Roku 3 arrived and got some good deals

The Roku 3 arrived today and I got it setup for a little test on how well I could watch a program on both TVs at the same time.  I didn’t see any difference with using both Roku boxes as opposed to using one at a time and I set the Flat screen TV to 1080 p for the test.   I have watched some shows from Amazon prime and there was a little bit of lag using the PC or laptop but I don’t see that at all with the Roku boxes. The Roku recommends DSL or Cable modem  for use so that is about 128 kbs and higher, while my router can handle up to 1 Mbs total and it splits the data stream. I think  for someone with an “iffy”  internet connection you should buy from a local store with a good return policy and actually try using the Roku with the free channels to see how it works for you before you invest in Amazon Prime as a replacement for Sat. TV or cable TV.

I have thought of a couple more advantages of the Roku compared to cable/sat. connection. If you camp or have to bugout the Roku could work via wifi to get updates and information if you have to take a TV on camping trips. If you have Amazon prime and a kindle fire or higher you could also get info via the internet. I’m not sure about a TV while camping but I can totally see taking my kindle along to read a book while camping.  A lot of campgrounds offer wifi and there is always McDonald’s or Starbucks for a wifi connection.  I should see some energy savings in electricity by going to the Roku and ditching the big sat. receiver box.

Dad and I got another box of the apple wood and because of how the wood was cut into shorter but chunky pieces we got a bit more than is  normally in the boxes. Dad said this load of wood was closer to a half a cord instead of the quarter cord of wood and he knows how much a cord of wood is.  The apple wood stack is looking really good, so of course now that we know what to look for in the wood boxes I want to add a few more for next winter.  I tried out a creosote burning log since I cleaned out the spark arrestor and I think it also helped clear the chimney a bit judging by how smoky the wood stove is after I add wood.  It’s not a replacement for a good chimney cleaning but I think it will help keep the chimney cleaner between the good cleanings.  I  learned that a little Dawn dish soap in water and a magic eraser cleaning sponge does a great job cleaning the glass of my wood stove.

Got a few good buys on some stuff at the local True value hardware store. Bought a 25 foot heavy duty extension cord, a couple more of 1 pound bottles of propane for the Zodi shower, and a few small tools for the shop. The local dollar store had the big cans of Pedigree dog food so I got a case for the pups and I added the weeks worth of savings for the months of Feb. and Nov. a little early and paid a little extra on my loan/debt.  Overall I got quite few non physical prepping tasks up to speed.

I will be reworking the budget and see just how much dropping the sat. TV will make in my overall costs. In February I would like to get the greenhouse and get to work on some new gardening ideas I want to try out.

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  1. If you have a Walmart near you, check them out for a sale on hams. We were in North Carolina yesterday and they were selling the big , really nice Smithfield spiral cut hams for half price.

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