Ordered the 2nd Roku box and dish Sat. is raising rates next month

My timing for eliminating the dish sat. programming is just about perfect.  Dish network is raising rates another $5.00 a month starting February so I will have everything all setup and to cancel this month. From what I understand this is cost is hitting Directv and a lot of cable systems so if you are under a contract this might be a good time to cancel if those companies add the increase and you want out of the contract.  I’m sort of excited about using the Roku boxes and the Amazon prime for my TV watching. Not only will I be saving money every month but I get to decide when and what I want to watch.

The wood stove is working much better since the spark arrestor got cleaned out.  Dad and I will get one more load of apple wood this Friday and I think that should be more than enough wood for the rest of this season. January has been pretty mild so far as the temps are about 40 F. during the day and low twenty’s at night. Usually if we get a cold snap it will have started by now, so the extra wood is just in case but I think I am in the clear on any super cold weather.

I think I’m annoying the electric company because I get an “Adjustment fee” on my bill each month. I need to call the utility and have them explain what that fee is adjusting? I think it’s for not spending enough on electricity and it is hurting the bottom line.  Now more than ever I want to get the solar panels setup to start powering at least some electric items.  It’s annoying how the government and utilities beg people to conserve and as soon as you do the PTBs jack up the rates because you are not using enough energy and hurting the bottom line.  These little fees and adjustments suck, but saving money and getting at least semi-independent of the grid as well as the PTBs, makes me happy.

The weekly savings plan is working out even better than I had anticipated. I know I am just starting out with it, but the little mental trick seems to be working a lot better for me not to just spend it for any good deal I come across.  It seems like I look at the  cash savings as a commodity rather than just money.  It helps out a lot that I feel confident in my preps and have a plan to become more self-reliant this year. I have enough of the basics and backups that I could get through almost any disaster that does not injure me physically. In five years a few times have been tough but it all seems to be coming together and I am able to see the fruits of my labor. Getting prepared and self-reliant is not easy,  if it was everyone would do it.  Now that the results of all that hard work is starting to show, some  family and friends are starting to pay attention to what I have been saying and doing.

Be the change you want to see.  It takes awhile, but people are attracted to your peace of mind as well as what you actually accomplish. You can’t effectively debate someone that is still in the “Denial phase” or refuse to believe bad things can happen to them or the country.  Just plain ole Mama nature has smacked the eastern part of the USA repeatedly and people still believe they are somehow immune to what happens and don’t have 3-14  days worth of the basics of food, heat and water.

17 Responses to Ordered the 2nd Roku box and dish Sat. is raising rates next month

  1. Dannyboy53 says:

    We went to Roku this past summer, ditching the dish. We both love it, the possibilities are almost endless.

  2. I have Direct TV and they just dumped the Weather Channel, which is one of the things I watch the most. How does this thing you are using work? Do you have to have a good internet connection? If so, I am out of luck because my internet is not fast or reliable. Too far out in the woods.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry: I have cable internet rated for 3-5 Mbs and I’m in the city so I do have a solid internet signal. I can compare the roku box to my laptop using Amazon prime and the Laptop will buffer pretty badly and the Roku box seems much faster and does not buffer or lag once the tv show starts using my wireless g network.

      I think if you can get about an average 1.5 meg download speed you would be happy with a roku compared to streaming via a laptop or PC as I think it it is much more efficeint. Give me a week or two of playing with the roku boxes and lets see if I can challenge my wifi network and give you an idea about where the Roku box might slow or fail outright. The Roku boxes are rated for only 1.5 Megs so it really doesn’t matter how fast my internet is over that unless I running more than one data stream. At best my wireless router can only handle 1 meg of data total so it should give you a rough guestimate on streaming video.

      • I am watching your posts. My internet is pretty slow, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. I don’t know how fast it is on average, but I use this thing called Speed test and it varies wildly.

  3. Rob says:

    We have cable, which includes, internet and phone. My wife got the premium package. All the channels, many we don’t need, HD, and Spanish, all the movie channels. We will be changing what we have next month. I would rather get Netflix for movies then pay for what we don’t watch.

  4. Emily Summer says:

    Unfortunately all we can get out here in the sticks is Verizon broadband and although it is lightning fast, I only get 10 gigs allowance a month on their 4LTE network so streaming anything is out of the question. Just downgraded dish to their cheapest package, and even that is too much for all the garbage on most channels.

    • Jamie says:

      Emily; When I was in Germany with the Army I went with DVDs for movies and TV shows. The price has come down a lot and between pawn shops and stores like Big Lots it might work for you price wise. You can control your monthly costs as well as when and what you watch.

  5. Dannyboy53 says:

    Like most anything else the initial cost of a Roku device is a concern, I think we paid $60 for ours which had come down from about $100 at the time. We have a subscription with Netflix and it runs a wee bit over $8 per month so our cost is considerably lower per month now.

    Emily I’m not a very high tech sort of guy so I don’t know if your 10 Gigs will work very well. I’m certain you would know better than I would about such things!

    Harry we have the internet here in the country, through Windstream, but ours works very well. Roku has a “store” where many different programs can be downloaded (such as news programs, movies, games and weather) for free and watched at will. As I said in an earlier post we are pleased with it as we can watch whatever we want, anytime we want.

    My wife and I give it a thumbs up!

  6. I just noticed one of our bills and was shocked. It’s like $182.00. Per month! Just had one of those ‘come to Jesus’ meetings with my better half!

    • Jamie says:

      rat; Wow that will take your breathe away! If your provider is dropping channels or raising the price the have made the contract nul & void. At the very least you can get out of the contract.

    • Jamie says:

      rat: the folks that do cable and Sat. TV. make adding stuff so easy that the costs can slowly creep up on you. I have to say that I prefer dish to Directv as far as them being good on giving you extra channels when they have had a dispute with content providers and actually telling you about the contract being voided because the channels changed or got dropped. Directv never did that when I had them as a TV provider.

  7. riverrider says:

    yeah, .gov mandated better mileage cars and now that we have them they want to tax us by the mile because gas tax revenue went down. well not really, more cars, more miles, but thats what they want us to believe.

    • Jamie says:

      river; These little $5-$15.00 dollar per month adjustments get on my nerves. In 2013 I got tagged with this “Adjustment” on my trash/water bill, electric bill and now TV. This happens nearly every year moving from utility to the next and while it doesn’t sound like a lot of money as of this today my monthly cost have been adjusted upwards of $50.00 per month if I didn’t pay attention like most folks.
      All I can do is try and reduce my exposer and save money wherever and whenever I can. I will do my best to “Starve the Beast” however I can in my monthly budget.

      • riverrider says:

        roger that, not counting the little added “taxes”. why does the county deserve to tax my phone bill? its 18 bucks for basic land line, then 32 dollars taxes. wtf? i don’t mind paying for service rendered but what does the county, city, feds have to do with my phone? what does it cost them? zero. just another way to rob us. when they go to mileage tax i’ll unhook it,but bet your ass they’ll come up with a minimun tax if you don’t drive enough miles to get them the money they want for their pork projects. we’re being robbed plain n simple.

  8. TOR says:

    When we moved recently (.mil so that happens a lot) we finally ditched the cable/ satellite. We have Amazon Prime and Hulu so it works out OK. The few shows they don’t have that we really want we can watch on the net.

    The only thing I miss is being able to watch local news. It’s nice to know what is going on and such. I need to get an antenna set up so we can do that. Otherwise I don’t miss it much and that is a bill we eliminated which is nice.

    • Jamie says:

      TOR, I’m former Army so I hear you about the moving around a lot. I use the internet for local news as most have websites and I got a free channel via Roku that is out of Spokane that covers most regoinal news.
      I have a small indoor antenna that pulls in some of the local digital channels but I think I will use the cable that was for the dish and install a larger antenna on the roof.

      Big Lots sells a few indoor digital antennas that might work for you since you can’t do much if you get on base housing.

      I think I’m as excited about the Amazon prime kindle lending Library as I am about the Free TV shows and movies.

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