Working hard at being lazy

Overall 2013 was a very good year for me getting stuff done.  From about March of 2013 I felt like I moved from one major project to another with no time to rest and recover before the next project started.  While it has been nice to get so many things done last year I feel just worn out from everything. So I’m going to try and take a things a little easier and not get so many things going at once in 2014.

My goal for this week is not to do anything to ambitious and take a bit of a vacation of trying to prepare or get self-reliant. Honestly, it is a lot harder than it sounds because this has become a way of life.  From what I have read at other blogs I was not alone in feeling there would not be enough time to get fully prepared when I started this little adventure. The stress, worry and minor panic attacks I went through were fairly normal compare to what other prepper/survivalist seem to feel. It helped a lot to know I wasn’t alone in my feeling and suffering from massive paranoia, though I can’t say all of those feelings were very helpful. Except providing a lot of motivation for my efforts.

I learned a very important lesson in 2013 about how much I could control (myself) and what I couldn’t control, I could take some actions that could protect myself from the actions of others.  For example the Gov. shutdown and the threat of not sending out SS  disability or VA checks. I can’t control that but I can pay small bills ahead, be out of debt and have some cash on hand to pay bills.

So for the moth of January 2014 I will only do a few very low energy things.  I have to cut wood and maintain the house but other than a new cash saving trick for myself I’m planing to wait till Feb.  before start any new projects.  I have a list of 2014 goals there are none that are time critical that must happen in January.


That “cash on hand” has been tough for me to do but just like I started out with three days of the basics then moved on to three weeks, then onto three months. I need to do the same with cash.   I’m going to try a modified method of savings that incorperates the weekly savings plan and a little twist from Dave Ramsey’s envelope method.  I will same both the weeks of both Jan. and Dec. at the same time, so for the month of January I will save a total of  $10.00 for weeks 1-4 and $202.00 for weeks 49-52 of Dec. so the envelope total at the end of Jan. should total $212.00. For the Feb. envelope weeks 5-8 I will save a total of $26.00 for Feb. and and $186.00 for weeks 45-48 for a total of 212.00 again.  Yeah, I’m playing a little mind game with myself, but in about six months I could theoretically save over $1200.00. If nothing comes up that I need to use this “emergency cash” I can start on next year early or if a month uses up some of my savings I can just fill the envelope with the smaller numbered weeks worth of cash and make up the bigger weeks after the crisis has passed.

What I’m doing may sound kind of like some stupid trick.  One thing I learned in the Army is “If it is stupid and it works. It ain’t stupid”



7 Responses to Working hard at being lazy

  1. Marilyn says:

    In November a friend called to ask if I wanted to order honey on her order. My immediate response was “no, I am so tired of this preparing stuff and trying to figure out where to put all of it”. It was dead silence on the other end and then we laughed! Having done this for several years I have finally learned you have to stop and take a break. It might be a week or months but getting burned out is not a good thing. I have no disabilities to work around and it can still get to be too much.

    Love your approach to money savings. Whatever works and what works for one doesn’t work for another. I just love the fact that you are trying and if you have to use it so be it, after all, it is emergency money. That is a concept I am still trying to over come. I struggle to get over feeling like I have failed if I have to dip into that money.

    Have a relaxing January!

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn, Saving cash on hand is one of my big failings. It’s so easy to spend! I suppose a person can’t be good at everything.

  2. Karen says:

    We’re taking a year-long break from any major prep purchases-we need to set aside money for a vehicle, our car is not long for this world. I’ll still watch for sales, and certainly will continue to work on skills and learning.

    • Jamie says:

      Karen, If you are feeling confident in your preps I think saving to pay cash for a vehicle is a great idea. I know I put off getting some stuff around the house in order to pay down debt and get the basics/backups. It feels good to able to take a prepping break because I feel confident and I don’t have any time critical tasks that have to be done!

  3. Soffitrat says:

    See a trend?

    • Jamie says:

      rat, I can’t speak for others, 2013 was busy but there were no “emergencies” for me to deal with till October. Even then I just had to adjust cash flow because of threats from the PTBs. I had many positive things work out for me. Sometimes even good things happening can cause stress or require work that can wear a person out.

      • Soffitrat says:

        Yep. And this is a danger we all face. Burnout. We cannot, however, allow ourselves to relax too much. Nothing has really changed.

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