Working in the dark (practice)

I have started using the apple wood for daytime fires so I needed to get a few logs on the front porch to use. Where I’m storing the apple wood doesn’t have any lights so I got a chance to try out one of my ball cap clip-on flashlights. This light puts out a diffused sort of light which is good for getting wood and just walking around. I think for doing more detailed work you would want a higher quality headlamp that you could focus the light beam. These lights are very light weight and not even noticeable while wearing the cap.  Sure beats the heck out of holding the flashlight in your teeth while you use both hands to get a job done!  I picked up these lights for about $2.00 and that price included the batteries.

I got some of the mill ends loaded up in the wagon to cut on Friday. The carport has a nice motion detector flood light so it was easy to gather up the wood in the dark and load the wagon. Friday is going to windy, damp and nasty but while it might be a little cold in the shop it will be nice to cut up the wood out of the wind and rain/snow. I want to get that wood cut up so I stay ahead of the weather even though I have 3 party buckets full along with some apple already on the porch to burn.

It always surprises me just how well suited this place is for all of the things I am doing as a prepper. I have a couple of areas for storing wood that is under cover but still gets a little bit of a breeze for drying the wood. The central air intake fan is close to the wood stove so I’m able to use the fan only mode to help move heat through the rest of the house. My basement is great for fermenting beer and the yard is full of mature fruit or nut bearing trees.  I never heard the word “prepper” when I bought this house and I sure didn’t think I would become disabled. But no matter if it was just dumb luck or divine intervention I am thankful I bought this little house.

I think I may have over done it a bit trying to get ready for the different types of storms coming our way. While I don’t work for a living I understand that there are just so many hours in a day and a limited amount of physical energy that each person has to expend. I don’t beat myself up to much though it can be frustrating at times.  You will get tired and worn out and perhaps get a bit angry with yourself with not accomplishing all the goals you want in a certain time frame. It’s okay to take a break look at how much you have accomplished instead of focusing on what you haven’t done yet! Life is stressful enough as it is without you beating yourself up for not getting things done in a certain amount of time. I wanted do up several batches of beer and get started on the soap making this week and that did not happen, no biggie.   I believe the sun will still rise and in a month  or even a year I doubt that anyone will recall I failed at those little goals.  No excuses, just life.



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