It’s about 15 degrees in SW Idaho and snow forcasted begining Friday

It got cold quick and I took a bit of a chill and had a heck of a time getting warmed back up. I used a bit more wood than is normal even on a cold day to break that chill. Still not to bad as I used one party bucket of mill ends  for the day. I have only used the apple wood overnight but as cold as it is I will start adding some during the day. I’m darn pleased with the wood stove and the amount of wood I’m using daily is very close to what I estimated I needed on a cold day.

Weather changes have an adverse effect on the CIDP and I have been dealing with a few more twinges than is normal for me but heck that is life.  I got another layer to add to my jacket and some extra gloves in the pocket so I don’t forget them. Most of the extra gloves I bought for backup/trade are cloth gloves but a local hardware store has leather gloves thatwill go on the next  shopping list.  The car emergency box is stocked along with the GHB is ready for winter.  I added a break down snow shovel to the car this fall so I think I am ready for any minor emergency. Plenty of sand and Ice melt standing by along with a snow shovel and push broom for snow removal.

When a fast moving storm hits is when I really love being prepared because it makes life so much easier.  No last minute things to get at the store or topping of any fuel tanks, saves a lot of time, effort and money. I did do a little shopping this week but nothing special just a few good buys I didn’t want to pass up. Albertsons has a great buy on sirloins for $2.99 a pound. It’s hard to find just plain hamburger at that price so I’m getting a couple of packages to freeze. Albertsons also has a good deal on 6-8 pack  Sparkle paper towels and 12-24 packs Angelsoft Toilet paper for $3.99 each if you buy 2. Once a person gets out of panic mode for preparing and can start taking advantage of those loss leaders at stores it is amazing  how quickly you can stock up and still save money.

I ran across a couple of new items that are hitting the Dollartree stores. A big one is those magic eraser type sponges. I got 2 sponges for a dollar and I love using these type of sponges in the bathroom. I don’t have to buy a special cleaner anymore and these sponges work great on soap scum and bathtub rings without scratching the porcelain. Anything that saves me both money and effort is a must have in my book.  Dollartree also had a trail size (9 oz.) version of Dawn dish soap platinum. It works very well on greasy pans/dishes and the size is just perfect for an RV or camping setup. I’m going to try it out this week end and see how well it works for grease stains on some cotton t-shirts.

It seems the new tends to hype any storm just to create a lot of negative emotions and ratings. I’m not minimizing that any storm can be dangerous if you are caught unaware and unprepared. By being prepared you can stop a lot of fear and those negative emotions. You are ready to deal with most problems with a calm and peaceful outlook.  That is very hard to put a price on.


4 Responses to It’s about 15 degrees in SW Idaho and snow forcasted begining Friday

  1. Stoke the fires and batten the doors. The Winter witch is visiting this weekend.

    • Jamie says:

      P.P. It’s been cold but I am so glad I got the apple wood before the storm hit but I am starting to think I got lucky getting those mill ends to start with because make an easy and hot, starting fire. The stove is staying warm over night and I have a bed of coals to start the fire in the AM.

  2. I’m glad you are all forted up and well stocked. Winter storms are dangerous. Now you can stay inside, be warmed by your fire, and enjoy some good food.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I am loving the wood stove! I feel very confident I can handle most storms and not having to depend on only electricity to stay warm and cook has given me a lot of peace of mind. It hasn’t been easy or cheap (for me) but it has been worth it.

      Getting independent of the utilities and the PTBs is my priority I know the stove will payoff in 3-5 years and everything after that is just gravy!

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