Finished up the soap order

Not exactly the most efficient way of ordering supplies but with Mom and I just starting out,  it is a good way for us to double check each other.  Once we get a few batches done and have a better idea of just how much we need and how quickly it will need to be restocked I think the process will get much smoother and efficient.  Considering we just came up with idea of soap making as a home business at the start of November.  I think it is moving along at a brisk pace and we will meet the deadline of the first batches made by the end of the month.

Mom brought over a few of the big red fir chunks o’ wood from her woodpile. I think she is a little worried about the house staying warm over night with it getting into the lower teens. I’m doing a test of one of the smaller pieces to see how many hours it will burn. Of course that one “small” chunk of wood fills over half of the fire box all by itself.  I really like how the wood I got is so easy to start and how fast it can warm up the house.  So a combination of both types of wood is what I’d like to have on hand. Mom took a look at my strawberry planters from that bunch we dug up for free in the fall. She says the look just like they are supposed to at this time of year. I don’t know that the raspberries will produce next year but adding strawberries to the harvest would sure be nice.

I finally got the bread baked and the ceramic stone is large enough to do about 3 artisan loaves at one time.  I don’t have the problem of the bread sometimes sticking to the ceramic stone like it did with the terra cotta. The new stone has been worth the $15.00 cost if for no other reason than baking multiple loaves at a time.

All of the basic needs are covered and all the bills are paid so I will kind of sort of plan another day of recovery for Friday. I think I’ll run over to the animal shelter and take a closer look at a three of the dogs I saw on the website that have some potential as the emergency backup dog, and then drop off my sister’s birthday present. That should be enough plans for another easy recovery day.  I have couple of small projects to finish this weekend and I hope to be all set  up to focus on the soap making and cleaning the beeswax next week.


9 Responses to Finished up the soap order

  1. See if they have any ferrets in there!

    • Jamie says:

      No ferrets at the animal shelter but we have a local farm/garden and pet store that usually carries ferrets. Cost is about $125.00 per ferret and I didn’t keep all the ferret stuff when I moved back from Germany so getting ferrets would mean a big money investment.
      Maybe next year if the PTBs can figure out what they are doing or if the business starts to bring in some money.

      • I was thinking if they had ferrets who needed rescue I might could help. I would never buy a ferret because there are hundreds in shelters and rescue outfits that need homes.

        I didn’t know you had ferrets before. Mine are good friends to me and keep me company up here on the mountain.

      • Jamie says:

        I always check as the shelter has an other animal section besides cats and dogs but usually it things like bunnies after Easter and that sort of thing.
        Ferrets are a hoot! I would want to get at least two as they seem to do better if they have a ferret buddy.
        It seems that the people that get ferrets in this area do the work and really want to keep them instead of just getting them because they are an “exotic or trendy” pet. I got my ferrets when stationed in Germany where they are a popular pet!

  2. A ferret buddie? 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      rat: I’m no expert on ferrets but as much as they resemble a weasel they are as domesticated as my pekes. They love to play and are very inventive social animals.
      If you are not familiar with a ferret personality think of otters in nature documentaries and how they tend to play a lot and just have fun.
      If I recall correctly ferrets were bred/ trained to hunt and kill vermin in old Europe. It’s not unusual to go to the SCA or Renaissance fairs in Germany and see ferrets on leashes.

  3. Are you going to sell to the public? Soap. (I should have been more clear.) 🙂 If so, will you be putting up a PayPal? UPS will issue what is called a One Shot (one-time pickup) at your house. They use to charge $2,00 for this. I don’t know what they charge today, but they’ll pick up as many packages as you have for that one charge. Very reasonable, and cheaper than driving to their customer counter. Assuming they even have one near you.

  4. Jamie says:

    rat: We are hoping to sell over the internet in the future. Thanks to denimflyz we got to do a test with my Aunt’s goat milk soap. We used the $5.95 bubble wrap package and had no breakage and denim said the soap arrived in great shape. That will keep shipping cost low.
    I’m not a big fan of PayPal because of their politics and restrictions though it won’t effect our products. But I hope to have a solution that will work for everyone that will balance convenience as well as support the idea of not “feeding the beast”. Oh, and follow the law as much as possible!

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