Expectations crushed, time to adapt

Overall I have was well prepared for Xmas.  I got the prime rib for less than $6.00 a pound which I consider a good buy since many ranchers had a rough 2013 with the cost of feed, storms and drought.   The rotisserie did a  great job on the prime rib. If you like an easy way to cook roasts quickly,  I would recommend getting a rotisserie.  I got a used Ronco at one of the local thrift stores for $6.00 and it works great for cooking a small roast indoors even during the summer without heating up the kitchen or if you don’t have time or fuel for using the BBQ/Grill.  Speaking of grills, I was hoping to give my old grill to a family member but they are having some issues in the marrige.  I will be holding off giving the grill to the family until I see if they stay a family.  Choas at Christmas seems to be normal in this  family, perhaps it the stress of the holidays that causes the cracks to become huge fissures.

I worked all year getting gifts for everyone and I was darned pleased overall getting what people would want as a gift but I did give a couple of duds.  One of the bigggest drawbacks on buying gifts early in the year is life changes quickly and what seemed like a good gift in April falls flat in December.  Supposedly a couple of years ago the family was going to pick names and get one really good gift per person to save money since times are tough.  This year nobody remembered to get the names picked and so half of the family seemed to blow off buying gifts for a few family members.  My sister and I  got sort of over looked as far as any siblings giving us gifts. I know times are tough but even a card would have been nice, as they say it’s the thought that counts!  I’m not to surprised as they don’t have a thought to give to me and my sister as can happen with blended families.  Perhaps in time me giving gifts thought I’m on disability and “poor” will have some impact on them. I’m not holding my breath, as they are quite self-absorbed.  I have to say, not getting anything from the “siblings” did hurt just a bit.

Mom and Dad gave me some nice little gifts. Mom made me some slippers and Dad got me a bottle of wine that I really like a lot, plus he cut up a bunch of wood for me when my shoulder was hurting.  My neighbors cleared off my sidewalks in the front and backyard and I gave them some beer. Very nice gifts that cost nothing in cash, but save me a lot of physical energy.  I got a bit spoiled having Dad come over and cut up wood and had to go out today and cut up the wood  myself.  Over the last two dys I got the front porch somewhat organised to store both the party buckets of wood.  I cut up three buckets worth of the mill ends and found out my little shoping cart/box works great for getting a load of of the apple wood to the front porch.

I hope I haven’t whined to much. I love giving gifts and enjoy it when I get the gift a person really likes and doesn’t say with the dissappointed voice “How nice”.  The reason for the season is giving and it has been a “lessoned learned” for me. Just because some people are self absorb doesn’t mean I should get into a game of “Tit for Tat”.


12 Responses to Expectations crushed, time to adapt

  1. harry flashman says:

    Sorry that happened to you. We never do the gift thing. My wife and I give our kids a bit of money, which they use for whatever they need to. As for all my other relations outside the immediate family, we all agreed eons ago that mailing packages around the country was counter productive.

    • Jamie says:

      harry: As they say “Stuff happens”! I’ve been harping about keeping the “kids” in thier own houses, as we ration out any “supplies. Mom sees it that way now.
      They aren’t bad people, just typical sheeples that want to believe the B.S. I’m related to people I don’t relate too!

  2. Soffitrat says:

    Every family has members in denial, as well as horses asses. At least there is hope for the denial.

    This, too, shall pass.

    • Jamie says:

      rat, I was a little hurt and agitated because of what happened but I’m on top of it now. What others do should have no long term affect on me, though it can hurt for a little bit of time.

      All a person can do is live life as best they can each day. As long as I like what person in the mirror is doing , what others may think of me has no bearing in my life. I think my Mom and Dad are proud of me, God loves me and I like myself. That’s good enough for me!

  3. riverrider says:

    j, we love you and value your existence, and we hardly know you, lol! if they are too stupid to see it, tuff on them. fido!

    • Jamie says:

      river, It’s almost like a second family with my commentors. I learn and get so much support that I think it’s one reason I stay resonably sane and upbeat!

  4. Rob says:

    Jamie In our little group of bloggers there is no such thing as whining. It called venting. Our kids had a lite Christmas this year due to our move back to MN. They all where OK with it, and understood. We had an early Christmas back in the spring one last trip to Disney, etc. We received many blessings this year, from you and the others who helped us in Nov. That was our Christmas gifts.

    You can always email me to vent, my email address is on my blog. Have a safe New Years Eve my friend.

    • Jamie says:

      Rob, Thanks!! I have been so blessed this year getting stuff done. It sounds a little bit like i’m a whiney kid when so many people are have tough times.

  5. Sharon says:

    “All a person can do is live life as best they can each day. As long as I like what person in the mirror is doing , what others may think of me has no bearing in my life. I think my Mom and Dad are proud of me, God loves me and I like myself. That’s good enough for me!”
    That says it all! Love your blog Jamie, I very seldom comment on blogs, but I wanted to let you know that you do make a difference. I am always amazed at what you accomplish and you motivate me to do better. Keep up the good work!

    • Jamie says:

      Shar: I think I’m doing good and this blog helps keep me focused and work out some of the less than nice stuff. Most families have issues of one sort or another so I’m not special in that regard.

      It may sound a bit strange but when something like this happens I think about God and imagine he says to me “Now you know the crap I go through with my kids”. The freely given gift with no expectation of reciprocity can be tough. But it’s okay for me now. The Bible says we will be “unpopular” and reviled. So in a weired way I think I am doing the right thing though it may make others unconfortable.

      There is a quote about comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. I may not always be effective but I can be annoying!

  6. Karen says:

    I’m pretty sure my family’s calling in life is to drive me crazy, after all, they work so hard at it and they are so very proficient! 😉

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