I didn’t get to cut wood today, now what do I do?

I was heading out for my walk with Mom and there was Dad setting up his stuff to cut wood.  At least I had the garden cart filled with wood to cut but it’s amazing just how quickly he can fill up my party buckets and the cart with cut mill ends. In just over an hour he filled five of the buckets and cart. It can be a little frustrating with this disability that I could only fill about 2 of the buckets in that amount of time, but that is how life is and nobody said it would be fair!  I did get a few items moved and organized on the front porch so I can make a larger stack of the apple wood and a person can walk easily without running into anything. The front porch can be a junk catcher so it would be nice for it to have a designated purpose.

It’s a little odd how hard for me to reset mentally from cutting wood to the next project. Usually I can react fairly quickly at least mentally if not physically. I think I’m still recovering from the last few projects so I guess I will take it easy and do more puttering rather than start a to do list for a little bit longer.  Wednesday will be for paying bills buying gas and a little bit of shopping and I am getting the stuff ready for another batch of beer I can make on Thursday.  Friday will be for a wood run out to the orchards. The week has plenty of things to get done.

Got new idea about saving some money. I don’t watch all that much TV and I’m think getting an Amazon Prime account might make better financial sense for me compared to even my cheap package of channels via dish sat.  I’m a voracious reader and having access to sharing and free books is part of my thinking for saving money.  Amazon Prime costs $80.00 a year and dish costs about $320.00 per year.  I can buy the programs I wish to keep for a low price and that doesn’t include all the free book sharing or  shipping.  I have a big advantage in that I spent several years overseas and sort of broke the hold that TV held over me. Amazon is offering free month of Amazon prime so I can try it for a month while keeping my dish sat to see how well it works out.  Saving twenty dollars a month may not sound like a lot but every little bit helps.


5 Responses to I didn’t get to cut wood today, now what do I do?

  1. I tried to go without my Direct TV and lasted about three days. I missed being able to tune in Fox News, and the History/Science/Nat Geo/ Discovery Channel shows. Then the networks got some shows I liked like Vikings, The Americans, Longmire, Falling Skies, and Hell on Wheels. Plus I couldn’t give up Breaking Bad. So I had them start it back up.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry; I understand, I don’t watch those channels and so many now have reality shows or the like the military channels has become the WWII/Hitler channel all the time.

      I was amazed how many shows that Amazon Prime offered for free or low cost, but I think the big selling point for me was the free lending library for kindle.

  2. Soffitrat says:

    I do both! Read and watch TV at the same time. Wife thinks I’m crazy, but what the hell…

  3. Karen says:

    When I first cancelled my cable, I went through withdrawal! …but after a while, life went on, and I don’t miss it one bit-I have Prime, and Netflix, check the news and weather online, and I find that’s more than enough for me. An added benefit-I have much more time to “do” life.

    • Jamie says:

      Karen: When I was overseas in the Army I got in the habit of buying DVD’s of the shows I wanted to watch. I don’t follow any celebrities or pop culture so it’s not like anyone would be surprised if I haven’t a clue what the are talking about, so that’s a wash. I figure I will spend more time reading books on my kindle via the “free” Library rather than watching TV.

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