I got most of the stuff done I planned.

It was a bit of a race against the snow but Dad and I got the load of apple wood home with a few hours to spare.  I filled up two of the party buckets from the cut wood Dad had in the garden cart. I even have some of the apple wood on the porch since I’m just burning it  overnight.  The box of Apple wood we get is cut so most of it will fit in my wood stove without any cutting or splitting needed. But  I’m getting a nice stack of apple wood I need to cut down using the chainsaw so I had some leftovers from the first box and this box had quite a bit of the larger chunks of wood that needs cutting.  I’ll get another box of wood after Xmas, then I  should be good to go if we have the “normal” after New Year’s  cold snap.  The hardwood pile is slowly starting to build up and Dad thinks one of his buddies might have some hardwood we can get that will be a little cheaper per cord.  Maybe in Feb. I can afford to buy a whole cord at once. I’m not saving money overall with the stove purchase yet, but once the stove is paid off next year I should start seeing a payback plus I think the wood stove adds value to my little house if only to me.

I have two batches of beer fermenting in the basement, a lager and an English porter. Since I’m using the wood stove instead of the furnace in the basement the temp. has dropped to just about optimal for those cooler fermenting beers. I need to try an Ale and see if it likes the new temp as well as the lager. I stopped by the beer lady and got the fixings for an amber ale and getting the brew pots ready for the Oatmeal Stout that I want to use for my first beer soap. The beer Lady also has another 15 gallon barrel for me I will pick up on the 30th of this month. I seem to be the only one buying these barrels which kind of surprises me because she is giving me a great deal for a food safe barrel.  Who knows, but if the SHTF I may go into the water selling/barter business.  At the very least I will have some water barrels I can send to family members for a short term disaster.

I got the Prime Rib for New Year’s eve for $5.85  a pound at Fred Meyers. I’m going to use the rotisserie to cook the Xmas eve Prime Rib and Dad is cooking up a Ham along with a bunch of finger foods and snacks. I saw that Fred Meyers had some turkeys for .98 per pound so after the holidays I will be buying my turkeys for next year. If I can afford 3 or4 I’ll take a swing at canning some BBQ turkey for the pantry.

It started snowing this evening and Smokey the cat is most displeased. She is a bit of a nut and while she has all the arrogance of a good cat she also likes the doggie snacks alot better than her kitty snacks. I figure eventually I’ll break even on costs getting only the doggie treats even though they are more expensive than the doggie biscuits the new treats are a lot cheaper than the kitty snacks.

That’s about it from Casa de Chaos I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.


5 Responses to I got most of the stuff done I planned.

  1. 15 gallon barrels sound interesting. Do you have a cart to move them yourself?

    • Jamie says:

      Pioneer: yep, I have a small dolly that works for me around the house. The barrels weight about 120 pounds when full. I think I could drop the sides of my garden cart and tip a barrel on to the cart if I had to go some distance.

  2. If I don’t talk to you again til after Christmas, I hope you have a good one. Stay safe.

  3. Soffitrat says:

    Smart to get the turkeys now. We may not be able to get them, at all, next year. Seriously.

    • Jamie says:

      rat: I know the turkey farmers did not have a good year as it was tough on most because of feed costs. Time to buy is now at a good price and if the price goes down next year just buy another bird at the better price and “can” the frozen higher priced turkey.

      Mom and I are looking at splitting a local beef and perhaps a pig next year. I have the big double propane burners for canning outside in summer and I have learned to cut and cook meat in a lot of ways for tasty and cheap canned meats for the pantry.

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