You’re doing to much! Listen to your mother or the commentors of your blog

It can be tough for me to ration physical energy when I’m feeling good. It’s almost a race what will give out first, my project list or my body. Let’s say my body has a mind of it’s own and it won this round big time!  I don’t know if many other folks with disabilities do this but the few I know do sort of the same thing of trying to get as much done on good days as they know they will have bad days in the future.  I thought I took a break for recovery in time to save a bit of pain but I was wrong. I felt absolutely awful Sat. night and somehow my left shoulder decided I needed to stop using it for awhile today. I could still move the left arm some and finish up the dishes, do laundry and get some no-knead bread dough made so that worked out well. The hot muscle rub and aspirin is helping to ease  some of the pain.  While my example is a little extreme having some basic OTC meds and chemical hot and cold packs that are not dependent on electricity are a must have for any prepper.

I marinated a pork roast using the Char Sui marinate and it was so good! Made up some rice and added some sesame seeds and it really hit the spot. I think letting the pork marinate for 24 hours rather than over night would have made it better but I knew this would be a learning experience.  The Char Sui has some sweet and you want to get that to caramelize so using a rotisserie or  BBQ I think is better than a wet cooking method. I think it’s kind of cool that I can make a easy meal of pork roast and have the fixins for pork and seeds later. I  missed having hot mustard in the house, another thing to add to the shopping list.  I will try out the stewing method with what is left over of the roast add some frozen Asian veggies and try out the rice noodles. You got to love a roast that gives you three or four meals in addition to yummy snacks.

I might have been a little optimistic in what I can accomplish this month. I may only be able to the basics of cutting wood for right now to keep the power bill low and just handle any minor little things that come up in life. I want to get the soap making and cleaning beeswax going but it might have to wait till next year. I knew I was pushing my limits and so not accomplishing those goals this year is not so bad. I think a person should push the limits of what they are capable of and if things don’t work out you just learn to adjust.

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  1. I have fibromyalgia. Plus, my last vertebrae sits on bone. I have two herniated discs and the L5 is shoved out of place. Both knees have torn meniscus, and I have a torn rotator cuff. I tried to do what I should and the pain was debilitating. The doctor cannot give me pain meds that will help because I will need pain meds to work when I have the back surgery. So, I learned to only do so much, back off, rest when I am whimpering from pain instead of pushing through. If I don’t, I must spend three days in bed and sleeping 12 hours. I do get up, but just sit and am very weak.

    • Jamie says:

      Practical, I know I’m a slow learner it’s been almost 5 years with CIDP and all of the other things I smashed or broke growing up and being in the military.
      The shoulder pain is starting to ease so I think I may have just inflamed the tendon a bit and maybe had a bad reaction to the cold weather. I’m not used to cutting wood and using a fireplace even though I try to make it easy it does take more physical work and energy that I never did that in the winter when disabled.

      A few non narcotics that help me is the Homedics spa for the tub. Almost as good as a jacuzzi and you can find them at a thrift store or yard sale cheap. Add some Epson salts when you can soak in the tub seems to help me a lot with achy muscles. Heat muscle ointments do help and if you buy those heat patches at the dollar stores get the Asorbine Jr. brand. Those are the best I have found for a dollar and last about 6-8 hours.

      These are not perfect but they do help to ease my pain a bit. I prefer to minimize my use narcotics and try to take a break of a 6-12 months so when I do need them they are effective.

  2. I think you did pretty well in terms of accomplishments this month. Everybody wears out after a period of determined and unrelenting activity. I think you need to sit by your wood stove and eat some of that delicious food, take a little rest. The weather is too bad to do much anyway.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry; I think you are right! I’m doing some thinking with a bit of malice of forethought on the gift exchange or what is not happening with the gift exchange and simply let it die unless the family is willing to support it!
      Other than the munchkins I can put plenty of gifts under the tree as I started buying last Jan. and all through the year. I’m not Catholic or Jewish but I might just take a shot at working a little guilt on my siblings.

  3. It’s Winter. Dow hat ya have to do to stay warm and rest all the other times. Save up that energy to hit it pain free come Spring time 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer, I think I did get a bit overextended on my physical energy this winter. Next winter I will have a much better idea on what is needed and can get ahead of the game. I expect a crash in the fall of 2014 and I hope I’m wrong again but by then I should be in pretty good shape other than being dependent on a paycheck from the PTBs.

  4. Karen says:

    I so agree-we want to “make hay when the sun shines”! I find it hard to admit I’m no longer a spring chicken. ;/ When I find myself down and out physically, I switch gears and do what I can. I like to use my resting time for crocheting and knitting, also, I work on my spiritual preparedness, memorizing verses and hymns. Take care Jamie!

    • Jamie says:

      Karen, It’s a balancing act on energy and it sometimes bites me on the butt. I have a couple of knitting looms that I think I can use for projects. My hands are a bit iffy for detailed movements though I’m good at shaking/mixing drinks.LOL

      I have a couple of books going one is Bradford’s writings on the Pilgrims and Plymouth Plantation and another is a french traveler to Persia in the late 1600’s.

      I think sometimes the hardest thing is to admit I can’t do it all now that I’m disabled. Being stubborn and independent is generally a good thing but it makes me very bad at asking for help or slowing down until my body just refuses to do anymore and reminds me of my limitations.

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