No luck on the emergency backup dog

Stopped by the pound and took a look at the dobie mix. She looked a lot smaller in the pictures and the dobie was a bit taller than I anticipated. I’m afraid she would have been out of the back yard in just a second if she wanted to go some place. She almost reminded me of a hunting dog the way she acted in the enclosure and was very strong. To bad, she did have a very sweet disposition! I’m not giving up as the shelter is always getting in dogs in fact the had a nice looking German shepard and a rottweiler mix pup show up on the website today so I’ll check back again next week.  Pups tend to go quick and I want to help an adult dog find a home if at all possible!

Had a problem with one of the pekes. I think it is what was called canine hysteria and it can be caused by over breeding as well as some food ingredients to overweight. Tuffy had a couple of bouts with this and while it’s a little scary I think he was getting a few too many doggie biscuits as treats. I usually mix up the treats with those soft doggie chew sticks and doggie biscuits but the store no longer carries the little doggie chews.  Tuffy isn’t overweight but his mother has had a couple of bouts with this and she was a puppy mill breeder dog before my Mom got her so over breeding might also be an issue. Another thing I found during a little research that may cause this hysteria is White flour in a dog’s food or snacks. Now all white flour was banned for dog food and snacks but many snacks now come from China and who knows if they are labeling the bags correctly?  I started reading the ingredient list on those biscuits and most start off with Wheat flour as the first ingredient!  So I cut way back on the biscuits as a treat and added a new chewie that has beef as the first ingredient, a little more expensive but in just a couple of days it has made a huge difference!

Smokey the cat seems to have reacted very badly to the change in the weather and may have got  bit of a cold. I’m keeping a close eye on her as she is sleeping more than usual and isn’t eating quite as much though she is drinking water and not having vomiting or diarrhea. There are a couple of nasty diseases that cats can get that have similar symptoms. I think it’s just like she took a chill out in the rain that happened earlier this week but if she hasn’t started eating a bit more we will have to go to the vet Monday and get her checked out.  If you are like me you think of pets as a part of the family and you are concerned when they get sick and want to do all you can to help but a little knowledge and the power of the internet you can often treat a few thing yourself and save the vet for things you can’t treat at home.  I’m not telling you not to use the vet especially if your animal is vomiting or has diarrhea because they can dehydrate quickly which can be life threatening to them and they need to see a vet right away!

Other than playing animal hospital I did get my sister’s present dropped off and had a nice easy day. Probably just putter around this weekend getting a few housekeeping chores done and keep an eye on the critters.


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  1. harry flashman says:

    I understand about the pets. I have spent far more on my ferrets vet bills than I would ever have spent on myself in any situation where I had a choice. I don’t think of them as pets, more as companions.

  2. Jamie says:

    harry, I do think of the critters as my buddies and the do the jobs they are good at. The pekes are a good alarm system and Smokey the cat is a great little hunter as well as patrols the backyard and keep the birds away and the squirrels away from the garden most of the time.

    • Jamie says:

      Update: Smokey the cat has started eating again a little bit at a time. She also seems to be moving easier and perking up.

      I can’t believe how much change there has been with Tuffy in just a couple of days. He is now acting like he is much younger dog and has a bounce back in his step.

  3. How does a dog act with hysteria?

    • Jamie says:

      Parsimony: The dog will act almost like it is dizzy and stumble a bit then will lay out perhaps do a running motion with the legs and have the shakes. This usually only occurs after exertion or a lot of excitement for the dog. They tend to recover very quickly but my Tuffy acted a bit scared for a minute after it happened. From what I understand Epilepsy in dogs can strike at more random moments not only after exertion or excitement.

      There was a story of an older peke having “canine Hysteria” in one of the James Herriot books of an country vet in Yorkshire England and I remember the dog had a terrible diet and was overweight and was treated with a change in diet and good healthy exercise. That’s when I looked up canine hysteria and it’s possible causes.

      It did seem to start slowly as Tuffy would get a bit wobbly and suddenly lay down and shake like he was scared or nervous, then it got a bit worse that he would lay down and kind of fall over on his side. The last episode he had before changing his treats he staggered about and then just fell over with the trembling and pawing the air. I would say the “fit” lasts a very short time say around 5-15 seconds and no more than 30 seconds with my dog though it did seem longer to me.

      A change in treats seems to have very quick effects in Tuffy. Just lowering the amount of the doggie biscuits seem to help in a day. Starting the beef doggie chew seem to stop all of the hysteria within 8 hours. Tuffy isn’t overweight but his mother had gain some weight before exhibiting the symptoms and they are both older dogs Tuffy is 10 years old and his mother is about 13 years old and purebred pekes. My Mom saw one of Tuffy’s worse “fits” and said that is exactly how his mother had acted.

      I noticed that Tuffy had a little tremor lately but I thought it was only because he was getting older. It looks like that little tremor is gone and he seems much more relaxed and more of his normal self since the change in treats.

  4. Sometimes it’s the unanswered prayers that are best. Be thankful you didn’t get the dobie. Short hair, not acclimated to your climate. Cold weather is hard on them. And you.

    • Jamie says:

      rat: I think you are right. I’m not in a hurry and can take the time to get the perfect dog for me!

      • Now you’ve got me lookin for one! Only, I know what I want. But I digress… another cow dog.

      • Jamie says:

        rat: I looked at a nice pointer mix (boxer?)that was very nice, sits on command loves playing fetch and I could control him fairly easily. The shelter dog has been around other dogs of all sizes from a chihuahua to an Airedale and did well with them both.

        I’ll have to see if he stays at the shelter till after payday as he has the adoption fee! I always seem to get the best animals for me and if the pointer mix get’s adopted something else will show up!

  5. Pointer? I hope you’ve got big fists. Those are needed. Just to get their attention! We do lot’s of bird hunting down here, and I’ve hunted over many of them. They are great bird dogs, but hard headed as hell. Short hair (weather) too! Not bad shedder’s, but think twice if planning on a house dog. Might tear down a house, but living in one is pretty much OTQ. Think how he got there (shelter). Did they tell you? I would suggest that either he took off (they are big runners), or someone else couldn’t handle him. They are really men’s dogs. I mean, really big men’s dogs. Big, big, men… Like 6’4″, 250lb. men. Just MHO, Jamie.

    • Jamie says:

      rat: I had a pointer lab cross when I was a teenager so I’m a little familiar with the breed, but I haven’t made up my mind for sure yet. The one I looked at was almost 3 years old and weighs about 55 pounds about 20-24 inches tall. Was much easier to handle than the dobie or the pit cross I saw and very good around other dogs that were getting walked around.

      I do have a big advantage of being home most of the day and a good size yard. I’m almost afraid of the pointer being to friendly and not a good guard/protection dog.

  6. The Soffitrat says:

    If it’s the type of pointer I’m use to, it would be much bigger, short hair, and tough. You’re right though. Not much for anything but food, and running. Rather dumb. Live off of their instincts alone.

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