Adventures in television

I signed up for Amazon prime and got one of the basic Roku boxes for my older TV set.  Did a quick test to see how quickly the roku box would stream video and I have to say it did a great job, much better than my laptop and it was very easy to setup on my wireless network. I will add the roku 3 box for the flat screen TV, so even with buying equipment and  Amazon prime costs I will save me just over $150. 00 for the year compared to paying for Dish satellite every month.  While the equipment costs a bit up front it will save money in the long run and I’ll be free of another monthly payment. I’m also impressed with the channel selection offered by Roku and how I can control what I watch instead of paying Dish for 60 + channels when I only watch about 5 channels on a regular basis.

Amazon prime should pay for itself fairly quickly on the specials on lending kindle books plus free movies and TV shows.  You can share with up to four family members the free 2 day shipping. I know most of the movies and TV shows are delayed but I don’t much care about seeing something first and I missed a lot of the popular shows with my basic “family” Dish package anyway. So no great loss on my part.  I don’t think it will perfect but it is a lot closer and cheaper than paying monthly for Dish.

It wasn’t all about entertainment this week. I got a nice little label printer on sale for $10.00 at Office depot. Nothing fancy but I have been wanting one for a long time to help organize my stuff.  This will make dating my food easier as well as adding names to my beer bottles and canning jars.  Dad and I got another load of apple wood and hopefully this will be enough wood to last through the winter.  It’s going to be close depending on how cold it gets this month. At worse I can get another load of the apple wood next month.  If I don’t use all the wood I will have a good start for next winter.

Saw an interesting idea to save money that I guess that has gone “viral” on facebook.  You simply save a certain dollar amount based on the week of the year. For example on week one you save $1.00 and on week 52 you save $52.00. If you stick to the plan you can save $1378.00 for the whole year. I figure I’ll add the expensive weeks of December to January in order to make the Holidays a bit easier.  But it looks like a simple plan for savings that could make stashing some cash a habit instead of an after thought. I found this plan at Survival Mom so you should check it out at her site.  The fastest way to get cash on hand is to save it. So always keep looking for ways to save money!



7 Responses to Adventures in television

  1. Marilyn says:

    Great idea about shifting the money around to a different month. I saw this over a year ago and thought it was a great idea but very challenging when the end of the years rolls around. After reading your comments I decided maybe I would do it in reverse order. Seems like there aren’t as many expenses for me during the first quarter of the year.

    Another thought about Prime videos – I have some TV shows on my tablet. Good entertainment when the power was out.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn: I think some months just tend to be a bit cheaper and if you use the calendar to mark off the savings of the higher cost months I think it should still work.

      That is about the only big downside. I love my kindle keyboard but now I want to add a kindle fire to my gadget collection. Oh I can find ways to justify the cost but it’s still a couple of hundred dollars for the one I want to get. I’m clearing the dish network and the Les Schwab monthly bills so I might be able to afford the new kindle later this year!

  2. harry flashman says:

    Unexpected financial requirements tend to eat up the cookie jar savings in my experience. This month I had to buy a new computer, and I will also have to pay for my ferrets operations. The computer is a $300 expense and the ferrets medical bills will be about $600.00. So much for the cash in our little blue chinese jar.

    • Jamie says:

      harry, Sorry about the PC and the ferrets but that is what an emergency fund is for emergencies!
      When I first got a few preps built up my Dog Tuffy had a back injury. I didn’t have an emergency fund but I was able to go with out shopping for 2 months and work the cash around so I paid cash for his treatment and didn’t need to borrow any money.

      I need to start getting parts to build a new pc as the one I’m using is getting a little old (5-6 years) since I built it. You can get a lot of bang for your buck by building your own PC.

      • Soffitrat says:

        Remember that Windows is ceasing support for XP this year. Windows 7 is much more user friendly than the new one. I’m waiting on delivery too! Sigh… it never ends…

      • Jamie,
        YOU could build your own pc because you have the skills. I’m still afraid to just turn them on for fear something will go wrong.It’s a generational thing.

        Yes, you have to take care of your animals. If that means something else has to go, it goes.

      • Jamie says:

        rat: I will probably go with windows 7 as the OS. May is a great time to buy PC parts.

        Harry: I have helped quite few people build PC’s including talking them though and trouble shooting via phone or the internet. It has become a lot easier to build and repair a PC in the last few years.It usually takes me longer to load up Windows than it take to buld the PC.

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