Opertator Headspace and timing (OHT)

Oh crumbs ! I lost a little bit of frozen vegetable and meat in my little fridge’s freezer.  My fault completely as I did not notice the fridge and freezer had only one controller for both areas. I was making some lager and thought the fridge might do a better job at maintaining the temp. in late  summer. Well the fridge idea didn’t work for the lager and I forgot to adjust the temp back to normal.  Thankfully the freezer wasn’t full though I had a nice little turkey in there and losing that hurt the worst. I don’t need the turkey for holiday meals as I like to do up a couple  prime ribs for my contribution for Xmas and New Year’s Eve dinners at my parents. No real damage overall except for me kicking my butt for wasting food because I didn’t pay attention.

I didn’t manage to screw anything else up and  a few ideas are working out better than I had anticipated. I managed to fill the garden cart with mill ends that filled up two of the party buckets.  Though using the cart moving the apple wood was not quite as easy as I had hoped carrying it to the front of the house.  I’m spoiled that I have sidewalks and concrete for most of the garden carts paths that make moving loads super easy.  The wind was a little unpleasnt while moving the wood around outside,  but cutting wood in the shop was very comfortable. The weatherman has forcasted some snow overnight so we will see how the little cart does, at worse the party buckets should be easy to drag over snow.  I would like to get a small wood rack for holding the apple wood on the front porch. I don’t need a big one and I can wait for them to go on sale.  I think that it would make a good spot for the wood as well as be easy to get to and would look a bit better than just stacking it on the floor. There is a bit of a learning curve working with the wood for me since it has been so long not having a wood stove.  Life is hard enough,  make the things you control as easy as possible.

We are dealing with a bit of drama in the family as most families do from time to time. We have a a few homebodies and me I’m almost hermit like and then we have quite a few “people persons” that love being around others and find that energizing. When Mom and I took our little camping trip we were quite happy just chatting or reading a book and Mom doing her knitting and just sitting around listening to the quiet. Most of the other members of the family tend to want a schedule of having fun and lots of people around the fire. We do have a divide between those that are solitary and those that are more group oriented. Anyway  things got a little complicated and I simply decided to ask the person what the heck is going on and got a nice straight forward answer and no drama!  Now my sister is a more work as she is bi-polar and get’s a bit unsure of her value and needs an emotional pump up at times and I kind of clobbered her when she stated I didn’t like her. I doubt she really believed what she was saying she just wanted a bit of ego reinforcement and I didn’t play the game. Well she has apologized for that statement and I will take over a bit of internet research that she wants and hopefully she won’t try to play that game again for awhile.

It looks like I will have to be the responsible one again, as my parents are getting a bit older and they need to know that someone will  watch after the family when they are gone. I’m not sure how much luck I will have with my brother and sisters but perhaps the next generation will take a bit of advice from time to time. I have the preps on hand now, so I guess they might as well get used to the idea I will be in charge!


5 Responses to Opertator Headspace and timing (OHT)

  1. The care and feeding of a family is complicated!

  2. harry flashman says:

    Don’t feel badly. My two brothers and I can’t be in the same room for 15 minutes without fireworks going off, and I haven’t really spoken to my sister in 20 years.

    • Jamie says:

      harry: I don’t feel bad about jumping my sister when she try to go full blown pity party hoping I would pander a bit to her ego when what she didn’t seem to think about was the huge insult she made towards me. I think next time she has a pity party she won’t be calling me.
      They aren’t bad people just incredibly self centered adult children that don’t want to grow up and still try to force Mommy and Daddy prove how much they love them.

      Well someone will have to be the adult and it looks like it will be me. Not so much as I will take care of the kids but to give Mom and Dad some peace of mind and start taking the load off their shoulders.

  3. Ihaho mom says:

    The little point Jamie forgot to tell you was that her mom got “nasty” about the other kids. I am still trying to get them to grow up. My husband is a nice, and sweet guy. He needs to be needed. I don’t have that need. We are younger elders and i want these “nit-nat” brains to be smart enough, tough enough, and compassion enough to survive in a Crazy, Skrewed-Up that we live in. i am still a mom and I love the biscuits heads. They are adults and I can’t run their lives, but AHHHH! Jamie being the responsible one, stepped up AGAIN.

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