door that would be the quickest fix. If the jumper pak doesn’t have enough power I will need to use the generator and have quick access to the power cord anyway.

Got the amazon order done and topped off the mini-van. Getting gas is a little better now that the price is finally starting to come down here in Idaho. The Gas stations like to keep the price jacked up until people start asking why Idaho’s price is the highest in the lower 48.   Idaho tends to lag on price changes since we don’t have a refinery in state and get gas from Utah or Washington and the stations have a bad habit of keeping the price high as long as possible.

4 Responses to Feeling a lot better today

  1. I am glad your feeling better and at least you still got a good blender even if the coupon didn’t work.

    Always moving forward.

  2. S.Lynn says:

    That sucks to know about Idaho keeping the gas prices up when other states prices go down. But, compared to California, the prices are still less. Can’t wait to move up there next year.

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