Looks like the idiots in DC are going to pass a budget

As you can tell I’m not really happy about what I have read so far about this great compromise of the D’s and R’s. It looks like this budget is going to be more of the same sort of can kicking and does nothing to to address the deficit or debt levels of the government. The PTBs have all but declared war on the TEA party and conservatives so I guess we will get to see just how high a debt a government can run up before it implodes on itself.  It should be interesting from a historical stand point, but I suppose watching a bomb countdown is interesting while it lasts.

There are a few advantages with having a budget in place before the next shutdown in that government checks probably will get paid and can’t be used as a threat against citizens. If you were saving up your cash just in case you were not to sure if you would get paid  next month you can probably relax a little.  We should start seeing some great bargains after Xmas as most inventory levels are very high and business will need to sell quickly in order to reduce their tax burden. Let’s not forget that many people that bought stuff for this cold snap may have the payments come due next month and might be getting rid of some winter preps on the cheap along with paying for gift bought for Xmas and maybe cash poor. I think that selling those items is foolish but if I can get a good deal I’m not going to pass it up!

I am looking at the goals I want to accomplish next year and some items I want for the yard sale list. I am doing the lists  a little differently by splitting them up between Need to have and Want to have on hand.  My need list has become pretty small and my want list has gotten quite a bit longer compared to the last few years.  I hope to focus on skills and new projects rather than trying to build up my equipment and goods as those items are in good shape overall.

Don’t get complacent and keep working your plan. You don’t have to get everything at once because the PTBs are going to do all they can to keep the system going if only to protect themselves! I think eventually they will lose control of this monster they have created but I try to setup myself up that I’m always gaining in self-reliance so if they hold it together I’m still better off.  If they do lose control I will be somewhat in charge of my own destiny.  I certainly saw a huge savings on my summer electric bills going to the small window A/C unit and even with the cost of wood  and the stove I am seeing a savings on winter energy costs. I try to get things now that will payoff in the near future and will save money in the years ahead.


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  1. Anything that makes you less dependent on others, and others includes the government, is a damned good thing.

    As for this budget deal farce let’s hope the Senate Femocrats can’t handle the no unemployment thing and send it back to the House and the House won’t pass it with the unemployment on it 🙂

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer, Getting free of the PTBs is my long term goal. Now if I can do it before they system implodes is the question. I figure it is worth trying no matter what happens. If I can reduce my living costs, make a bit of money and have enough time to get it all done it is all theoretically possible.

      I think you are wrong on the budget bill. I think there will be some fussing and more kabuki theater but I think we will see it pass in Jan. 2014 and there will be all sorts of gnashing of teeth and nothing will really change.
      This will set the post stimulus budgets as the baseline rather than a return to the 2007 budget. One trillion + dollar deficits will become the new normal.
      It will give all the congress critters over 10 months till the 2014 election for the sheeples to forget. Along with plenty of time for new distractions.

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie my thoughts on the needs/wants list you speak of is when your needs list gets smaller and you can turn to the wants list more often we must be doing something right, at least we have our priorities in order! As you know, getting over the initial cost of a product that is new around the property is the hardest part however the savings in the long term makes it well worth while.

    Mary and I reload cartridges for several calibers and we recently decided we needed another tumbler to keep the brass clean. As I was searching the internet for the cheapest tumbler I could find I ran across a web site showing how to build one for about $10. (Most of them run anywhere from $60-$120). It turns out I had the materials on hand in my shop and was able to build one in about 30-45 minutes costing me nothing but my time! That is an example of why sites like this one, where people can exchange ideas, are so important. Thank you Jamie for providing that service!

    Whatever happens in the future we can be sure of one thing, everything we use will either disappear or the price will become high as the hair on a cats’ back.

    Pioneer Preppy your statement about reducing dependency is right on target. My wife is a Cherokee Indian (Native American in politically correct speech!) and people have asked her why she doesn’t proclaim such to the “government”. Her answer is always the same…”I want NOTHING from them except to be left alone.”

    • Jamie says:

      Dannyboy It seemed i would never get everything I needed or stuff done but now that I’m over the “hump” it only took about 5 years.

      I wish more peoplewould take advantage of all the knowledge on the internet. It is staggering how much you can learn if a person makes the effort.

      I’m following up on my Creek Indian heritage mostly because Native Americans can claim exempt status from Obamacare. I’m currently good under VA for my disability but we will see how long that lasts.

  3. Dannyboy53 says:

    We tried the genealogy thing with Mary but ran into a wall pretty quickly as records of American Indians were poorly kept, if at all.

    About a year ago we spent several days at the Cherokee Heritage Center in Tahlequah, Oklahoma (http://www.cherokeeheritage.org/) and Mary loved every moment of it. It taught her so many things about how her people lived so long ago that she never knew. And as an added bonus, it’s run by Cherokee Indians!

    I’ll quit now as I did not mean to hijack your thread…my apologies!

  4. teresa says:

    You will need a CDBI card for exemption from Ocare.

    • Jamie says:

      teresa, I didn’t know about the card name but was looking at actual membership with the tribe,which is probabbly similar. Early days in my research but I’m probably 1/8th or more Creek.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        I believe 1/8 is the minimum the regime will recognize, but the entire process infuriates my wife. She has a problem with the Federal Government claiming the authority to regulate this aspect of their lives and offering handouts based on the degree of nationality of the American Indian. Mary is full Cherokee and wants nothing to do with Indian/government relations at all, a touchy subject with her!

  5. riverrider says:

    j, agree on the budget. the only thing they cut was vet benefits. they cut how much COLA we will get, basically cutting our pay ever year, and are trying hard to screw us out of 20yr retirement and va benefits. 85 billion over TEN YEARS, some cut huh? starting to feel like the ww1 bonus army. they were machinegunned on the capitol steps….

    • Jamie says:

      river I went through 2 of the RIF’s but I never saw them go after the senior NCO and Field Grade officers like the PTBs are doing this time. The military is losing a lot of combat vets but it’s good that those vets are going to among the rest of the population.

      I used to think the Army was a great job and carreer now I work very hard to convince people to stay away from the Army.

  6. Rob In His Bunker says:

    Getting caught up on your postings. A couple of really great stop and think posts. I am going to be spending the next few days making a list of needs vs wants for the next year as well.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, Don’t forget your yardsale shopping list. It helped me a lot to stay on budget knowing what I had to have and what price I was willing to pay. I used to be bad about buying stuff just because it was a good deal rather than if I really needed it.

      • Dannyboy53 says:

        That is “key” to it all Jamie, to wise spending and saving money. We kill ourselves with “impulse buying” and even sometimes regret it later. At least I have!

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