My longer response to Kris

I’d like to rebut Kris because there seems to be a little problem with communication.

There are circumstances that you will never understand until they happen to you. Two years ago, I was as self-righteous as you are and threw around judgment and condemnation as easily as you do. I paid a high price for thinking I was so high and mighty, so immune from circumstances that I had never considered could happen to me.

I’m not sure why you consider myself high and mighty simply because I call out parasites that gloat about being parasites. I believe these people are created by God, have a spark of the divine and can do more for themselves besides simply leech off soceity.

 Then I started to lose things. My dad, my job. To survive I sold my car, my motor home, collections I had treasured for years, my furniture, and the food I had canned. 

Kris sad to say that parents die. My Father died a couple of years ago so that can be tough but that doesn’t really make either of us special! You sold stuff to survive and lost your job that has also happened to a lot of people. It sucks but it is also how the economy is right now. I’m not sure why you would sell your canned food but I wasn’t there so you did what you had to do as you saw it.

Then I lost my health (multiple sclerosis) and had to abandon a HUGE and prosperous garden that fed three families because I fall multiple times a day. So, I have lost my abilty to walk freely. I have lost my ability to make choices with my time because even though I am disabled, it falls to me to care full time for my mother.

I bet you thought I was not 100% disabled when you started your little lecture to me. I have CIDP I may be looking at ALS in the future and if it happens I will deal with it. I’m sorry about the garden, but you still have all that knowledge to share with others. I’m not sure what you mean that you can’t walk “freely” are you using a walker, wheelchair or some other sort of assistance? I use a walker myself and I have a wheelchair backup. You can’t lose your ability to make choices, but you can give them up! The only thing you have to do in this life is die. Everything else is a choice! You choose to take care of your mother and that is a fine thing but you made that choice.

I can’t provide for myself, live on Social Security (not disability, I don’t get it because I never paid into it, being self-employed. You never know what is going to happen, so it is wise to keep your opinions a little kinder.

Again your choice to be self-employed and not pay as much into SS. I know about what you bring in per month because I have a sister in a similar situation so I don’t have much pity for you in that respect. Thank goodness there is a safety net, but I don’t take it for granted and with what the PTBs are doing with the budget and threatening to cut us all off to score political points I think being prepared is even more critical to us on the edge! You are correct in saying you never know what may happen. All the more reason to prepare and be as self-reliant as possible!

Tomorrow, it may be YOU who is being called a ;drain on society, lazy, unmotivated, or any of the other ignorant and hateful names that you so cavalierly bandy about. But for today, just try and be thankful it isn’t YOU that people generalize about. In other words, stop being a jerk. Kharma is not a joke.

I have been called those names as part of the expansion of those on SSD. Yes, I paid into the system for over 20 years and I thought this was supposed to be an insurance system for those of us that became disabled and couldn’t work, not refused to work.  Guess what the PTBs lied to us so now we have to do something to try and protect ourselves from the “generosity” of the PTBs. I called out the parasites that work the system not the folks that need just a hand up not a hand out.

Kris I’m not trying to pick on you. I see that you have a lot of potential and quite a bit of knowledge to share. The skills and knowledge of your garden that fed three families alone is huge. How much land did it take?  I bet you have learned a lot of care giving skills taking care of your Mom and dealing with your own MS and keeping a home going probably takes a lot of adaptability day to day. I’m not your enemy, but I’m not going to apologize when I call out people that have work the system or try to play the “victim” card. I figure if I can prepare and thrive there is not many excuses  I will accept for others not to prepare!

14 Responses to My longer response to Kris

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    Well said Jamie, possibly you have helped others that have given up any hope.

    Failure is not an option.

  2. Jamie says:

    Danny: Failure is always an option. It just sucks overall!
    I’m either crazy or extremely well adjusted, because I never asked God Why me? when I got CIDP. Well, why not me? Life just is and fair or unfair are all value judgements.

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Very true Lady! But what I should said is…we do not have to accept it.

      My Dad used to say, “when you hit rock-bottom the only way left is back up again”!

  3. The Soffitrat says:

    Nobody told me that things were going to be ‘fair’. Fair is a place with cotton candy and clowns on bicycles. You’re right. Failure is always an option. Just not for many of us.

  4. Jamie says:

    I don’t want to pick on failure because I tend to learn quite a bit from failure. If you aren’t willing to risk failure now while times are not to bad. It can be tough to learn when hard times hit.

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Yep! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! My Dad was a business man, he had to spend a lot of money…carefully…but you have to do it. It doesn’t work any other way!

  5. Dannyboy53 says:

    Needless to say, we have the potential for failure in all aspects of our lives…career, marriage, education, raising children, etc.

    The common thread among each is effort. As you all know, so many people give up immediately at the first sign of adversity and walk away. For me and obviously each of you Jamie & ‘rat that is simply not the way it is done. We simply CAN’T.

    I ask myself almost daily, how important is this and how bad do I need/want it? Some people don’t seem to have this outlook and that’s an alien concept to me! I have a son-in-law that’s as worthless as tits on a chicken. He recently got a job offer making slightly over $1300 a week and he didn’t go in the day the position became open because he wasn’t feeling well! The boyfriend of my youngest daughter told my wife he could have got the job if he would have showed up!

    This is a major part of what we are dealing with in this country and by the way, I’m certainly not implying this is the issue with Kris.

    • Jamie says:

      Danny, I do something similar but with my little silver stash. Would I spend my silver to get ______? It’s amazing how often the answer is no!
      One reason I decided to get the wood stove is I could pay it off quickly with my silver as a backup.

  6. teresa says:

    Jamie has the same disability as my father had, so you have no idea what she deals with. I so appreciate all the encouragement she gives as I now deal with my own disability.

    She offers hope and shows the way that even the disabled can continue their efforts towards a more secure and sustainable lifestyle as we face the uncertainty.

    • Jamie says:

      teresa: I was very lucky. At my local VA I had a doctor that has made a hobby of this rare disease. I was in pretty bad shape when it started, While not able to work I can take care of myself. Overall life is pretty good.
      Everday the greatest thing in the world happens…I wake up! So i always have a lot to be thankful for daily

  7. kymber says:

    jamie – there is a lot that i want to say to kris but you pretty much said it all. and said it eloquently. i always come here and am surprised at how much you get done – disability or no disability. i find your blog to be one where you walk the walk and i love to learn from people like you!

    your friend,

    • Dannyboy53 says:

      Well said kymber, and so very true.

    • Jamie says:

      Ah, shucks kymber I like your rants. I hate to miss one because they are so rare.
      I’m afraid Kris went full into “victim mode” before she had a chance to get to know what this blog is about and who I am and what I’m trying to do with this blog. I hope she comes back and starts preparing as much as possible because she is exactly the person this blog is supposed to help.
      I figure everyone can prepare and take some control of their future. To me it’s empowering to know I can start stacking the odds of survival in my favor but also thrive doing and learning new stuff.

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