Stick a fork in me I’m done

Between the weather and being worn out from Monday it was a struggle to get most of my todo list done. I didn’t get all the wood buckets filled but I got enough wood in the shop to fill at least two and maybe all three. The garden cart tires are still holding so it looks like the Slime is working out for a repair for those tires.  That little garden cart is a huge help getting things done around the house so having all the tires working saves me a lot of  physical energy.  I had a good size chunk of dried cherry wood I tossed on the fire tonight and that log lasted for hours which was nice.  Now I really want to get some of that fruit wood for the wood pile. It’s still mild here but it will get colder and I’m not sure how long the house will retain heat overnight after the stove goes out and I don’t want to run any electric heat if I can avoid it.

I made up a batch of the 16 bean soup instead of the black beans. I like how you can make up just the beans or use up leftover meats and add a cup of rice and you have a meals for several days.  I used my big crock pot so of course I had to fill it up but I’ll take over some to my Mom and sister so it gets used up. Plus there is always the freezer to store the leftovers. I’m not satisfied with the recipe yet as I’m using some of the Hunt’s pasta sauce and I’m still learning what my ratios should be, but it’s getting there.

I managed to get the vacuming done but the dusting and other jobs fell by the wayside. I just tried to do to much so I’ll take it easy the next few days and recover.  There is nothing that is time-sensitive but getting in the order for soap making supplies so I can get that started next week. I will be stopping by Fred Meyer’s because the have a stick blender on sale and a 10% of coupon for housewares. I think an Oster stick blender for about $18.00 is a good deal and that will finish up most of the hardware purchaces needed to start soap making.

There are a few little odds and ends I want to do for the week but I’m not going plan to much until I recover a bit.


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  1. gill says:

    Glad the slime works, the state of small tires since we stopped making them here is pretty grim. I think that a good wheel could be made out of wood and some of the thick tire tread that you see laying along the road off of trucks. It is one of my future projects to figure this out and post the steps.
    I heat with wood using a wood furnace with blower and 4 or 5 pieces of wood will burn for 4 hours so I load at 10 pm then get up about 2am and then again at 6am. During the day, if warm, it will die down so I need some smaller wood and newspaper to get it started up again at least by 6pm to stay on schedule.After several years of this I just wake up at the right time.
    Beans are good food, corn bread goes good with them.

    • Jamie says:

      gill, I will probably get some solid tires for the wheelbarrow and the little garden cart next year but it’s nice having a quick and easy fix for right now.
      I almost did up some corn bread, but I was really worn out and just got a couple of tortillas instead.
      I got the Lodge cast iron cookbook and it has some the best recipes for comfort foods and they use good old fashioned real ingredients. They have a baked Mac & Cheese recipe that calls for a 1/2 pound of butter, cream and about 3 pounds of cheese. I can’t make that all the time but it is a nice treat.

  2. dee says:

    Just ate the last of my butter beans fresh from the garden last night, the vines bit the dust after our first frees last week. But I dried some over the summer, so we will be enjoying them this winter. Like Gill says , these are best with cornbread , and I add corn to make succotash. Take a break Jamie, you make the rest of us look like lazy slobs!

    • Jamie says:

      dee, I like the 16 bean mix and they are kind of local being out of Twin Falls. I think I’ll leave the rice out of the next batch I do up as it thickened up the soup and the broth is so good.

  3. After we had the wood stove chimney fire here, the firemen told me to keep small commercial sized bags of ice in the freezer. They said if I got another fire just throw the bags in and the steam would kill the fire. I wanted to pass that on to you, but have been forgetting to.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I think you did tell me about the ice trick but I needed the reminder to get the bag of ice and it won’t hurt to fill up a couple of empty spots in the freezer.

  4. I still have a 5 gallon bucket full of beans to de-pod. It’s never ending.

    BTW Jamie can you email me at I need to send you the address for the prize winner.

    • Jamie says:

      P.P. Yeah got a little burnt out with the food preserving but I think next week I might get some squash at the local farmer’s market. It’s only .39 cents a pound and I had good luck storing whole sqaush in the basement after a mild bleach wash.

      I sent you my address via email

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