Thanks Dad

Dad came over and cut up a lot of wood for me.  He brought over his chop saw and filled all the party buckets extra full and my garden cart. One of the party buckets he filled lasted a day and a half instead of just a day like mine usually last.  All I had to do was drag the buckets to the front porch and grab a few of the smaller Apple wood logs. The party buckets are very easy to drag one handed with the good size rope handles. By the weekend the weather should be back to normal for this time of year with highs in the 30’s.

Overall this was a good test on using wood to heat the house in very cold weather. The apple wood helped out a lot for keeping the house warm overnight and I’m getting about a 7 hour burn time.  I just used a couple of the small logs during the day and another two at night and even during the cold snap the house stayed nice and warm.  I also learned how to control the heat a little bit better so I save wood thaat way. I still have more than half of the stack of wood and adding about a cord of the fruit wood with the mill ends will give me a good wood mix for a normal winter. Adding another box of worth of the apple and a metal can for the hot ashes  will be on my shopping list for next week.

Finally got to some beer making today. It was easy to start because I had the stock pots filled with filtered water and the grains were ready to go. I’m going with my favorite German style wheat and I’d like to do up the black malt porter next. My neighbor’s roommate is moving back to Colorado and I would like to give her a six pack as a going away present. She is the one that worked as a barista and got me a stack of big burlap bags  for my projects. Very nice gal though a bit scattered brained,  of course looking back at myself in my early 20’s I would probably consider my younger self a bit of a nut too.

Not much else to report than I’m going to take it a little easy to let the shoulder heal up some more. I’m allergic to pain it hurts me and while I’m a slow learner nothing like a  pain to call attention to me overdoing it!  Still trying to decide what to do about the Xmas gift giving thing. I’m thinking about letting it slide and perhaps the other kids will decide to support it or we can go out and buy more gifts and have folks decide which way they prefer to do the Xmas gift thing. I still have couple of people to buy for but those are just the ones I always have to pump for info and try get an idea for a gift without giving it away I’m looking for a gift. I’m not very good at being subtle.




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  1. Beer!!!

    You should get some local honey and make some mead as well.

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: I have done some mead though not with local honey yet as it takes a year to work it’s magic. The first batch I did with a champaigne yeast and in a 6 month time frame was pretty good but could have been better with a little more time.
      I expected the mead to be overly sweet but it tastes a lot more like a cider or semi-dry wine.

      My aunt showed me a local beekeeper who sells his wax and his bees make a dark honey that doesn’t seem to sell in this area so he does a mix with other honeys. We are hoping next year to convince him of selling us his dark honey and make a market for him.

      I have bought the beeswax and clean it to use for salves and creams and Mom want’s to make real beeswax candles. It’s amazing all the things that natural beeswax can be used for. From a glue for making handles on knives and swords to temporary dental fillings. Beeswax and honey are amazing multi-taskers!

      • I have found here that the honey get’s darker the further into the Summer you get until Fall where it is the darkest. If his honey is too dark you might tell him to try harvesting in smaller amounts early in the season that’s where ya get the light honey.

        I use bees wax for a number of things especially in the reloading world.

  2. The Soffitrat says:

    Fathers are good.

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