Can you pray for carbonation? Still stocking up

This week my body had a mind of it’s own and did not want me to do anything. I brewed up a couple of batches of beer and just had nothing left for the bottling and that is an easy and simple job.  I think the lager will be okay for sharing but the English Ale black porter is a bit more iffy to be ready on time.  English ales are slow on carbonation and tend to like warmer temp for drinking so I will have to see if it is ready to go for New year’s eve.  I used the regular beer bottles and the capper so I could give out a few 6 packs to those that like homemade beer so bottling did take a little extra effort. I think my Black malt porter is very tasty. While not a Guiness the flavor sort of leans that way and is very rich.

I think my next beer experiment will be pilsner which tends to be a very popular beer type here in the USA.  I fell in love with a dark pilsner in Germany called Loher pils 1878 and while not the most popular beer in Germany, I really like the flavor and taste.  I love to experiment with beer types and doing all types of beer. Most home brewers,  I am told, do one or two types of beer they like and sort of stop at more any experimentation. Perhaps I have been lucky, but most of my beer experiments have turned out well. While there are some beers I do like better than others.  All tend to be a lot better than I can buy at the local mega-mart.  Do’t be afraid to brew your own beer. Beer is a great trade/barter good and it’s simple to Brew In A Bag (BIAB) to make all grain beers.  You don’t need a lot of money to start and most of the items you buy are multi-taskers, from 6 gallon buckets to stock pots.

Well enough about beer next is stocking up and I’m getting close on the 7 year food barrels being filled. I want to get one more bag of dent corn and then the multi-grain barrel needs some other grains like Steel cut oats, pearled barley and some othe odds and ends.  Variety will help a lot on avoiding food fatigue, so small bags of different grains are good to add to any long term storage. Have a way you want to cook all that you store and use your stored foods at least weekly if not daily. Add plenty of whole spices and different ways of cooking your basics will give you flexibility in your meal planning.  You can get tired of eating anything day after day even if it is steak and lobster.  See if turkey or hams are on sale this week. At worse you can practice cooking on the cheap or can the meat up for the pantry.  Don’t worry if you make a few mistakes on flavoring and spices. That is how you learn and it’s best to learn when you can afford to make mistakes.

Do something new and challenge yourself with food.  It might be cooking with a wok and learning Asian spices. Or it might be going Hispanic/S. American or even leaning how to make borscht with home grown beets. Get outside your comfort zone and do something different!  Have some fun and enjoy your prepping. This is a lifestyle, I know I enjoy the journey and all that I have learned. I’ have learned to do my own char sui and make my own pork and seeds. I didn’t need to pick up a phone to make basic Chinese food!

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  1. Marilyn says:

    Great price for 93% lean ground beef in our Ridley’s ad this morning. Sad to say $2.57/# is a good buy these days.

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