A nice prime rib dinner and the beer got fizzy

My prime rib turned out awesome if I do say so myself.  Definitely the best prime rib I have made so far…To bad most of my family seem to be having a “brain cramp” and didn’t get to have any of it. I’m not sure what is going on with some of the family members but they seem to be more self-centered than usual.  Perhaps they are a bit scared and are getting the “bunker mentality” or something else but it was very weird this holiday season.  I would not mind them being dough brains but I think it really hurt Dad a lot and Mom is a bit peeved as well.  Well you can’t control other people all you can control is yourself. Sometimes people are just a bit stupid and lacking empathy. They aren’t evil, just self-centered and don’t look outside of their little bubble.

On the upside, my beer did get fizzy and I didn’t have to share, so I have a couple of cases standing by for sharing or drinking myself!  I’m proud of how well the prime rib turned out and if you all run across a small rotisserie at a yard sale or thrift store for under $10.00 I would recommend to buy it.  While the rotisserie is great for prime rib it also does a great job on tougher cuts of meat and you can cook a chunk of meat without firing up the oven which keeps the house cooler in summer.  Heck, you can do a whole chicken but I like to throw a few chicken legs and thighs on the rotisserie and let them cook without standing over a stove.  You just set the timer, check it a couple times while cooking and you can get something else done.

I’m pretty well set up on hard goods and other basic needs in any emergency here at Casa de Chaos.  I know it can be a frustrating and you think things might be better after an “economic collapse” but history say that does not happen and looking at the politicians in DC who do you think will “Lead the way?”  I think we may see massive inflation or hyper inflation in the future. But if you have stored your stuff for the basics you won’t care that bread costs “one million dollars” as you stored the basics for bread making, when a 50 pound bag of flour cost $13.00. Take advantage of deflation and protect yourself against hyper-inflation.  If I’m wrong you will have learned to make homemade bread. If I’m right you could theoretically pay off a Mortgage with a loaf of bread. Look you are screwed if you try to keep pace with inflation, you must be ahead of inflation and store what you need. The banksters love inflation because they get  first shot at buying what folks need to live.  Don’t worry about silver or gold until you can make bread for a year, beans and rice for a year and add in a few bit of equipment for staying warm and dry for a year. If you have all your basics you don’t have to hope that some will accept your silver or gold in trade.


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  1. Well, one thing about a nice full storeroom. If you get sick and can’t get to town, at least you have all you need. I’d have been in trouble this past week if I ran out of animal feed or medicine, but I had plenty. As you say, if inflation goes rampant what I have sitting on the shelf will “accrue” value.

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