Big storm hitting the west!

Today Dad and I got some of the Apple wood. I was going to wait till next weekend but there is a nasty cold front moving in and it’s going to get cold very fast.  The apple wood should burn a long time and help keep the house warm overnight. A big plus for me is most of the wood will fit in the stove with no additional cutting needed! With all the buckets filled, ashes cleaned out and some extra kindling I think the stove is about as ready as I can make it for next week.  I have been learning a lot about how to get the wood stacked and how much work a wood stove can be when you have limited physical energy. Overall I have been very pleased with how things are working out.  Next year I will be ready to put those lessons learned to good use.

I got the car topped off and it helps the budget now that gas prices have dropped a little bit.  Besides the wood I don’t have much to do for storm preparations this time. I think that is a one of the big advantages of using other storms as a test. It seems to up my confidence that I’m ready for most of the basic storm related issues. Of course Murphy can come along and screw up any plan, but having the simple things done gives you more time and energy if something more extreme happens during the storm.

It looks like it will be a good week for doing inside work on the house. I have been wanting to reorganize the pantry and finish up washing the walls. The rest of the soap ingredients should arrive and we can get to work on that project.  One thing about becoming self reliant is there is always something to do or learn.

This has been the year that I turned the corner on becoming more self-reliant. I know when I started out I was almost in a panic mode. Then I was just trying to get ahead a little bit, then life would happen and it always seems to cost money, that can be more than a little discouraging at times. Learning to adapt when things don’t go according to plan will be of huge help in any disaster type situation.  As the say in the Army you don’t have problems. Just another opportunity to adapt, overcome and excel.

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